Subtle Signs You’re Secretly Addicted To Love

Addicted to Love! What does it mean? Well, do you feel remarkably thrilled and excited about anything related to couples and romance? If so then you are addicted to love. Hearts, red roses, dim lights, soft romantic tunes are all that is your mind occupied with all the time. And the fact is that most of us do not even realize it that we are severely addicted to it.

At the younger stage, your addiction can be innocent and cute. But with the passage of time, in adulthood, it begins creating problems for you. You started having high expectations and if they do not meet your desired standards; your relationship is adversely affected.

Let us discuss the signs that will ensure you being addicted to love or not.

Valentine’s Day

Is the Valentine’s Day your most favorite one? You just can’t wait for that day to come. You are counting the days and are desperate to celebrate the day then surely you are addicted to love!

Poking nose in other people relationships

All you desire to want to have constant detailed information about the couple’s relationship, then you are addicted. Obviously, you need to know a few details from your friends about their relationships, but if you always poke your nose in their affairs, then you are suffering from a problem of addiction.

Top favorite movies are romantic

If top favorite movies list of yours include only the romantic ones, then this signals your addiction to love. Your addiction will crave you for the stories that are encased in those films. Watching such movies will enhance your addiction for love.

People with addiction are always in a relationship

Individuals who are addicted to love are always found to be in a relationship. Moreover, they move on from relationship to relationship. If they start missing romance from the relationship they are having they feel free to leave it and move on to the next one.

Always the first one to express love

If you are addicted to love, then you are always going to be the first one to say “I Love You.” You do not hesitate to express yourself at all. And you are also the type of the person who has said this to all of your past partners. This simply depicts that you are secretly addicted to love.

You always find a way to turn any conversation into love

If you always aimed to turn any conversation with the significant other into a love conversation, then this clearly indicates that you are terribly addicted to love.

Panic mode turns on

Some people do suffer from panic attacks even at the thought of not having a love in their life. Such people are found to be in a complete mess which clearly shows that they are addicted to love.

You rely on love for your happiness

If you truly believe that you cannot remain happy without being in love that is your source of happiness is directly linked to your love then you would have a real love addiction.

Addicts always know that they have a problem although they usually deny admitting it. In the beginning, it may sound innocent, but later it does not prove out to be good.

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