Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

What if the feeling of lingering on to your ex still exists? What if even after a break up you feels like there is still something left to hold on? Well, we already know that communication is the key to every relationship. Sometimes communication is not done verbally, and we communicate through our body language. You start looking for such communication signs in your ex that whether your ex is still attracted to you or not.

Obviously, the time you spent together and the memories you shared cannot be vanished at once. It takes time to get over with it but dealing with mixed feelings makes your life even more complicated and probably you start looking for the same signs in your ex and wonders that is this the situation with your ex as well?

No need to get confused and read out the following points to clarify your mind.

Not ready to mingle

Your ex still loves you; he will not date anyone else for long, or if he does, he will make sure that you don’t get any idea of it. He will date secretly and rush up.

The missing signs in the behavior

If your ex starts putting statuses like “my life so empty,” “I am so sick and tired of this world” and many others like this then the chances are that he might be missing you like crazy and wants you to fill up his empty life back again.

If your ex starts sharing your favorite songs on his social page or may visit places where your two used to hang out then this is a clear sign that he is missing you terribly.

Warm greetings

Even after the break up your ex greet you very warmly when you just meet as a friend and treat you very affectionately then this is the clear sign that he is trying to tell you that he still cares about you and that we can give it another try.

Talking about the feelings you both used to possess for each other

If your ex keeps on calling you and speak of the sentiments, you shared together. The love you two used to carry for each other. How can such a perfect relationship come to an end?  Where we went wrong? What would we have done to save this relationship before moving apart? He will try to convince you that at least they would have given it another try and they have taken a very early decision. These are the clear signal that he wants to soften your heart and crawls back in it.

Keeping an eye

Your ex will keep a private eye on you and your activities. He will make sure that he gets updates on the daily basis and that he should have a complete know-how about every happening of your life.

Spread the word

If your ex still wants you back in your life, then you will be bumping up into several of his friends who will secretly tell you that how much he is alone without you and how much he still cares and want you back in his life.

The sadness in the eyes

If you catch your ex many times staring at you and you can feel the sadness in his eyes, then he is craving for your attention, and he misses you like crazy.

Some signals verbally; some through body language to show ex that how much you are being missed and how miserably you are wanted back in my life!!


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