Are You In A Soul-Sucking, Toxic Relationship? You’re If You See These Signs!

Are you in a toxic relationship? Anyone of us can be in one. So, we would like to ask are you in one? How would you know if you were in one? We have heard reports where we found that that half or more of all people are in unhealthy or toxic relationships. When asked them to tell us what are the most visible signs of a toxic relationship are? Most said that they found themselves fighting with each other than enjoying each other. But, that’s just one sign of a toxic relationship. There are more of them. So, what are they?

Here are some other few indications that point you’re in disastrous, toxic relationship:

  1. Your partner seems hostile most of the time

So you see your girlfriend is angry all the time? Do you feel a lot of stress and tension in the relationship? Do you think that you’re unable to express yourself the way you want? Did it ever occur to you that you’re in an unhealthy relationship? If yes, we can safely tell your marriage or relationships toxic. Only in a happy and healthy relationship can you feel the safety and security that you need to express your authentic self.

  1. Your partner puts you down

Does your spouse criticize or demean you? Do you feel pressurized most of the time that you can't please or satisfy your girlfriend? Does she criticize or make fun in front of others like friends or family when you can’t do anything right or make a mistake. Does she mock you or act superior towards you? If you notice all these signs, it’s an indication of unhappy, dysfunctional relationship.

  1. She purposely avoids you

Does it occur to you that she doesn't want to be around you? Are you suspecting that your partner is sending you double messages when she talks to you, which makes you feel confused? She refuses to change or talk about problems in the relationship. Did she reject you when you want to get physically affectionate with you? And if you complain about your frustration regarding the issue, does she tell you that you’re too needy or desperate? All these are warning signs of a toxic relationship.

  1. She fights or argues dirty

If any partner indulges in name-calling each other, it’s is a definite sign of toxicity in a relationship. There is no you can communicate effectively or resolve conflicts in the relationship by hurting each other’s feelings with words. Attempting to hurt your partners’ feelings and emotions by using hurtful words and name-calling will make it extremely difficult to establish intimacy and connection in the relationship.

  1. Your partner hides the relationship from friends and family

Your friends and family are disappointed by the way your girlfriend behaves towards you and them. Your friends and family know you and care for you better than one and are more likely to give you unsolicited relationship advice. Some of these suggestions might be too true, and you’re afraid that you won’t like it. So, you tend to avoid them altogether; don’t bring her along with you to meet with your friends and family. You don’t want to be in a relationship with such hostility.

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