Stop Thinking About Getting Approval From Women Before Approaching

When it comes to dating, most guys consistently get worried about getting the woman’s approval before even approaching her. They think that if they don’t get the approval from the woman they’re attracted, is going to shut them down. This has been the trend all along.

Say you’re about to meet a woman for the first time. If you’re worried about whether she’ll like or approve of who you are, then you aren’t alone. In fact, you fall among 99 percent of men who do feel the same way. Caring about what women think is exactly a great thing, but when you depend on it to feel worthy and gain confidence in yourself, then be prepared for a lifetime disappointment and failure. A man will never be successful in dating women when he fears rejection. Some guys fear rejection because they have an overwhelming desire to get approval from them when they approach them.

If a woman doesn’t know you, how can she determine to approve you or not? Men take only a few seconds to know if they want a woman after meeting her for the first time. Women, often take longer with their decision. No one can immediately tell you who you are, or what you worth. You aren’t responsible or accountable for the attitudes and opinions that other women have of you. There is no wrong to want a lady to like you, but this should never be your benchmark to guide your efforts.

So, the question is in what ways can you overcome your dating approval addiction? The direct answer would be by helping yourself come up with appropriate kind of dialogue in your mind, every time you have faced with the possibility of rejection when approaching a woman for the first time. This is easier said than done. But, the thing is it can be challenging to change your thought process given the fact that you’ve spent most of your life looking for approval from all the women you’ve met.

Fortunately, it may be easier than you think. Whenever, you see yourself in a situation where you feel afraid that the woman you’re approaching may not approve, consider telling and reaffirming this statement. Tell yourself that you’re responsible for yourself to be the best man you can, and hope most women will like me. Tell yourself that if they don’t, it is not my problem, and their opinions will not affect me or others.

Also, here are a few more additional thoughts to add to your positive dialogue:

1. I will live my life the way I choose.
2. It’s not my job to please women.
3. When I want something, it’s okay to take a risk.
4. I don’t feel afraid or uncomfortable to tell a woman what I think.
5. I don't worry about what other women think about me, my attitudes and opinions.
6. It’s fine for me when women disagree with my lifestyle or values.
7. I will be active in pursuing women who have an interest in me and stay away from the ones who don’t.
8. It’s completely OK for women to disagree with my lifestyle or values.
9. I am not worried about what other women think.
10. I am less afraid of rejection than of fear.

When you’re looking for a girl, don’t let your fears of rejection or disapproval to prevent you from approaching them. After all, if a woman doesn’t know you, how can she approve you?

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