Super Easy Steps For Wooing Your Dream Girl

Shakespeare said that “the course of true love never did run smooth “. True, especially in this new era. Sometimes, you look around and feel that everyone is in love. They all have their life partners but not you!  Finding your love in this crowded world is hard but some of you already found your true love but feel nervous to express your feeling in front of her. You want her but the problem is how to make a girl want you. If you are one of them, no need to worry just follow these steps and woo your dream girl!

Step1. Ask her for a date

Now, here one problem arises is how? Don’t worry no one is telling you to ask her for marriage, just a friendly date. Try to spend more time with her for knowing that you both are on same page. Sometimes, girls are confused with their own feelings. They can’t decide that they love you as a friend or as something more than friend. So, this is the best idea for realizing her feelings for you. Here are some points, remember it on your first date.

  • No need to get cheesy – the first thing and most important thing to remember is just being who you are when you are on date. There is no need to express your undying love on the first date. Just be calm and easy. Don’t o use cheesy or filmy lines in front of her however you can joke around her. Don’t think about how to make a girl want you when you are with her. A girl likes those boys who are funny and carefree.
  • Make things simple and light – Many of the guys don’t understand the importance of first date. First date is like first step toward your future with your dream girl. So, it is really important that you are doing everything correctly. You can plan your date so that you can spend the best time with the girl that you adore. You can take her to her favorite restaurant and enjoy a candle light dinner with her.
  • Behave like a gentleman and look like a gentlemen – Appearance is important in dates, how you dress up in your first date is biggest problem when it comes to boys and also the second important point in the list of how to make a girl want you. Always dress according to three things i.e. location, occasion and company. Remember these points when you are looking in your cupboard. On the first date girls don’t usually look for more they just check the basics like how you are treating her or your behavior toward the people around you. So, pull the chair for her, open gate for her, politely talk with waiters etc. are some points which you should keep in your mind.
  • Make your intentions clear – it’s really important that you make your intention clear about the relationship with the girl. If a girl looks comfortable with you then can do little healthy flirts and jokes. Show her that you are not interested in her as a friend but as a boyfriend and you want a relationship with her in future. Before that be confident and re-ask yourself that you really like the girl or you are just attracted towards her.

Step 2.  Work on your relationship

After first date, usually guys jump on the conclusion that they own the girls. Never ever do that, after your first date your relationship is really fragile. You have to work on it as much as you can. Here are tips for making your relationship strong and unbreakable. After all it’s about how to make a girl want you.

  • Be her friend first then a boyfriend – Nowadays, girls don’t want guys who kiss on her lips and say how beautiful she is but they want those guys who kiss on their forehead are always with them in the hard times. It’s really important to understand that your relationship will only work when you understand her feelings and her ups and downs. You should support her in achieving her goals.
  • Be an important part in her life– it’s not that hard as it sounds. You can be an important part in her life. Girls don’t like problem creator boyfriends, so be a problem solver boyfriend. Talk about her life and your life. The best time for talking these things is night. Do night talks as much as you can. It’s a fact that at night people are more emotionally open as compared to in day time.
  • Physical relationship – don’t rush for getting in physical relationship if your partner needs time to think. A sexual relation takes your relationship to another level. It connects your body and soul together. Usually girls are shy when it comes to sex, so if you think that you both are ready for taking your relationship to second step then just do it! But before anything have a conversation with your girlfriend.
  • Don’t forget that fight is a part of a relationship – it’s not important that your relationship is going to be smooth as butter. There are so many ups and downs you both have to face together. Research says that most of the couples break up because of their miscommunication after having a fight. Sometimes, you have to go down and apologize and sometimes she have to that same. This is a phase in relationship which makes your bound stronger and beautiful.

Step 3Ask her for marriage

After facing all these things if your relationship is still stable and you are having a wonderful chemistry between then you should surely move ahead to ask her for marriage. It means that you are perfect for each other. However, marriage is a big commitment, so think wisely before doing anything. And if your heart is saying that yes this is the one then just ask her. So, these are some points for how to make a girl want you and make her your life partner.

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