Stop Feeling Neglected by the One you Love

Being neglected by someone is heart wrenching, in particular by the one you love. It leaves you lonely and makes you wonder that what has gone wrong. You need to consider the situation to get to the cause of this behavior and make settlements to get over with it; strengthening the bond of your relationship.

Neglecting and being neglect is the common phenomenon, which is experienced by almost everyone, even to the best of the couples. Happy and healthy relationships demand patience, compromises and a lot of hard efforts to be sustained. There are plenty of the stuff that you can do if you are being ignored by the person who claims to love you the most.

What to do to stop feeling neglected?

Feeling ignored and neglected hurts badly. Ponder over the following points which are going to be helpful to you in a relationship where you are being ignored.

  • Examine yourself:

Before jumping to any conclusions, examine your attitude and behavior first. Maybe you have been or are doing something that is hurting your partner or making the circumstances uncomfortable. Perhaps you are too clingy, and your partner needs a bit space. So analyze yourself first to fix things right.

  • Look at the situation from their perspective:

Maybe the lack of attention is not because of you. Your partner might not be feeling well, or he is overworked. Perhaps he is disturbed because of his family problems. So try to look at the things from their point of view before getting tense.

  • Slow it down a bit:

When your partner is neglecting you, try to get off the screen. Do not text or call the entire day. Let them miss you. They might wonder that what are you up to and where have you been the whole day.

  • Try to get out of your head:

It’s natural that when you are being ignored by your loved one, you feel depressed and sad. Cover up your mood and put a big smile on your face. Stay calm and happy and do not allow the other person to ruin your entire day.

  • Be independent:

When your partner is acting like this, remain independent for some time. Plan out with your friends, go for shopping or involve yourself in your favorite activities so as to keep your mind on the situation for some time.

  • Demand respect:

If all your efforts of being honest and reconnecting don’t change their attitude then, let them know that you cannot be disrespected in this way.

Things that should be avoided when you are feeling neglected

  • Unless you are hundred percent sure, do not accuse your partner of being a cheater or a liar.
  • Never make assumptions without having clear perception about the situation
  • Being neglected certainly upsets you. Do not try to be defensive.
  • Do not make the situation and come up with the stories in your mind until you are sure that the behavior and the circumstances are all about you.

Being neglected is one of the worst feelings. Find out the reason behind it and communicate to fix it all. Working together to bring positive changes in your relationship will strengthen the bond that lasts forever.

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