Signs That He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

There is nothing more painful and worse than the feeling of losing the love of your life. He is the only one who means everything to you and undoubtedly these feelings also existed on his part as well, but it seems like that it is fading out. It looks like he is slipping away from you. He is not the same person who used to be, who used to care about you, who use to love you and who used to always stand by your side no matter what it takes. You have started observing a change in his attitude, and deep down in your heart, your fear of losing him began to grow very rapidly. But still, you don’t want to believe it or perhaps you might be confused about it. So, rather than assuming or getting puzzled, read out the following the following points to get a clear idea about the situation.

He suddenly starts demanding space

Although there had been no recent changes in the behavior and the way you two are working out on your relationship, he starts asking you for a little space; then you need to get alert about it. Ask him the reason for his demand. If he tells you something specific and precise than that is fine and you both can tackle the situation together. But if the answer is somewhat a little vague and confusing then there might be the chances that he is losing interest in you.

Comparison with other girls

Girls never want to be compared to any other girl. And of course men should never pass on such a comment which shatters women confidence, and she started feeling like an idiot. Men usually pass on comments like:

Why can’t you dress like her?

She speaks out so confidently, why can’t you talk like her?

You need to learn more about styling

Such comments are very upsetting. Is your man has started comparing you with other girls? If yes! Then the situation is getting out of your hands, and you need to be extra concerned about it.

Takes long time to reply to your text

If you have started noticing the delay in response to your text messages, then tie up your laces to face the reality. Once or twice it is fine, but if he is becoming habitual of not replying you in time, then your relationship is at high risk. This change is one of the most prominent ones.

Becoming incredibly selfish

If your man starts losing interest in you, his attitude changes, and he stops giving any importance to you. You are no more going to be his priority. He becomes very selfish and self-centered. He is more concerned about his work, his friends, and his interests.

He does not comfort you

A true man who deeply loves you will never leave during your hard times. He will always stand by your side to support you and to comfort you in every possible way.

If you start noticing certain changes in the way he used to take care of you and if the graph of the comfort level he used to provide you has begun to decline then you need worry about the relationship you are entering into.

He gets angry and irritated without any reason

There is always a reason behind anyone’s anger. If your man is getting irritated without any reason, then try to discuss and point it out to him. If he denies and such sort of attitude continues to persist, you need to give a serious thought to it.



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