How Wealthy Is The Legendary Elton John?

“I am not leaving all my fortune to my kids”. This is one of the most recent statements of the legendary musician, Sir Elton John. He wants his kids to learn the value of money and hard work. He does not want to raise his kids on a silver spoon and he wants them to deserve every gift they receive. However, there is one question that arises from this declaration. How wealthy is actually Elton John? What is his actual net worth?

Sir Elton John Career Path

Elton started building his career at a very early age. The British celebrity started playing the piano at the age of 3 and soon after he played the first songs, his teachers understood that they were dealing with a  huge talent. His perseverance and dedication brought the first rewards at the age of 11 when he won a scholarship at the Academy of Music.

In 1996 he formed the group called Bluesology together with a friend and around the same period he released the first albums Empty Sky and Elton John between 1969-1970. The success did not avoid him and in the period between 1972 and 1975, he launched seven consecutive albums that went directly to the top. This was a clear sign that Elton had all the characteristics to become a successful singer and a celebrity known all around the Globe.

Prizes and Awards

1994 was a very important year for Sir Elton John. He composed the music for Disney, for the movie The Lion King. This brought him the Grammy Award for the Best Song and it was sold in fifteen million copies. This represented a huge record in the music industry at that time and was certified as “diamond”.

Candle in the Wind, the song that he re-launched in response to Lady Diana's death, brought him the Grammy for the Best Male Pop Recording. But John did not stop here. He continued launching best-selling records the following years as well. This success did not only bring him millions of fans all around the world, but also millions of dollars into his accounts.

Sir Elton John Net Worth

Many rumors have been launched around Sir Elton John fortune. According to the press, his net worth is around $470 million. This and his continuous success made Forbes include him in the 2016 Celebrity 100 Earnings. However, music is not the only source of income for him.

Elton earns a considerable about of money by using his writing skills and talent. He composes music for him and for other singers as well. For example, the Lion King project is his creation entirely. Moreover, in 2011 he created a music company called Rocket Music Entertainment Group that brings him even more money.

What is great about Elton is that he does not keep the fortune just for himself. He is greatly involved in charity actions and he is well known for getting contributing to humanitarian causes, arts, and medicine. According to the press in England, he is in the top ten most generous persons in the UK.

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