When To Stop Communicating With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

We hear about it from everyone. There aren’t any relationships where there aren’t any fights or arguments. Folks say, “When you two are fighting, the best thing you should do is to communicate,” “You both have to talk it through,” and so on. Well, all those are good suggestions. But, what happens when we can through our disagreements or argument simply by good communication?

Your best approach to diffuse these situations is simply to stop talking. Here are five particular times when being quiet is best than talking more.

1. Stop Talking When Another Person Isn’t Ready To Talk
People, sometimes, aren't in a mood to have a fruitful discussion. It might be that he or she is sad, busy with something; working, or is intensely focused on something else, or is just simply uncomfortable or feels uneasy with the topic. If you’ve something on your mind and your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t ready to have a conversation about it, don’t force him or her about the issue. But, let your partner know that you want to talk, and also remind him or her to tell when they are ready to talk.

2. Stop Talking When You’ve Said It A Thousand Times
If you’ve been telling your significant other not to chew his food with his mouth open, or you both consistently arguing how long should it take to get ready, and you didn’t find any solid results, then maybe it’s time you two stop talking about it and give it a rest. At some point, you’ve got to come to the conclusion that all those talking haven’t yielded any success or a good solution. In other words, you simply have to agree to disagree and stop talking about it, say, for six months.

3. Stop Talking When One Of You Is Being Unreasonable
If you see that in an argument one of partner’s acting weird or is being unreasonable with his or her propositions, then your best move here will be just to pull back from the conversation. Many couples have irrational discussions despite knowing that one of the partners is in an irrational space. This argument won’t be solved, and it will never work. So, the next time you find yourself in an illogical argument, stop having any serious discussions and give him or her some space for sanity.

4. Stop Talking if you’re Time is Limited
You know that new movie you’re waiting to see will start in five minutes, or your friends will be at your place for dinner at any minute. You’ve only a limited amount of time, and if you initiate a conversation about something important or that you really care about, then count it as one of your worst moments. The danger is when you introduce a topic, and your partner said something about it that you can agree or don’t want to admit, you’ll have to stop the conversation before things begin to heat up emotionally.

5. Stop Talking When You’re Tired
When we are feeling tired, we get more irritated, more defensive, less tolerant, less reasonable, and our patience grows thin. All these are recipes for a wrong conversation. So, do yourself, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and your relationship a favor, and stop having any serious discussion when one or both of are unusually tired.

If you’re in a relationship, if you remain aware of whatever is occurring regarding your relationship, you’ll much better off to know when it’s imperative to talk, and it’s for the best to just remain silent.

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