Signs You are Trapped in a Troubled Relationship

Sometimes when a person stays alone for a longer period, he/she will want to have someone in their lives to share their laughter, happiness, sorrows pain, etc. At this point of life usually people offer becoming potential partners just because they find you lonely. So what sometimes happens rather making your happiest memories of your life your desires happily ever after life will become happily never after.

Why do people feel trapped in their own relationships? Well, there are many reasons. Some are innocent while other can be harmful. To address the unhappiness in a relationship consider following two keys:

  • You need to assess the situation from both the sides. Are you involved in doing something that is holding back both of you in spending a happy, healthy life? Is there seriously something wrong or it’s just you and your irrational thoughts?
  • You both need to talk to each other. Listen to what your partner has to say, their needs, and their feelings. Express yourself and be honest with each other. If still, it doesn’t seem to work out then it is better to walk away officially and completely.

Signs of a troubled relationship

If you are confused, anxious and unhappy, look for the below-mentioned signs to assess your relationship.

You are not happy

This is the easiest way to evaluate your relationship. If your stress and depression are relation based or you do not feel like coming back to your partner in the evening after work, then there is a serious need of considering your relationship with your spouse.

People do get bored or lose interest. Do not feel bad. Sometimes you just have to get over with something that is not working. Undoubtedly breakups are even harder than the relationships. If you have put in your best but still nothing seems to work out then it is better just to let go and move on.

You have already tried to leave

You already had enough of it and decided to move on, but only the swell up teary eyes stopped you from doing it so. This is called stopping yourself out of pity. What I suggest there is no point of stopping back like this as it will be of no use to stop yourself from living with the person who cannot make you happy.

You are not yourself anymore

If you are unhappy, then examine yourself. Everybody change when they enter into a relationship but if you have become a “Yes man or Yes Woman” type of a person then definitely you are in a troubled relationship. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion and moreover we all need to enjoy relationships rather than acting like dummies.

Your friends and family have noticed the change

If your friend and family start seeing changes in your behavior and moods, it is good to listen to them as they are looking at the situation from the outside perspective. So if you find someone who is very close to you as asks questions related to your partner and the relationship between you two, then it is the time to take a step back and ponder over the entire situation.

What I believe that there is no reason to stay in a relationship that is troubled or disturbing. Either try to fix your problem otherwise it is better to be apart for good.

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