What To Do When You Start Liking Someone Else?

We come across many people in our routine life that we appreciate or like. Up till this point, it is fine. But what if you start getting deeply attracted to another person when you already in a relationship? Does this new guy make your heart skip a beat? If this is so, then the situation, as well as the feeling you start holding for this new person in your life, is inevitable. But the question now arise is that what are you going to do about it?

A bit of flirting is harmless but what if your infatuation grows with the passage of time and is converted into an obsession and deep love? Well, it is quite reasonable to get attracted to someone but deciding what to do about it is never easy. Falling for another person when you are already in love with somebody else is quite confusing, and you need to ask yourself that why is this so?

The first thing that you should do is to evaluate your relationship with your partner. Do you find that magical bond missing which you two use to share? How do you see your relationship three years from now? If you do not get the positive answers, then there is something wrong with your relationship.

Other than finding something wrong about your relationship, perhaps you are becoming fickle, and you think that you deserve a better person than your partner. Watch out for all the signs first before jumping onto the new path.

The Old Long Term Relationship and your New Crush

Every long term relationship is super exciting and romantic at the start but with the passage of time couple settles down back to their routine life. This doesn’t mean that the love or the romance is missed out; it is that the relationship matures in a way that it becomes more than wooing and sleepless nights where long term relationship is kept alive through compatibility, active communication, and emotional maturity.

So, if you start liking somebody else when you are already in a relationship, then this may be because of that fluttering experience of the early times that you had with your partner. Remember this time will get over in a year even with your new partner. So, what are you going to do then? Are you going to keep on switching your partner your whole life one after the other?

What should you do?

It can be a possibility that the new person you have fallen for does not like you in the same way that you do. Or maybe this new relationship is not going to hold the intensity after some time that the long-term relationships should hold.

If you are euphoric with your current partner, then there is no point of getting yourself confused over just a mere crush or infatuation. It is not worth it. But if you think that you do not see a healthy future with your current partner then you may consider taking into account the new relationship, even then it is not fair to your partner who may go to confront you anytime soon. And what I would suggest that before indulging yourself into a new relationship give the old one a shot and have an open discussion with you, partner. But even after several tries, you find out that the relationship is still not working then you can end it. But never end your long-term, trusted relationship just because you have found someone new.

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