Signs Your Lover Is Messing With Your Mind

Have you ever been head over heels in love with someone? You are simply crazy about this one guy that everything seems so perfect about him. Wake up girls!!! This is not the case each time. You need to look into the relationship very sensibly and maturely. There might be certain red flags which you must be ignoring or may be having no idea until it ultimately makes you go insane.

Getting confuse already? No need to get confused and just read out the following checkpoints to assess your guy’ behavior:

Mixed Messages

One of the ways that guys used to mess around with your head is by sending confused messages. The words do not clearly say whether he loves you or not. It simply shows that he is just playing around and messing up your mind.

It could also be a sign that it might be possible he does not love you as much as you do. Talk to him about this and make yourself clear before it gets too late.

They question your decision

Does your guy question you each time regarding your decisions and make you feel incapable of it? Does he make you frustrated by asking each time to give the explanation about your choice?  Such kind of situations may make you feel like questioning your abilities and eventually doubt your accomplishments.

You have started questioning your perceptions

If your guy twists things around so much that you become confused, then you need to be extra careful about it. If for example, you have a plan for going out with your friend and he openly disapproves it by saying that this friend of yours is not what you think about her. Such disapprovals make you start thinking about it over and over again until you start believing it yourself.

Your guy ignores you

This is another sign that if your guy ignores you for hours and instantly comes back when he needs you, and then he is messing up with your head. Such a guy should be ignored back right away. This, in turn, drives him crazy and his messes up with his head.

Flirting around

Some guys start flirting with your best friend or maybe other friends of your group then this is not a good sign. If you see that he is flirting around with your friends in front of you then he can flirt around with any other in your absence; you deserve a better one!!

You have started to give up expressing yourself

If there comes a time, you feel like that there is no point of expressing yourself. You will only be ridiculed, humiliated or be upset after that then this is the time you need to think about your relationship. How can a relationship last without any communication and expressing yourself? Your guy has messed up your mind, and you need help.

You have started to believe that you are the crazy one

Your man manipulates you in such a way that you start believing his words that you are the insane one. You start thinking that there is something wrong with you which make your life even more miserable.

Bottom Line

Everyone has the right to express thoughts without being ridiculed, questioned and disrespected. No one deserves to be treated in a manner that they lose their sense of reality.



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