Subtle Signs: 5 Signs Of Cheating That Are Often Overlooked

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Infidelity is the demise of so many relationships and most people think that they can spot the signs of cheating right away. While there are certain red flags that are glaring and obvious, many of the signs of cheating are more subtle. Find out five signs of cheating that are often overlooked:

1. There's A Decrease in Their Libido

Pay attention to your sex life. Do you find that you're the only one initiating sex when it used to be your partner getting things started? Do you notice that it's harder for them to get aroused when you're intimate? These can be signs that they're having sex with someone else.

2. Their Friends Are Acting Weird Around You

Many cheaters will actually confide in their close friends when it comes to their indiscretions. If you notice that their friends are treating you differently or acting strange around you, it could be because they know something that you don't know.

3. They Don't Set Their Phone Down Anywhere

If your partner used to set their phone down anywhere, but now makes a point of keeping their phone in their pocket at all times, it could be that they don't want you getting your hands on it. Definitely see this as a red flag that they're hiding something.

4. They've Changed Something About Their Appearance

Did you boyfriend just shave his beard for the first time in years? Did your girlfriend dye her hair a color she's never dyed it before? This may be innocent enough, like they just wanted to change things up a little. It can also be a sign that they're trying to impress a new love interest.

5. They're Not Arguing With You

Not arguing may seem like a good thing in your relationship, but it could be a sign of something like infidelity. When your partner is involved with someone else, they've reached a point that they don't care enough to even argue with you about things in the relationship anymore. They're just over it.

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