Eat Like An NBA Professional with Stephen Curry Diet Plan

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest NBA players alive. When you are such a big athlete, what you eat makes a big difference in every game. Therefore, in Stephen's case, his diet plan is extremely rigorous and is created in detail by his wife Ayesha. Stephen's performance is enhanced due to the fact that he follows some simple lessons from which he never cheats.

Stephen eliminated sugar from all his foods and consumes fiber-rich vegetables and fruits. On top of that, he eats a lot of proteins and his meals always contained superfoods such as quinoa. In addition, he “eats the rainbow”, meaning that he adds all colors fruits and vegetables in order to make sure that he consumes a diversity of minerals and vitamins. Last but not least, he is using Stephen Curry Supplements that are just the final touch in giving him the energy that he needs and accelerating his metabolism.

“With how much we run during games, and how many games we play, I need as many calories as I can get. It's not a very strict diet at all, but the more years I go, the more experience I have, the more that nutrition and eating the right foods is important for recovery and things like that. So I try to study that more, but I'm pretty much on the “eat whatever you can diet,” just to get those calories in, so I can maintain myself throughout the season. But I'm getting a lot smarter with it now.”

Stephen Curry Diet Plan



  • fruits smoothie
  • toast with avocado, eggs, sharp cheddar


  • quinoa, chicken, a veggie, and a sweet potato


  • baked fish with vegetables, potatoes or rice.

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