Stop Emailing and Go on a Date!

One of the biggest complaints about online dating is always responding to endless emails people get from their matches. The feeling is same: you get a new email from an individual who has been corresponding with you over the last few weeks. You open the email anxiously, read it and find new questions for you about your favorite food, or are you still love your ex and so forth. You’re are tired and annoyed about answer all these questions so that he or she on the other side can know you better. You’re probably asking why isn’t he still asking you out?

Of course, the first few emails are important. And these corresponding emails do reveal a lot about a person and their characters. By email correspondence you get to about his favorite things to do, his hobbies, why did he break up and so on. Emailing is an inevitable annoyance in a quest to know more about our matches so that we can have a relationship with someone who “fits the bill”. In the old days, relationships were simple affairs. We meet people and get to know them. But, now we get to know first, then we meet them.

The problem is that there’s a limitation on how well you can know about an individual this way. If you already email your match online for five or six times or even more, you’ve visualized an image of that person in your mind that normally won’t match in real life. Within this period, if that person hasn’t agreed to meet you in person or asked for a date, you sweet expectation will soon turn into a disappointment upon meeting. Or, that person will altogether end it and won’t meet you again.

Your mission should be to suggest your match meet or at least talk over the phone after responding to three or four emails. By chance, if you have met someone who is a marathon emailer and still going on, then shoot him by replying that who will tell more about yourself, if he or she decides to have a dinner date.

The same strategy applies for the phone too. Some people head straight for the date and prefer to skip the calling stage. Some people don’t sound fun or exciting on the phone and aren’t available all the time because they can’t line up their work and social schedules. However, after answering a few emails, if you like to call, then go for it. But, don’t suggest using Skype or any video calling services. Better yet, call that person and ask him to fix a date right away. Save those emails or text messages for directions and other information like restaurant rating or getting stuck in traffic.

After emailing for a few times, it's time you meet your match and go on a real date. You want him to see his eyes light up the moment he glimpses on you. You want him to twirl your hair, fidget with his spoon, and let him whiff the sweet seductive perfume you put on your body. You can’t do any of that hiding behind a computer.

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