Are You Still Single? Maybe It Is Because Of Your Pet!

Most people think getting a pet will deepen their commitment as a couple when they are in a serious relationship. You can learn plenty of valuable skills by nurturing a pet animal. Taking care of a pet is shared responsibility. Through sharing each other’s responsibilities, couples can hone their communication skills, learn how to work in a team, and learn to compromise. All of these are qualities essential if you want to have a happy, healthy and long-lasting relationship. A recent study has reported that couples who owned pet were closer and were able to handle stress better than couples who didn’t have any pets.

But, that’s for people who are already in a relationship. What if that you are still single? What if we told you maybe you are single because of the pet you keep in your home? Is your pet keeping you single? It might be. Having a pet will increase your chances of landing a date. You already know that if you take your dog or puppy for a walk, the girls will flock to you. And, there are ladies out there who have said that they found men who took picture or selfies with their cat charming! Can’t be really sure about that, but we hope that’s true.

However, there are some pets out there that will seriously lower your chances of meeting someone for a date. And if you happen to have this pet, no one will dare to the date you. So, what are those pets? Apparently, it’s been reported that people who have spiders and reptiles as pets have a harder time finding love. We hope most of you won’t find this surprising as spiders and reptiles are kind of creepy!

According to a survey by Woodstream, pets do play a much bigger role when it comes to dating and relationships than previously thought. Woodstream conducted a study on 1,000 people about their pets and asked them if they started dating someone or ended their relationship because of a pet. Among the participants, 70 percent were dog owners and 50 percent owned cats. When asked what type of pets’ people found to be the scariest, 66 percent of men said spiders. For women, it was higher with 77 percent saying the same. The pets list included reptiles, mice, bees, snakes, hamsters, ferrets and so on. But, spiders topped the list of creepiest pets to have. So, if you have spiders as a pet for some reason, no one will date you. And when it comes to second dates, it appears that your spiders are ruining your dating life. The survey reported that people who have spiders as pets are most likely fail to be asked for a second date.

So, when it comes to dating, don’t dismiss the idea that pets don’t matter because they really do! Therefore, if have a spider as a pet, it’s better for you to get rid of it and have something else. Or, don’t include it in your online dating profile or Tinder profile.  That way it will be a lot easier for you to meet women for a date.

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