Six Signs You Are Committing Emotional Infidelity With Your Partner

Most of us are friends with the opposite sex from work, close friends or just casual acquaintances. Sometimes we can get close to them due to various reasons and do the unimaginable thing, which can wreck havoc on our relationships. The question is how close you can be with the opposite sex when you’re in a romantic relationship. Read on to find out:

1. You dress up for him or her.
When you buy new clothes or decide to change your hairstyle, you keep on thinking how he or she will react to it. We aren’t talking about your partner here, but it’s the other person you’re thinking to impress. If this is the case, then it’s danger sign.

2. You lie to your romantic partner about seeing him or her.
When you just meet him or her over a cup of coffee or sometimes talk over the phone, you don’t mention it to your significant another. You like spending more time with him or her than you would usually do more than your partner. You stay home a lot. You have long nights at the office. You don’t eat properly. All you think how to spend more time with him or her. When your partner asks where you have or what’s up with you lately, you lie. You don’t want your partner to know anything about it.

3. You do extraordinary things for him or her.
You like to something special for him or her, which you normally won’t do with your significant other or other people like friends. You give him that cute card that telling how lucky you’re to have him in your life; you give rare gifts you won’t give to your girlfriend, you share all the great moments of your last vacation with him and so forth. There is nothing wrong here, but what are your exact intentions about all these gestures? Friendship? We don’t think so.

4. Your phone is always busy with your non-significant other.
You become impatient to surreptitiously check your phone to read the latest text from him or her. You chat with your non-significant other on Facebook most of the time. You partner complains that he or she finds your phone busy when they call you. You struggle to communicate with your secret admirer and your real partner. You get excited when he or she calls you, and keep anticipating their next call or text. It’s an indication if trouble in both of your relationships.

5. You think about him or her all the time.
You daydream with this person more than your partner. You always romanticize about how it will be with him or her on your side. You smile and laugh more with your non-significant other than your spouse. It looks you feel happier and have more fun with him or her. You like and prefer it.

6. You compare your non-significant other to your partner.
Comparing a person with someone else generates judgment. Judgment can be good or bad. You keep comparing your secret lover with your partner, and you feel about it. You feel that your non-significant other understands your needs and feelings more than your partner. You compare it with your spouse, and it makes you feel wrong in some way. It is a big red flag in your relationship.

Overall, all these signs show that either you can’t emotionally or sexually satisfy your partner, or just unhappy with your relationship, but are too afraid to end it. If you don’t stop cheating emotionally with your partner, it can lead to a full-blown cheating that will consequently jeopardize your relationship.

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