Are You Smothering Your Partner Too Much?

Yes, there is one thing called, ‘smothering’ and too much of it can certainly scare your girlfriend. So, how can you find that you’re smothering her too much? Read on to find out:

1. Do you love me? If your girlfriend needs constant reassurance that you love them, it indicates that she feels insecure. In fact, this is where the smothering begins. It can be created by fear, anxiety and jealousy, and it will scare your girlfriend away. If a couple truly loves each other, they won’t feel insecure, and they’ll be emotionally stable.

2. How long will it take to meet your family and friends? Smothering in a relationship is rushing things too much, too soon. Allow the relationship to grow at its own pace. Don’t rush things like meeting each other’s parents, family or friends, until the time is perfect for both of you. It’s better if your girlfriend asks you to meet her family, which indicates that they’re ready for it.

3. It’s my way or the highway. Disregarding others opinions and point of view is a part of smothering. Everyone has own voice and wants to hear and appreciated. Regardless, what movie you are going to watch or where you to go for a vacation, if you’re calling all the shots, it’s very likely that you aren’t considering the other person’s desires.

4. A gift a day will make your girlfriend run away! This refers when one of the partners demand to be showered with presents every time they meet. This kind of generosity can be detrimental to the relationship during the early days of the dating as none of the parties has expressly proclaimed their affection for each other. Nobody wants to be emotionally pressured into something they aren’t ready for.

5. I just want to be alone with you all the time. If you want to see your relationship to survive and thrive, you need to give each other some space and time of their own. We understand it’s important to spend quality time with your partner, and but it’s also equally important that he or she spends separate time with friends. A fine line exists between loving and smothering, and it is better that you don’t cross it if you want to have a healthy and ever-lasting relationship.

6. Just checking in, please call me back. It’s smothering if your girlfriend calls you or texts you too much. She wanted to know where you are and whom you are with at all times. This behavior arises from fear, suspicion and other negative emotions, and often makes an otherwise healthy and loving relationship feel like a prison. The other person always feels the need to talk to you about the current state of the relationship, where is it heading and about its future. It’s the constant insecurities and reassurance that is driving your girlfriend to engage in this behavior. So, address it quickly before things are messy.

7. I can hardly wait to see you. When you’re dating someone new, it’s okay at first if he or she is keen to see or meet you. But, if it’s affecting your girlfriend to have some personal space, it means that the other person is always checking on you.

Ultimately, smothering isn’t about love; it is selfishness. When you love someone, you want the best for them. By, smothering, you’re prioritizing your needs for connection and intimacy in the relationship, instead of what your girlfriend wants. So, disengage from this behavior.

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