The Struggle is Real: 6 Awkward Things That Only Single People Dread

Living the single life is often thought of as a good thing. The single life involves nights out with friends as well as much-needed alone time. It involves freedom and no commitment to another person. While this might sound great (and it can be), there are downsides to being single that people don't often talk about. Single life can be uncomfortable and lonely, and there are certain moments in life that make it worse. We've got six awkward things that single people dread:

1. Family Get-Togethers

Is there anything worse than your mom's cousin's wife's sister asking why you're still single after all this time? Your family is supposed to be on your side always, but they can be particularly insensitive when it comes to being single. This is what makes family parties difficult for single people. There's only so many times you can hear your great aunt remind you that you're getting older and need to “find someone“. Or how about the family members that are still hung up on one of your exes and constantly bring them up? Yikes!

2. Being Invited to a Wedding

While most people are excited when they receive a wedding invitation, single people dread being invited to weddings. Wedding invitations always come with a “plus one”, meaning you need to find a date. This isn't always an easy task. Do you bring the person you casually hooked up with a few times last month? Do you just bring a friend? Do you go alone and risk being scrutinized? You can see how wedding invitations bring single people a dilemma they do not want to face!

3. Facebook

Scrolling through Facebook is already annoying. It's especially annoying for single people. Facebook feeds are full of engagement announcements, wedding photos, pregnancy ultrasounds and long anniversary tributes. This can be nauseating to any person, but it makes a single person's eyes roll back so far in their head, they could see their brain.

4. Holiday Parties

The holidays in general are a hard time for single people. You feel lonely and wish you had a partner to get gifts for (or to get you gifts). The hardest things for single people during this time are the holiday parties. You have to go to work parties and be surrounded by all your co-workers and their significant others. There will be parties where you're the only single person there. It's just…awkward.

5. Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a particularly depressing task for single people. Grocery shopping for a single person consists of a lot of junk food and microwavable meals. While some single people do cook themselves elaborate, thought-out meals, many just get simple stuff. It would be a lot more fun to have a significant other to plan out meals for and go grocery shopping with.

6. When Your Best Friend Starts Dating Someone

Ugh. This is one of the worst moments for a single person. When you're single, you rely very much on your friends. You go places together. You spend your time at one another's homes. Your friends take the place of a significant other. So when one of your closest friends starts dating someone, it throws a wrench in your whole system. Now that your friend is in a relationship, they can't be your substitute partner anymore. They'll often start neglecting you and spending their time with their boyfriend or girlfriend. This is the single person's worst nightmare: they have to spend their time with themselves.

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