The Social Media Scoop: 6 Things You Can Learn From A Date’s Facebook Profile

Dating and Social Media

Dating is never easier, but in recent years technological advances have made it a little simpler. Social media is able to give you insight into someone before you get too involved with them. You can look them up online before the first date and determine if you're really interested in them! If you're not sure how social media can help you get to know a potential partner, we've put together six things you can learn from a date's Facebook profile.

1. Likes and Dislikes

Before you dive headfirst into a new relationship, it's good to know if you have some common ground. You date's Facebook profile can tell you if they have the same likes and dislikes as you. For instance, maybe your potential partner is posting on Facebook about going kayaking every weekend…and you hate kayaking. It's nice to know what their interests are and what they enjoy before you get invested in them.

2. Taste in Music, Movies, and Television

It might be a big deal to you if someone has very different taste in things like music and movies. Maybe you're a fan of rock who can't stand the sound of country music. You might want to know if your date is obsessed with country, before you tell them how much you hate it. Maybe their taste in movies and television is important to you also. If they're addicted to reality television and you prefer watching serious crime dramas, you might not be too compatible.

3. Political Beliefs

This is one of the most important things you can learn from a date's Facebook profile. Differing political beliefs is a deal breaker for many people. If you're a die-hard liberal and your date's timeline is filled with conservative posts, you might want to bail on this before you even begin. Maybe you're a strict conservative and your date is constantly sharing liberal articles. Either way, you'll know in advance that this relationship probably wouldn't work out.

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4. Who Their Friends Are

Another thing you can learn from a date's Facebook profile is who they hang out with. You can see if you have any mutual friends. You can also see if they're friends with any arch-enemies. Maybe their best friend is someone you dated and dumped in high school. Maybe their cousin is an old rival from work. It's important to know these things before getting too involved!

5. Their Style (And How It's Changed Over the Years)

Maybe you've only met your date once, so you're not exactly sure what their style is like. It sounds shallow, but the way a potential partner dresses is important to some people. Looking through Facebook photos gives you an idea of what your date's style is like, as well as what it's been like over the years. You might be amused (or disturbed) to see that your date went through a serious goth phase back in 2010. Or perhaps your date has changed their hair color eleven times in the last two years. This information could be important to you!

6. Previous Relationships

This is some super important information you can get from your date's Facebook profile. Looking through their photos gives you some valuable insight into how involved they are with their exes. This could give you a heads-up if your date is still into their ex. For instance, if there's one or two old pictures of an ex mixed in with tons of pictures of friends and family, then that's not really an issue. If there's twenty pictures of an ex, or an entire album dedicated to their relationship, you may have a problem. You'll also want to look at recent comments and likes. If your date's ex is commenting on all of their recent posts, then they're very much still in the picture.

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