Simple Yet Effective Tips On Dating A Girl

Being a single is good, but in a relationship is always the best and pleasant. Starting a relationship needs lots of things to consider and dating is the first step. Dating is always a task of lots of questions, like what to wear, what to say etc. Like these, there are several other questions which twist in your mind before or while dating. Here are some exclusive tips on dating a girl that will prove to be fruitful for you. Roll your eye-balls at below given tips, read and follow them which will definitely make your dating an ultimate triumph.

Be genuine – Originality is the only thing that most of the girls will look in their date. Hence, be what you are! Don’t try to copy others style and attitude. Be simple, yet full with confidence. Always remember that the first impression is the last impression. So, attain such look which is simple but attractive, go, take shower, shave and cover your body with something smart. Above all, don’t dress up like a casual boy since your first date decides your future with your date.

Be confident – among several tips on dating a girl, this one is the most important but always remember, there is lot of difference between confident and over-confident. If you are over-confident due to your looks and ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you might lose the game. On the same hand, if you are of shy nature, do little practice before actual date by talking with random people. Don’t learn any love line or passage, just be simple and confident. Whether you are 6-inches tall or short, just confirm her that you are relaxed furthermore blissful being you.

Balanced conversation – Hey, be happy. It’s your first date. Go with light mood and try to make the communication firm and light hearted. Always remember that, you don’t need to involve into deep as well as intense conversation. Along with this, try to avoid conversation related with your current or previous job. Every woman needs a partner who has the skills to make her smile. Take this point as an advantage, tell them jokes and make them laugh. It’s your fist date, so don’t be serious, enjoy the moment.

Offer to pay – The days are gone when only men paid bills on their date. Now, most of the ladies love to pay their bills whether on a date or just casual meet. In the end of date, firstly you initialize the payment, but if your girl wants to pay the bills, let offer her a chance, this will also show your gentlemen property.

Avoid ‘Ex’ talks – Whether it’s your first date or second, don’t disclose your past relationship. Talking about past relationship will ruin your current date. If your girl asks questions on your previous relationship, try to answer in a short manner. Clear cut make a way between your past as well as current dating girl.

Avoid gadgets – Phone ringing in the middle of the hearted conversation is always annoying for you as well as your partner. So, consider it as one of the most important tips on dating a girl. You can also take your phone along with you, but switch it off as you reach the date place. If you can’t switch off it or you can turn it to the silent mode, so that you can focus on your first date. In addition to this, if the girl gets to know that you have turned off the cell so that you can spotlight exclusively on date, it will definitely leave positive impact in your goodwill.

Treat her like a special person – Every girl enjoys the moment when she will be treated as a special person by her partner. Respect and treat her like a special person by simply doing stuffs like arranging chair to sit, open car door, hold a glass etc. Compliment your girl on small things like her accessories, style and nature. Also, keep a suitable physical distance based on her comfort level.

Take response from your friends – Yes, your friend can help you in your dating since dating is not a skill to be learnt; it’s just an art which depends on person’s nature and attitude. For improving this art, you can take help from your female friends by telling them about your first dating experience. Know their feedback about your first date.

After a long conversation, now the time has come to know whether your date girl is interested in you or not. No, don’t ever think of asking her straight away about you. Offer her more time and observe the Signs a Girl is Interested in you or not. Few common signs are given below that will definitely help you in guessing whether she is interested in you or not.

  • Moment of enjoyment – First thing to notice on your first date is that whether she is enjoying the moment or not. Take a notice on her talk and dinner sessions. Look whether she is enjoying your company or not.
  • Call or text – If everything goes well on your first date, your girl will definitely call or message you first.
  • Talk to you anytime – If any girl is interested in you, she will call or message you without delay as she receives your message.
  • Along with this, if a girl is interested in you, you can also notice several changes in her behavior like she loves to talk you on call or via message, she loves to hang out with you like other couples do etc.

Last but definitely not the least, the results of all above mentioned tips on dating a girl differ from person to person. For example, if you are Muslim, then you need exclusive Muslim dating advice from Muslim married couples.

By reading all above mentioned points, if you still have a question that why you cant get a girlfriend, then you might have the following problems like introvert and shy nature etc. You can also get help from several online based dating websites in this regard.

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