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The 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Marrying Someone, According to Barack Obama

Everyone knows Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. Not only is he one of the greatest presidents of all time, but he has also been the go-to figure for some profound wisdom and advice over the last decade. One of the most notable things about Barack has been his marriage to Michelle Obama. The two seem to have the happiest, healthiest marriage in politics! In a recent interview, he was asked for his thoughts on how to have a long and happy marriage and, as usual, he had an incredible response. He claimed that there are three major questions you should ask yourself before marrying someone and we're about to share them right here!

“Is this person interesting?”

This is the most important question you can ask before marrying someone. A healthy marriage is going to take a lot more than just being physically attracted to someone. You have to be genuinely interested in the person to maintain a happy, long term relationship! If you aren't interested in your partner, what will you ever talk to them about?

“Do they make me laugh?”

As we mentioned already, a healthy marriage takes so much more than just physical attraction. One day looks will fade and all you'll be left with is your partner's personality. This is why it's important that your partner can make you laugh! Their appearance is going to change, but their sense of humor is going to stay the same. Unless you want to have a boring retirement, you want to make sure your partner can make you laugh!

“Will they be a good parent?”

We'll admit – this question isn't important to everyone. Not everyone plans on having kids one day, and that's totally okay! But for people who do plan on having kids, it's important to know that your partner is going to be a good parent. You cannot wait until after you have kids to find out that they're not cut-out for parenthood. You need to really look at this person's behavior and characteristics and recognize whether or not they will be a good parent.

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