So Annoying: 32 Habits That Drive Women Crazy

Relationships can start to get exhausting when you've been in one for awhile. You might start to notice some annoying habits that your partner has. This is especially true when it comes to men. We've got 32 habits that drive women crazy! Check them out below:

  1. Telling a woman what to do
  2. Ignoring her when she talks
  3. Being passive aggressive
  4. Avoiding conflict
  5. Not practicing good hygiene
  6. Belching/Passing gas
  7. Not contributing to household chores
  8. Making the house messy
  9. Being glued to the television
  10. Not taking anything seriously
  11. Forgetting important dates
  12. Being late to everything
  13. Wanting sex all the time
  14. Falling asleep immediately after sex
  15. Leaving the toilet seat up
  16. Not noticing when she gets a new haircut or outfit
  17. Leaving toenail clippings everywhere
  18. Acting like the world is over when they have a cold
  19. Not replying to texts or phone calls
  20. Refusing to ask for directions
  21. Getting jealous for no reason
  22. Being flirtatious with other women
  23. Never complimenting her
  24. Assuming that she's on her period whenever she's upset
  25. Thinking they're right about everything
  26. Man-splaining everything as if a woman doesn't know
  27. Being cheap
  28. Being rude to waiters
  29. Chewing with their mouth open
  30. Not expressing their feelings
  31. Leaving the door open when using the bathroom
  32. Playing video games all day

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