Why Do Singles Always Get Backlash for Being Single?

Being single is not a crime. For heaven sake, please stop being sympathetic or pass on comments on single beings. Yes! This is what you have to bear when you hold a status marked as single. It seems like people worry more about your life than you do.

Most of us are single because we do not like the other way. So being single is out of our personal choice and does not mean that we lack opportunities. Somehow we do not want to live in a world of fairy tales.  So, if you are a woman who enjoys liberty and loves being single, then there is no need to endure or feel bad about the remarks and sympathizing looks of your family, friends or any other woman in your neighborhood or on the street who think that getting into the relationship and having kids is the only reason why they are here for.

There is a list of questions that we have to hear and tolerate just because we are single. Next time if someone tries to get on your nerves with their sick minded questions, reply them back with the following answers.

How pretty are you, why are you single?

Well, what was that, a compliment or you are just being fanatic about knowing why I am still single? Go and breathe a little air. When I get to know about this, I will let you know the answer. Right now I am a bit bitter so; please excuse me.

Look at Mary; she is married and happy. Don’t you want that?

Not now. Maybe eventually, but as for now, I am doing perfectly fine. When I want, I will let you know.

Have you met someone?

If I have, you would have known about it, and when I will, I will shout out loud from my rooftop to let people like you who like poking their nose in other people’s affair to get to know about it.

Are you a …. Lesbian?

Now this really sucks. Although I do not have anything against homosexuals as they have all the rights to live the way they like, this does not mean that if I do not have a boyfriend, then I am into girls.

Meet Dave, he is single too

No, wait what are you trying to say? Are we both suffering from any disease of being single? Or what do you want us to do? Form a support group and trade our experience of being single.

You need to occupy yourself, volunteer at animal center

I am pretty occupied, and I think I don’t need your advice. Moreover, don’t think that I have missed out your hidden attentions of me getting bumped into a soft hearted person at the animal center cleaning dog poop.

You need to do something about it

Oh yes, maybe I should join single so we all could lend the helping hand to each other in this time of trial.

Hold on to your sanity and dignity. Although it is tough to live your life as a single in this world of couples, you can manage it very well as long as you know how to shut them up in response to their sick concerns.

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