Speak In Your Partner’s Love Language For A Successful Relationship

Some couples can express love naturally and effortlessly. They can communicate their affection and appreciation to their spouse’s with ease and grace in such a way that it feels like they’ve some secret love language. But, for some men and women expressing love and affection to their boyfriends or girlfriends in a way that connects seem difficult. We all are emotionally wired uniquely, and each one of us gives and receives love a certain way.

Everyone wants to be a great lover, want to see their partner feel deeply loved, and enjoy a happy love life. We all desire a lasting, satisfying romantic relationship which sometimes can’t be easy to create. Anyways, here are five categories of gestures that you can use to reach your partner with heartfelt expressions of care, and find his or her language of love.

1. Words of Affirmation
Couples with this love language, unasked compliments can mean the whole world to them. These people crave verbal and written expressions of love, and it’s this love language that reaches their hearts quickly. Simply hearing the words, “I love you,” will send their spirits flying high. Also, heartfelt words of encouragement, appreciation, thankfulness, praise and admiration will build up the self-worth of your partner. All of these heals the wounds, removes sadness, creates intimacy and brings out the best of the other person.

2. Quality Time
Men and women with this language full and undivided attention are what “I love you” means to them. Simply being together with no distractions from the TV, cell phones, etc., makes their boyfriend/girlfriend feel special and valued. Things like canceled dates, interruptions, not listening when they talk, can be very hurtful. Spending quality time together by listening, sharing, and enjoying activities both people like is what makes them feel connected and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Receiving Presents
Don’t think of this love language is wrong and a mistake as most will assume that people with this love language thrive on materialism, greed, gluttony, or indulgence. But men and women with this love language thrive on the care, effort, and the thoughtfulness behind the gift. Presents demonstrate that you care and love your partner, and they showcase the value of the relationship.

4. Acts of Service
The language of love for this person is anything you do to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on him or her. If you this person, “Hey, let me take care of that for you,” will have the same effect like when you say, “I love you” to your significant other. Making a meal, helping with the laundry, picking up the dry-cleaning, cleaning and organizing the kitchen or the house, and all other mundane tasks demonstrate care.

5. Physical Touch
Don’t think this love language is all about physical intimacy or sexual satisfaction or all the other things that happen in the bedroom. People with this language are the touch-feel type. Care, love, affection and concern for each other’s well-being is demonstrated through kisses, holding hands, pats on the back, hugs, gentle touches on the face, hands or arms. In a romantic relationship, physical contact and accessibility are crucial, while dismissing it can really hurt the other person. Persuasive communication as a love language comes from the softest touch to the most passionate kisses.

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