How Social Media Is Killing Your Relationship

In this time of modern era, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. has taken over the entire world. Individuals coming from every walk of life with different age groups and various fields are completely obsessed with this social media phobia.

Social media is great for so many things like it connects people and friends, uploading photos, sharing memories and much more. Whereas, it can be a real pain in a butt like jealousy, gossip, etc.

Let us discuss the practices related to social media sites that are destroying relationships all around the world. Take into consideration the following points so as to prevent our relationships from getting spoiled.


You and your partner just had a serious fight the very next minutes you are screaming it out on the Twitter, well that is extremely embarrassing as well as very rude? These are your personal issues which need to be sort out between yourselves. And what happens next? People start poking their nose in your fights and making situations even worst.

But what if you share anything good? Well, believe it or not, some people value their privacy a lot. So whatever you want to share, good or bad, at least give a second thought to it once.

You never stop networking

Are you totally obsessed with networking? Are you always online checking your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.? There is nothing more disrespectful and annoying while talking to your romantic partner who is more interested in giving responses on these social sites than listening or responding to you. It makes you feel that your company is not interesting or good enough to hold their attention.

The Jealousy Factor

Catching your partner talking to somebody else from opposite sex on these social sites is one great dilemma. What if you snoop into your mate’s account and find flirtatious conversation? Ah! Such a terrifying experience it is going to be.

And what if you find nothing at all and you realize that you have been getting so suspicious for absolutely nothing? You will feel guilty.

An open invitation to flirt

Social media sites provide the platform to invite for an open flirting. It may simply start from commenting on the status or picture which happens to get prolonged. You may consider it to be innocent, but the guy who you simply don’t know place a comment on your picture is definitely giving you a green signal. Such men usually do not limit their conversations, and they do not even bother about your relationship statuses. Therefore it is always suggested to think about your spouse or lover before getting yourself involved in such online interactions.

Friend’s List Dilemma

Well, friend’s list can be one of the major stress factors. Imagine your boyfriend is friends with the girl you simple hate or if you find out that his friend’s list still holds his ex? This is going to give you a major shock and pain which in turn will affect your relationship.

Well play very smart on these social media sites and do not be overly obsessed with it. Keep it in its proper place.


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