Sweet Ways To Genuinely Say You Are Sorry

Sometimes the word ‘sorry’ becomes the hardest word to speak out. Your pride, your ego comes in the way. But then you have to choose between your pride and relationship. To save your relationship, you need to assess and understand the situation. Avoid blaming each other and give away your ego and pride. At times mistake occurs from both the ends, be the first one to say ‘you are sorry’ and set things right back in order. You can fix your problems by adopting the following simple ways to say sorry.

Ways to apologize with words

Sometimes the simplest way to say sorry is by expressing your pure feelings and honest apology verbally. Words should be crafted in a way, and your body language should be such that it delivers the exact meaning of what you are saying and it melts the other person’s heart.  It should be like:

  • I am extremely sorry; I was wrong
  • I wish I could just take back my words or what I did to you. I am sorry My Love!
  • I am very sorry for being so aggressive and insensitive.
  • I am not the perfect one, and nobody is. I tried my best that it should be worked out. Please accept my apology
  • I know you are very annoyed to what I did, and you may not forgive me for this, but I want to apologize and want everything to be settled down back again.

Sometimes words are not enough to get everything back on track. You need to take a support of something sweet and memorable. Let us explore the small additions that you can make your apology to convey it to your partner more deeply.

A cute handwritten note

A little love note on fancy paper, full of feelings and emotions is the cutest token to be added to your apology. Try to write it yourself rather than copying it from anywhere. Tell your partner that how apologetic you are and that such thing is not going to happen again.

Leave the note on a significant place

Your timings may not match. No need to worry about it. Leave your sorry note on the place that is prominent and noteworthy to your partner. Put it on the bedside table in the morning or the bathroom mirror. You can also put it on the fridge or the kitchen shelf.

Favorite treat

If your honey is fond of eating food, then order favorite food along which you can add an apology note. Other than the home delivery, you can also call for a surprise date and order something very special for your annoyed partner

Cook Food

Do your cooking skills perform miracles? If yes! Then whip out your magic wand and make your partner some delicious food. It can be a special breakfast in bed, a surprise lunch or a romantic candlelight dinner to win your sweetheart’s heart.

A message in a bottle

If your partner is coming home late and you know that he/she must be tired how about filling the bathtub with warm water and float a bottle that contains a message of your apology. How can someone reject an apology if it is said in such a warm, romantic manner?

So, next time if your honey gets annoyed then try out the tips mentioned above to get a positive response. By adding up a little care, concern, and cuteness; your apology will definitely be going to work out.



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