Simple Signs To Look For That Says “He Likes You A Lot.”

You’re looking for a relationship, and after searching for weeks, you finally meet someone for the first time. You can easily tell that you like the man, especially in a romantic encounter, but how will you know if they like you?

Here are few nonverbal cues that immediately make you learn how to tell if a guy likes you or not.

Mutual Eye Contact
People only look at people they like and avoid making eye contact with people they don’t like. When we like someone, our bodies release Oxytocin, which is responsible for increased eye contact. Oxytocin also increases pupil dilation, which indicates interests and attraction. However, you should keep in mind the fine line between increased eye contact and stare. Staring is creepy and impolite. One good way to raise your gaze to the person you like is to look at them when they don’t feel like someone is looking at them. Turn your head quickly if the person discovers that you’re looking at him or her. If the man or woman you are at maintains eye contact, they like and interested to you.

He Touches You Gently
Touching is a good sign to tell whether a person likes you or dislikes you. Often, people touch the person they like. Women, in romantic relationships, might lightly touch the hand or the arm of the man they are attracted to while talking. A gentle touch is not an invitation for sex, it mere sign that she likes you. Meanwhile, guys express their liking for women by engaging in playful or flirty physical activities. Another kind of touching is preening. Picking an exposed thread or lint from other person’s dress or clothes or straightening a tie is also an indication that he or she likes you. If you like someone, but they don’t like you, they will pull away whenever you touch them.

He Copies You
If a person likes someone, he or she will mirror each other’s body positions. To make romantic relationships work, it’s important to build rapport, and mirroring is a good way to do it. Also, mirroring can also be used to check whether the person you are talking with likes you. So, when you meet someone new, and you like him or her, and you also want them to like you back, mirror their body position.

He Leans Inward To You
Body language is a crucial indicator to figure out if a guy likes or dislikes you. Usually, people lean forward to people they like and stay away from people they don’t like. For example, if two people are sitting next to each other and if they like each other their heads and shoulders, and later their torsos will fully turn as they face one another. Eventually, the couple will lean toward each other.

He Removes Any Walls Between Him And You
If you’re dating someone you like, and he’s also interested in you, he will do his best to eliminate any obstacles between you and him. If a woman doesn’t like the man they are with, she will place all kinds of obstacles between her and the man they dislike. Barriers can include personal things like purses, magazines, cups, cushions, etc. Barriers in dating or romantic relationships don’t consequently mean that he or she doesn’t like you, but it’s a way to indicate that the rapport is yet to be established.

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