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Is Your Partner Afraid Of Commitment? Here’s How To Tell!

We've all known at least one person who is a total commitment-phobe. They steer clear of long-term relationships. They always avoid official titles like “girlfriend” or “boyfriend.” They're terrified of taking a vacation “as a couple.” Oh, and they never ever want to meet someone's family or get to know their friends. They basically avoid any aspect of a serious relationship and they are known to bail on partners when they get too attached. While we've all known someone like this, what happens when you're the one dating someone like this?

Are you falling for someone who is afraid of commitment? Are you afraid that your new partner might jump ship at the first sign of things getting serious? It totally sucks to be in a relationship with someone who is afraid to commit, but fortunately there are ways to find out what you're dealing with before you get too attached.
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It turns out, people who are afraid of commitment usually give off some major red flags early on in a relationship. One major sign is their dating history. Have all of their relationships been short-lived? If they've never dated someone for more than one or two months, you may have someone who is a total commitment-phobe. Relationships typically stay pretty casual in the first two months. It isn't until the third month mark that people want to make things more serious. If your partner has a pattern of bailing before that third month, it could be because they are afraid of making the long-term commitment to someone.

Another major sign that your partner is afraid of commitment is a reluctance to be intimate. We're not talking about sex. On the contrary, people who are afraid of commitment have no problem jumping into bed with someone. We're talking about emotional intimacy. Are they very vague with you about their thoughts and feelings? Do they hold a lot back and refuse to really open up to you? It could be that they see emotional vulnerability as a sign of commitment. After all, most people only open up to someone they really trust and plan to keep in their lives. If your partner knows that they're going to leave the relationship shortly, they likely won't open up to you at all.

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A third and very important red flag concerning commitment-phobes is the refusal to acknowledge relationship titles. Have you been going out with this person for more than a month and they're still calling you a “friend?” If you're the only person they're seeing, the two of you are in a relationship and most people would consider you worthy of a “boyfriend/girlfriend” title. People who are afraid of commitment avoid these titles like the plague. As long as you're not officially their boyfriend or girlfriend, they can drop you at any moment. It's a lot easier to walk away from a new friendship than an actual relationship, right? Labeling you as a friend keeps you at arm's length and relatively disposable.

While these are not always foolproof signs your partner is afraid of commitment, they are in most cases. (We can't be right all the time, can we?) It's important to recognize these signs early on so you don't get too invested in a commitment-phobe only to have your heart broken!

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Short-Term Romance: 8 Signs Your Partner Is Afraid Of Commitment

A common issue that comes up in many relationships is when one partner is afraid of commitment. Whether it's because they want to remain independent or they've seen bad examples of relationships in their life, some people are seriously scared to stay in a long-term relationship. So, what do you do if you find yourself with one of these individuals? How do you even know if you're with one of these people? Look for the following eight signs that your partner is afraid of commitment…

1. They Never Call You Their Boyfriend/Girlfriend

If your partner says they're “not into labels,” or they just refuse to call you their girlfriend or boyfriend, consider this a major red flag. This means that they want to keep the relationship casual and feel that if they acknowledge you as their boyfriend/girlfriend, they are officially in a relationship.

2. Their Previous Relationships Have All Been Short

If your partner has never ben in a long-term relationship, it should raise some concerns. Of course, not everyone has been in a long-term relationship that has spanned years, but if they haven't at least been in one that lasted a few months, it could be because they are afraid of making a long-term commitment to someone.

3. They Are More Interested In Spending Time With Their Friends

If you find that your partner would rather hang out with friends than spend time with you, consider it a warning sign. When a relationship is relatively new, the couple usually can't get enough of one another. So if your partner would rather spend time with other people at this stage in your relationship, they could be purposely keeping a wall up to avoid getting further involved.

4. They Never Talk About the Future

This warning sign is a major red flag and should not be ignored. If your partner never talks about the future, it's because they're not thinking of a future with you. They've already pegged this as a short-term relationship and they don't foresee you being in their life in the future.

5. They Don't Want To Meet Your Friends Or Family

If your partner doesn't want to meet your friends and family, it's because they don't want to take things to the next level. Meeting someone's family marks you as a serious couple, and for the person who is afraid of commitment, it's a step they never want to take.

6. They Don't Want You To Meet Their Friends Or Family

Like we just said, meeting someone's family means that you're now a serious couple. For this reason, a partner who is afraid of commitment will likely keep you away from their friends and family. They do not want you to get more involved in their life and they do not want the relationship to go that far.

7. They Make You Feel Like A Second Priority

If you feel like your partner is concerned with everything but you, it could be something they are doing on purpose. People who are afraid of commitment will keep romantic partners at arm's length. They will try to focus on other things so that they don't fall too hard for this person and find themselves in a serious relationship.

8. They Won't Acknowledge You On Social Media

It may seem trivial, but in today's world it holds a lot of weight. If your partner doesn't have pictures of you or doesn't mention you on their social media, there's a reason for this. They are afraid of making the relationship public, because that will only make it more real. They would rather keep your relationship hidden, so that it will be easier for them to walk away early on.

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