Swiping Guidelines: 6 Tinder Rules To Always Follow

Tinder Tips

Tinder has become the pinnacle of online dating, and for good reason! You may have your concerns about Tinder, but you can't say it's not convenient. It uses GPS to show you the people who are in your immediate area. You can easily dismiss people that you're not interested in by swiping them away. Plus, there are no unsolicited messages from creeps! You can only get messages from users that you match with. So I think we can safely agree that Tinder is a great dating app. With that said, there are some guidelines you need to follow when using it. These tips will help you use the app as efficiently (and safely) as possible! Check out six Tinder rules you should always follow:

1. Don't Be Over-the-Top With Your Expectations

There's no bigger turn off than seeing a Tinder profile where the person lists off their expectations for a potential partner. It's totally okay to mention one or two things you're looking for, but if you've got a laundry list of what you do and do not want, you're gonna get a firm left swipe.

2. Avoid Using Tinder on the Weekend

Though you're probably most tempted to use Tinder on the weekend, don't. The weekend is the worst time to use a dating app. You're more likely to swipe right on all the wrong people. You're more likely to send desperate, ridiculous messages to your matches. It's just a bad idea all around.

3. Don't Give TMI

This is one of the major Tinder rules. Don't air your dirty laundry on your profile. Don't launch into a super personal story when a match messages you. Don't post ultra revealing pictures of yourself. Keep things simple. If you bring all the skeletons out of your closet on Tinder, you're going to scare away all your potential partners.

4. Try Not to Make It All About Yourself

It's important to remember not to make everything about yourself on Tinder. If your entire profile is just you listing off your accomplishments and positive attributes, you're going to come off as a narcissist. If a match messages you. make sure you ask them questions about themselves rather than just talking about yourself.

5. Be Aware That Not Everyone Is Who They Claim To Be

This is one of the more serious Tinder rules. You have to remember that not everyone is who they claim to be. There are a lot of catfishes out there and you need to be prepared to encounter one of them. Many people use fake pictures, names, stories, etc.You may have to go the extra mile to make sure that someone is who they claim to be before you meet up with them in person.

6. Don't Take Things Personally

Finally, one of the best Tinder rules to follow is to not take things personally. You may match with someone, and once you talk to them find that it's not going to work. There may be days/weeks/months where you don't get many matches. It's important to not take these things to heart and remember that it's just online dating!

Tinder Tips

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