Six Things a Good Man Does to Keep You Interested in Him

Unless you overthink finding a good man to be interested in you isn’t that hard. However, there are some basic traits that any good man should have to keep you engaged. Here is the list of six behaviors of a good man with will sweep you off the floor!

1. He asks your opinion while planning dates

Many people would take for granted that every man will ask his date where she likes to go for a date or things she likes to do. But some men don’t do that. While everyone likes a surprise occasionally, if he sets a mystery date, it’s still important for you to feel that you have an opinion about the things you do as a couple. The restaurants, movies, etc., should be chosen together to make it more enjoyable. The point here is that he values your feelings – must if you want to have a lasting relationship.

2. He is interested and respectable towards your family

A good man is interested to meet your family. When you see him getting to know your family member, he acts in the most respectable and polite way. He asks them questions about their life, and other interests. He even shows deep appreciation for the foods and drinks served during the dinner, even if it’s a glass of wine!

3. He never pressures you for sex

One of the most intimate physical aspects of a relationship is sex, and good men will never push their partners to be physically intimate with them in any way or form. He asks you if you’re in the mood for it, and when you say “no”, he just shrugs it off with a simple line, “That’s Okay”.

4. He likes to spend time with your friends

Selfish men will always call the shots when deciding with whom they like to socialize. But, when you’re in a relationship, you have to compromise when it comes to socializing. A good guy will try to hang out and enjoy spending time with your friends, even after he has his own plans on how he’ll spend his weekends. Some guys will go with the flow, they’ll hang out with your friends, but they will get bored, sulk in the corner, or even leave you in the middle of the night. These are signs of childish behaviors that fit only an adolescent boy.

5. He’s always supportive of you, and never criticizes you

Men, who have healthy self-esteem and high confidence, will always feel good about themselves overall. They will nice, supportive things to you and never be critical or speak with a negative tone with you. For example, if you had an argument with your boss at work, and if you tell him about it, he’ll empathize with you and focus on your feelings. He will always be supportive if you in every situation you’re in regardless if it’s good or bad.

6. He is interested in your past

If a man truly cares and loves you in a mature way, he will be interested to know about your past before you met him. He won’t ask you to tell him about your exes or previous relationships because that will make him look jealous and insecure. But, he will be genuinely curious about your old friends, crazy childhood memories, great moments of your adulthood and so on.

No man is perfect. But, the world is full of good men that know how to treat a woman with respect and cater to her emotional needs. If you meet a man with the traits above, then probably you’ve met the right person.

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