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Are You A Serial Crusher? Find Out What It Means If You Always Have A Crush

Pretty much everyone has had a crush on someone at some point in their life. Actually, most of us have had numerous crushes throughout our lives. While it's totally normal to have a number of crushes throughout your life, when do you become a “serial crusher?” Also, what even is a serial crusher?

First things first, a serial crusher is someone who always has a different crush. Serial crushers tend to develop a crush on pretty much anyone who pays them attention. Just met someone new? Crush. Got a new co-worker? Crush. Sat next to a kind stranger on the train? Crush. Serial crushers find themselves falling for any new person that enters their lives and it seems like they are romantically interested in just about everyone. This may seem totally innocent and harmless, but is it indicative of a deeper problem with the individual?

Is It Wrong To Always Have A Crush On Someone?

It usually feels pretty good to have a crush on someone, right? You get a rush when they walk by. You feel euphoric just thinking about them. There's a certain excitement that comes with the possibility of running into them or even envisioning a relationship with them. These feelings of euphoria that come with a crush could be why some people become serial crushers. They may be addicted to the endorphins that come with those amorous feelings, so they find themselves becoming infatuated with every new person that walks into their life.

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Now, you're probably wondering how wanting to feel good all the time could be a problem. After all, who doesn't want to feel good? The problem comes from the addictive behavior. For people who are addicted to having a crush, where does it end? What happens when they are actually in a relationship? These people often find themselves dating one person and then falling for every other person they encounter at the same time. This is just infidelity waiting to happen.

This brings up another issue with serial crushers: Can they ever be truly happy? People who develop constant crushes seem to be chasing an unachievable happiness. This is why they never have a crush on just one person for a long time. They fall for someone new every other week. This shows an inability to reach satisfaction. It shows a constant compulsion for new forms of gratification that are often unattainable. They my find one person irresistible for a few weeks, and then that person no longer interests them. They become bored and before they know it, they're falling for someone new. This shows that individuals who always have a crush on someone will likely have great trouble forming long-lasting, healthy relationships throughout their life.

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