Stop Over-Analyzing Your Boyfriend To Have A Successful Relationship

Often women spend way too much time and energy to figure out what men think or feel about them. A lot of women believe that by focusing more and more of their attention on their boyfriends, they can get closer and connected with them. But this right approach can backfire, and keep you away from the love you deserve.

How Over-Analyzing Your Boyfriend Affects You
The more you over-analyze the man and your relationship with him, the more stressed and anxious you’ll become. You start to place all of your hopes and dreams on him, despite the fact that you don’t know much about him. In the process, you realize that you’re starting to lose your friends, your passions, as well as all the things that were important to you. And when these things slowly start to disappear, so makes your sense of self. Eventually, you’re no longer at the center of your universe, he is. When you realize this, fear starts to grip you, and you constantly keep thinking that you might lose him. So you hold him tighter than ever and analyze him even more. You start by searching for clues that will reassure you that your actions aren’t pushing him. But, the truth, that’s precisely what takes place.

Analyzing Will Push Your Partner Away
When a guy finds that you’re too much invested in him and obsessed how he feels about you, he gets disappointed and turns him off. The reason why he was attracted to you is that he wanted something different from his mundane life. He loved the fact that you made yourself happy. But when he figures that you’re looking at him to make you feel happy, he feels pressured and overwhelmed. This is the point where men get disinterested and lose his feelings of attraction in the relationship. Depending wholly on your partner for your happiness means you’re responsible for creating insecurity and desperation in the relationship.

Change Your Focus and Connect With His Heart
The focus should be on whether he likes you or not, rather whether you like yourself when you’re with him or not. When you’re with him if you feel attractive, great about yourself, smart, fantastic and happy, then we can safely say that you’ve connected with him. It’s at this crucial when the true connection and intimacy in the relationship happens. You don’t need to analyze anything. On the flip side, if you’re feeling vulnerable and start to get obsessive about a man, that’s a clear indication that he’s not the right person for you. It’s you who matter, not what he thinks! Therefore, this is where you need to focus all of your time and energy – do you like yourself when you’re spending time with him?

The Bottom Line
The most important thing here is a man can only be happy and comfortable with you if you feel the same with him. The best approach for you here is to improve your chances of connecting with the right man is by building up your confidence and self-esteem, and always make sure it’s you and your happiness that should come first.

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