Signs You Are Settling In An Unhappy Relationship

Everyone expect their love life to be perfect, like the ones they have seen in the movies and dramas. You want it to be full of fun and romance. But in reality, this may not happen to you and your dismay it turns out to be totally opposite to what you have desired for.

What if leaving the first one and moving on to the next one and again the next one and still doesn’t find a perfect one for you. Will you agree to settle down on something and someone less ideal for you? Will you think that this is what you deserve and nothing better than this? A relationship should be such that makes you complete rather than miserable. Being in an unhappy and depressed relationship, it is better off to be alone.

It is easy to know when you are settling in the sad and gloomy relationship. Just ask yourself, and you will get the answer. And once you receive the answer, firstly accept it yourself and then confess it in front of your partner. Gather the courage to tell him that you cannot continue a relationship like this and every discomfort needs to be sort out.

Read out the following signs and if you find using these to console yourself that you are better off in sticking to an unhappy relationship then you really need to be helped out to make you admit it in front of your partner otherwise such a relationship will get you go insane in anytime soon.

  • You know that you are in an unsatisfactory relationship when you keep on telling and convincing yourself that there are so many people out there who are having relationships even worse than yours.
  • Sometimes you are with your partner because they want to be with you. They want to be around you and for you. You think about it not to be the best one but good enough to endure this relationship, even though it means lifetime unhappiness.
  • You know your partner, and you are drifting apart, but you do not prefer doing anything to fix things right by thinking even the relationships worse than yours are still holding on then why can’t yours be.
  • Waiting for that day to come when your partner is going to change for you is like walking in a fool’s paradise. Who is not willing to change for you from today then what else can you expect from such a partner in future.
  • You may stick to your partner with a hope that you may find someone better someday. So till then you decide to put up with this relationship.
  • Life is too short to live depressed. There comes the time when some people think that they can deal with such an unhappy relationship. But my question is that when you are so sure and certain about not being happy in a relationship then why you want to hold it back when you can have a choice of having a better life by moving on.
  • One of the greatest fears is of being alone. Obviously, everybody wants a partner to share every moment of their lives. But what if they are left alone and do not find another one? Don’t you think that being alone and happy is far better than being in a relationship and unhappy?

Settling in an unhappy relationship may seem easy but what I believe that one should prefer fixing things right or opt to move out of the relationship rather than living a life of sorrows and regrets.

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