Are You In A “Situationship” Or A Relationship”? Read On To Find Out!

In the world of dating and relationship, you probably heard about almost relationships, friends with benefits, ghosting and breadcrumbing. And things are expected to get even worse by the new trend in dating. It’s called situationship, and it’s probably one of the worst ones yet. So, what is a situationship? The situationship can be explained as a cramped space between being a friend with benefits and being in a relationship – sort of.

So, What Actually Happens In A Situationship?
When you’re in a situationship, you basically got stuck in a friends with benefits situation. You get physically intimate with your partner pretty regularly, and yet you still realize that you’re doing the same things just any average couple. You could be spending a couple of nights with your boyfriend or girlfriend every week, you both go grocery shopping together, and have dinner dates a few times throughout the week. This may sound like a typical relationship but there is a big difference.

You see in a situationship, there isn’t a “what are we” conversation. There is nothing in between, things either progress from there or they stay steady where they were. If couples who think they’re in a situationship, and they decide to have the dreaded “what are we” discussion, the relationship that they currently are in will cease to exist. In a situationship, most of the time your boyfriend will give no clue that you might have feelings for him or even think anything of your situationship. If you made him clear about your true feelings for him, it can shock or scare him, and cause him to distance himself from the situation immediately quickly out of fear. Because we all know, feelings are a reason to be scared right?

You see committed relationships have its foundations on understanding and clear communication, whereas situationships are built on a lack of mutual understanding and what’s left unsaid. Your mind plays games subconsciously, and your beau doesn’t even know anything about the complicated mind games you’re developing. Should we cuddle after we have sex? Are we calling each other pet names too often? Are we really in a relationship even though we’ve never had that discussion?

In a situationship, there are feelings between the two just like any other normal relationships, because it’s obvious that you wouldn’t be spending all that time together for nothing. It’s crystal clear that you and your partner do enjoy each other’s company and not all your attraction is about sex. But the questions that keep on surfacing is that why things between you two haven't changed yet and avoiding asking questions will only make the situation worse.

In a situationship, you don’t have the urge or the desire to meet other people or even look for someone new, that will give the relationship that your truly deserve. You want to say something bust as your feelings are overwhelming you more and more, you feel scared of losing him. You also don’t want to shake things up too. If someone asks you if you’re happy with how things are going, it’s highly likely that you’ll lie and say yes so they don’t pity you. Also, when you’re in a situationship, you don’t resonate with your emotions. You can’t get upset or angry, or even tell your friends if you were dumped or can be dumped because let’s be honest, you weren’t in a real relationship in the first place. But you can change things, and you can do that by talking about them regardless how painful it may be. It will give you that closure that you’re missing and who knows he too may feel the same way about you.

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