Stop Worrying About Not Being in a Relationship

Stressing about things that are out of our control is futile. But, we all know it’s very hard not to get anxious about some things in life – like being in a relationship. Single people have always been subjected to being flawed, unworthy, selfish and inadequate, simply because they aren’t ready for a relationship or haven’t met their match. Be assured that there’s nothing wrong with you, just because it didn’t happen yet. Here are three circumstances to keep in mind for your quest for the person you’ve been looking for.

Timing is everything

Love is spontaneous; you just can’t rush it. Yes, sometimes we tend to take things too soon too fast when we meet the person we are looking for to be our partner. We start off by graduating, get settled in a jog, buy a house or an apartment, and then we look for someone to love us. But when our soul mate doesn’t knock on our doors at the expected time, we get upset and frustrated and start to question ourselves if theirs is something wrong with us. But actually, there’s isn’t reason for it. It just happened to yet! Have patience, when the time is right; it will happen.

There is someone for everyone

No two people are the same. Look around you. You’ll see couples of all sorts of configurations, traits, dynamics and personalities that blend perfectly with them. If you can’t find someone that matches exactly to your preferences, which let me tell, there isn’t Mr. Right or Ms. Right on this planet. You probably have heard a lot from your friends and family that are suggesting you that you change some if the qualities you want in your potential partner before you find real love. Keep an open mind, and in the meantime, if you meet someone that meets most of your qualities, don’t let him or her go. Who can tell that this person can offer more than what you actually wanted?

There are two sides in a story

If you’ve broken up with someone, recall the moments why did it happen. Often, we don’t dig into the main reasons why the spark in your relationship isn’t there anymore. The thing is – the love is just isn’t there. Instead, we try to construct a weak explanation by saying something to your partner like that we were great as a couple, but we don’t a see a future in this relationship. And when the other person reacts and asks if he did anything wrong, you don’t seem to have a real answer. Honestly, there isn’t a satisfying answer. Someone may look good on paper, but when you meet him or her, you’ll find that there’s no real chemistry between the two of you. It’s not a match. If this happens, don’t come to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with you or your partner. It’s just happened to you yet.

Just because you’re finding it difficult to find love that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you or some people might say that you’re unlovable. Relax and give yourself some time. You’re perfectly fine the way you’re. You just haven’t met the right man or lady, yet.

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