How to Have Successful Conversations On The First Date

The first date conversations are downright easy. Don’t talk about sex, exes, previous relationship, money, and politics. Well, not so fast. You need to have a conversation that’s not only boring or offensive, but you’ve to make sure that the other person remembers you. Sound hard, right? The problem is during dating when we’re trying to get to know someone and make a quick decision whether if we want to see that person again, we don’t track of hints, we remember headlines.

So, here're a few tips to help you make your first date conversation worth remembering.

Establish Your Brand

You’ve already told about yourself in your online dating profile about who you’re and other details about your profession, hobbies, interests, previous relationships, political views, personal opinions and so on. We hope most of you have written in the first line of your profile statements like, “single dad who live biking,” or “native New Yorker and diehard Lakers fan,” etc. All these characteristics define your personal brand. At times it may be hard for you to explain how the other person perceives you, but you can call your identity to get engaged in those early conversations. For example, sometimes if you tell your date that you’re from New York, and aren’t a fan of the New York Yankees, but a fan of Los Angeles Lakers, then your date can be surprised, as it's perceived that most New Yorkers are diehard fans of the professional baseball team. Now, that you have the conversation ball rolling, you can now focus on the positive qualities you always wanted to talk about. Keep continuing from the conversation starter like why you happen to like Los Angeles and basketball and so on.

Be Selective Of Your Stories

Take heed of the fact that people don’t always hear what you tell them, specifically since they don’t have any context to start with. For example, don’t bash your boss in front of your date that he or she won’t allow you to leave office soon so that you can have a few nice dinners date together during the week. Instead, you can tell a funny story of your mother’s mean cat, and take the risk of jeopardizing your date that you aren’t a cat lover. Or, if you want, you can make the story more interesting by saying you like cats.

The Takeaway

You don’t have to keep track of the words you say. Just try to be a little more confident than usual and extra enthusiastic about your life during the first few conversations. To make things go smoothly, think in advance of some of the best qualities of yourself and how you would like to express those during the date. For instance tell your date that you’re great in making tasty pasta, or making barbecues, or like to relax and sip cocktails on the beach, you like to tell jokes and make people laugh, etc. and that sort of things. Remember, you’re not following a movie script. You’re just sowing the seeds of conversation, in the hope of securing a second date.

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