Why Are You Still Thinking About Your Ex?

Moving on after a breakup is the one the hardest stages in a relationship. Most of us can’t let go or stop thinking about of exes, we couldn’t sleep properly, and our social and professional lives get affected. We always talk about our exes with our therapist and close friends and family members most of the time. That’s normal, but nit healthy and will slow down our healing process and move on. So, why isn’t that most of us think about our former partners after breaking up with them? Here are some reasons for it:

1. No Closure

Not all break ups go as planned. Some break ups were undeclared. What happens is that there’s no closure in those break ups and the other partner always keep wondering about the partner who left him/her without telling them. A partner that was left behind without knowing the reason is bound to get tormented mentally.

2. Guilt

People think about their exes because they're feeling guilty. They feel guilty that they broke up with their partners, not because they want to, but they had no choice. So, they feel overburden by the fact that they have messed up someone else’s life by breaking up with them.

3. Regret

Feeling regretful or having second thoughts after a breakup is another reason why people keep thinking about their exes. At times they wonder that maybe the relationship could have been saved if they did or did that. Also, they realized something important they could have done to save the relationship but neither did that anyway.

4. Want To Reconcile

After a breakup, some people just can’t get over their ex and move on. They want to get back with their former lovers. Newly singles who feel like this way say that ever since they ended the relationship, things got harder and upsetting. They want to reconcile with their ex-partners even after they admitted that there was no future in their past relationship and even went through a lot of agony in it.

So, those were the reasons why some people find it hard to forget their exes. The following advice could help you to move on:

5. Acceptance

The first in move on after a breakup or any other unfortunate event is to accept what happened. Letting go of our ex-lovers means we should get in terms that they don’t love us and won’t be with anymore. It's useless thinking about, “what if I could do that or done that,” in short, don’t regret your decision.

6. Reach Out To Close Friends and Family

At some point in your life, your ex was your life, but remember, that you still have your closest friends and family member to support and love you. It’s selfish to think that just because your ex left you, there’s no one to love you. Hanging out with friends and family will subsequently help you forget about your ex.

7. Focus Yourself on Self Improvement

Being depressed and always thinking about your ex after a breakup, doesn’t mean that you don’t have any responsibilities regarding your social and professional life. What doesn’t break up makes us stronger. Focus that energy on productive causes, self-improvement and taking care of you.

Break ups are awful and extremely painful, but it doesn’t stop you from moving forward. Focus on yourself, kick start your confidence and begin your life anew. Who can tell you might find someone new, who will love you for you are, and wants to have a relationship with you because he or she loves to.

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