Still Single? You Will Be If Keep Doing These 5 Things

If you aren’t happy about your dating prospects lately, you probably might blame everyone else and everything else around you. You tell yourself you aren’t meeting more new people, or the women you dated are liars, flakes, or even gold diggers. Or perhaps you are simply fed up about how people date nowadays such as online dating. But, have you ever thought that maybe it’s your own actions that are preventing you from landing a girlfriend? If yes, the good thing is if you can adjust your approach to get better results.

Here are some of the mistakes you keep doing that are hindering your efforts to be in a relationship:

1. You don’t post decent/attractive photos
Want to pique someone’s interest in you? Then, start posting more decent and flattering pictures of yourself. This is a critical part of the dating process. Make sure that the pictures you are sharing or uploading are recent and regularly updated. Don’t forget to include snaps of your summer barbecues, vacations, and ski trips. You can ask a professional photographer or a close friend to snap some photos. But, keep in mind not to look desperate.

2. You delay responding to texts or emails
Taking too much time to respond to texts or emails is a bad habit. It doesn’t matter if you are dating online or at work, delaying responding to texts or emails sets a negative impression about you. You don’t have to respond to every text or email immediately. But if you take ten hours or a day to respond to a text, it’s highly likely your match will think you aren’t seriously looking for a relationship. If texting or emailing feels like a chore, it’s a sign that you aren’t interested in someone.

3. You aren’t ready to date or be in a relationship
Sometimes people need to be encouraged to start dating again after a breakup or divorce. But if you find yourself checking your ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page now and then while dating someone new, it’s highly likely that you aren’t over your ex and not emotionally ready to welcome another person into your life.

4. You can’t look past of your date’s flaws
We aren’t perfect. We all have flaws, even the best of us. If you take a closer look at someone, you can find out what’s wrong with anyone. Ask yourself are you baiting your dates with questions that expose the qualities that seem unattractive to you? For example, if you see your date isn’t slim enough, it’s not helpful if you ask her what her favorite foods are or ask her why isn’t she going to a gym. Instead, give people a chance to shine and make them feel good.

5. You don’t show interest, or at least, enough of it
The truth about dating is that we are attracted to people who like us. So let your feelings flow. If you like your match tell her what you like about her. After a date, tell her that you had a great time if you enjoyed it. Tell her that you want to get together again. If you truly are interested in your match, schedule your dates in advance, show enthusiasm, and make her excited about you dating her. Make your match and dating her your priority.

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