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Letting Go: 6 Great Ways to Move On From Your Ex

Breaking up is hard to do. While your breakup may have been a great idea, you might find it impossible to move on from your ex. Whether it be obsessing over your memories together or stalking them on Facebook, you cannot let yourself be preoccupied with your ex. We understand that moving on can be difficult, so we've got a few tips to get you started. Check out six great ways to move on from your ex:

1. Cut Off All Contact

The first step to move on from your ex is to cut off all contact with them. Don't call them. Don't text them. Delete them from your social media accounts. Staying in touch with your ex will make it impossible to drop your feelings for them. If you really want to get over them, you need to avoid them.

2. Spend Time With Friends and Family

A great way to get your mind off your ex is by spending time with your friends and family. Go out with your friends. Have dinner with your family. Spending time with people who care about you will help boost your self esteem and make you feel better about moving forward.

3. Start A New Hobby

Picking up a new hobby is an excellent way to move on from your ex. Focusing on a new hobby will distract you from obsessing over your ex. Whether it be painting or taking a cooking class, you might find that your love your new hobby! If not, you can always try several different things until you find what suits you. Either way, a new hobby will take your mind off your ex.

4. See A New Place

Exploring a new place will definitely help you move on from your ex. Take a vacation with some close friends or go on a family trip. Seeing a new place helps to show you how big the world is and that there are so many other things out there. You'll forget all about your previous relationship once you see what the rest of the world has in store for you.

5. Avoid Memories of Them

A huge part of moving on is letting go of old memories. If you want to move on from your ex, you need to avoid obsessing over the memories you share. Don't look at old photo albums. Don't listen to their favorite song on repeat for hours. Avoid all the things that remind you of them. We're not saying you have to throw out old pictures or gifts they gave you. You just need to avoid them until you are sure you've moved on.

6. Meet New People

The best way to move on from your ex is to meet new people. We understand you may not be ready to start dating again, and you don't have to date anyone. You can just get out there and meet new people to hang out with. You don't need to dive into anything serious. Just hanging out with new people will show you that there are plenty of other fish in the sea and before you know it, you'll forget all about your ex.

Moving On

To Be Or Not To Be: 6 Awful Reasons to Get Back With An Ex

Getting back together with an ex is a pretty common thing. Maybe you broke up hastily or for the wrong reasons. Maybe you realize that you're miserable without them. There are definitely good reasons to get back with an ex, but there are more bad ones. Most breakups should stay permanent. If you're wondering whether you should get back with your ex or not, consider your reasoning. To help you out, we've got six awful reasons to get back with an ex.

1. You're afraid of starting over with someone new.

Change can be scary; we understand. With that said, sometimes change is for the best. Don't let the fear of starting over in a new relationship scare you right back into the arms of your toxic ex. Sure, starting all over again can be hard, but it can also be exciting! Starting over with someone new could lead to a happy, long-lasting relationship.

2. You don't think you can do any better.

One of the worst reasons to get back with an ex is insecurity. You may feel like they were the best you could ever get, but this isn't the case. Surely you've heard that “there's plenty of other fish in the sea”, and a lot of those fish are better than the one you had! If you're settling for your ex because you don't think you can do better, you're settling for a life of unhappiness.

3. “They've changed.”

We've all heard this one before. Your ex says that they've “changed”. How much can someone change, really? People can only change so much. Sure, your ex may be able to change some small things that led to your breakup. However, if it was bigger issues, like abuse of infidelity, those things cannot be changed.

4. The sex was great.

This is certainly one of the stupider reasons to get back with an ex. So the sex was great. Maybe it was the best sex of your life. So what? If the sex was great but everything else in the relationship was bad, there's no reason to go back. You can have great sex with a new partner, and if not, sex isn't everything, right? (Okay, we know it's important, but it's not everything.)

5. Your friends think you should.

If you and your ex have mutual friends, they may urge you to get back together. Maybe the breakup has made it awkward for them to hang out with the two of you. Or maybe they just think you broke up for the wrong reasons. Either way, the opinions of your friends shouldn't make you get back with your ex.

6. You have memories together.

For many people this is one of the main reasons to get back with an ex. They share a history together and they've made so many memories together. We want to tell you: this is not a good reason! We understand you have memories with this person. Your breakup doesn't erase those memories. You can hold onto the memories without holding onto the person.

Getting Back With An Ex

Happy Holidays, It’s Over: 4 Reasons Guys Choose to Break Up During the Holidays

Getting dumped is never easy. You're left heartbroken and wondering what went wrong. Getting dumped is even worse when it happens during the holidays. You're left wondering why this jerk chose the happiest time of the year to bail on you. As it turns out, breaking up during the holidays is a very common thing. It's definitely not cool and we don't recommend it, but it happens often. Just to give you some insight as to why this guy dumped you now of all times, we've got four reasons people choose to break up during the holidays:

1. He Doesn't Want You to Meet His Family

If your relationship was relatively new, then you may have not met his family yet. It could be that he's ashamed of them (or worse, ashamed of you). His family might embarrass him by telling childhood stories or talking about his ex girlfriends. There are endless reasons a guy might not want you to meet his family. He's managed to dodge this bullet all year round, but it's almost unavoidable during the holidays. His family will be insisting that he brings his new girlfriend to their holiday dinner, and the only way out is to not have a girlfriend at all. It sounds crazy, but it's one of the most common reasons that guys choose to break up during the holidays.

2. He Doesn't Want to Meet Your Family

So maybe it's not his family that's the problem. A lot of guys dread meeting a girl's family. Meeting a girl's family means they need to be on their best behavior and live up to certain expectations. It's incredibly stressful and not fun for anyone. What guy honestly wants to sit at Christmas dinner and answer a million questions about himself? Not many of them.

3. He Doesn't Want to Get You a Gift

We know this sounds so trivial, but more people have done it than you think. There's a lot of pressure for people to get their partners a great gift during the holidays. If it's a new relationship, do you even know what to get her? Do you have to meet a certain budget? Do you have to get expensive jewelry? These are all nagging concerns surrounding gift-giving, and some guys just can't take the heat. So they take the easy way out and break up. No girlfriend, no gift-giving.

4. He Wants a New Girl for The New Year

There's just something about the holidays that makes people want to change… Oh, right, it's the whole “new year” thing. People often set goals for themselves when a new year rolls around, and one of those goals might be getting into a new relationship. He may have wanted to break up the entire year and been putting it off, but the new year has finally kicked him into action. It's part of that whole “new year, new me” philosophy. It's crazy self-centered of him, but it could be why he chose to break up during the holidays.

Guys Break Up During Holidays

6 Ways to Make Your Ex Regret Dumping You

So you got dumped. Don't feel bad; it happens to the best of us. While most breakups are usually a good idea and lead to better things down the road, there are some breakups that are not destined to be permanent. Do you find yourself still pining for your ex? Do you feel that the breakup was a mistake? It's possible that your ex will regret the breakup and want to reunite. If you feel that this is the case, your ex might need some encouragement to see the light and realize that dumping you was a huge mistake.

Here are six things to do that will make your ex regret dumping you:

1. Cut Off Contact

The first thing you want to do after a breakup is cut off all contact. This will give your ex an opportunity to see what life is like without you. Once they haven't heard from you in a while, they'll begin missing you. If you continue to contact them after the break up, you'll only annoy them and confirm that they made the right choice. Do not text them, call them, or engage with them in any way. This will show them what a world without you in it looks like, and they'll quickly regret dumping you.

2. Delete Their Number

This step will help you to cut off contact with your ex. Delete their number from your phone. Delete them off your social media. Remove any temptation to contact them. This will also help you to heal from the breakup because you will not see constant reminders of them in your contacts or on your social media. It will help to put a “nail in the coffin” so to speak. While you are erasing traces of your ex, they will begin remembering your relationship.

3. Have Fun

After the breakup, you will need to fill your life with fun things to do. Go out with friends. Spend time with family. Find a new hobby. Go on that vacation you always wanted to go on. Not only will fun activities distract you from thinking about the breakup, it will show your ex that you are fine without them. Whether they see pictures of you having fun online, or they hear about it from mutual friends, your ex will see that you are doing okay. This will only make them desire you more and have serious doubts about breaking up with you.

4. Make Them Jealous

Making your ex jealous is a foolproof way of filling them with regret. Let them see you having fun with other people. Let them see you talking to other potential love interests. The thought that someone else is enjoying your company will drive them crazy. They will hate the idea of you making new memories with someone else and forgetting all about your life with them. Before you know it, they will seriously regret dumping you.

5. Make Big Changes

Whether it be physical or emotional, you're going to want to make some changes. Show your ex that you can move forward with your life. It could be a new haircut that boosts your confidence, or a new job that challenges your skills. A major life change will not only make you feel better, but it will also show your ex all that you are capable of. They'll be amazed seeing a new side of you and it will only make them want you more.

6. Communicate Again…Eventually

While you want to cut off all contact initially, you'll want to start talking to your ex again eventually. After taking the appropriate time to move on (typically a few months, depending on how long the relationship was), initiate contact with your ex again. Keep it short and simple, and definitely do not let on that you want them back. Keep things friendly at first and see where they stand. Maybe meet up for coffee or go for a walk. Let your ex see how much they missed spending time with you. After hanging out as friends a few times, your ex will see how much you mean to them and they will regret dumping you.

Obviously before you begin doing any of these things, you need to consider if you really want to get back together with your ex. Some breakups are for the best. It's possible that the sadness you are feeling is just loneliness, not actually missing your ex. However, if you truly feel like your breakup was a mistake, then by all means do what it takes to make your ex regret dumping you!

6 Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy

So your relationship ended. These things happen, and sometimes they're for the best. However, some relationships are not meant to end. If you're going through a breakup and feel like it was a mistake, you may want to reunite with your ex. Before you can even begin to think of reuniting, you need to make sure that your ex also wants to get back together. For your ex to reunite with you, they need to first miss you. How can you make sure that your ex misses your relationship?

Here are six ways to make your ex miss you like crazy:

1. Cut Off Contact

The first step after any breakup is to cut off all contact. You need to delete their phone number. Remove them from your social media. If you're constantly calling or texting your ex, it doesn't even give them an opportunity to miss you. In fact, contacting them all the time will only make them glad to be away from you. In order for your ex to miss you, you need to remove yourself from their life. Once they haven;t heard from you in a long time, they'll realize that they miss talking to you.

2. Let Time Pass

After a breakup, you need to take some time to recover. The amount of time differs depending on how long the relationship was. Experts recommend that you need at least 3 weeks to a month to start recovering after a breakup. Take the appropriate time to grieve the end of your relationship. By not contacting your ex, you are also giving them the appropriate amount of time to grieve the end of the relationship. During this time, don't go crazy trying to reach out to your ex. Don't go to places where you might see them. This time is reserved for being completely apart. It will definitely be hard, but in the long run it will help to make your ex miss you.

3. Don't Show You're Sad

Obviously you will be sad after a breakup, but don't make your sadness public. The designated time period after a breakup is the time for sadness. Stay home, listen to sad songs or watch sad movies. Take the time for yourself, and keep it to yourself. You might be compelled to post sappy song lyrics on your social media or make cryptic posts about how your relationship ended. Do not do this. You can share your sadness with a close friend or family member, but don't broadcast it for the world. Letting everyone see how sad you are will embarrass you and will not make your ex miss you at all.

4. Have Fun

In order to make your ex miss you like crazy, you need to starting having a lot of fun. After you've spend the appropriate time in mourning, you'll feel better to start going out and having fun. Go out with your friends. Spend time with your family. Pick up interesting new hobbies. Go on a vacation. Doing fun things will not only keep your mind off the end of your relationship, it will also show your ex that you are doing just fine. If your ex sees how much fun you are having without them will make them crazy with jealousy and also see how much they miss you.

5. Live Your Life

After your breakup, you need to move on with your life. It may be difficult, but it is for the best. It will also help with your goal of making your ex miss you like crazy. Once they see that you are living your life without them, they'll see that maybe they made a mistake. Focus on schoolwork or things at your job. Make new friends. Go sightseeing. Continue living life without your ex and it will show them that you are strong and independent. This will only make you more desirable and make your ex miss you more than ever.

6. Create a Friendship

Once a long time has passed with no contact, you'll want to initiate contact with your ex again. You don't want to be too serious or let them know that you want them back. Keep it friendly. Make plans to do something casual like go out to lunch or to a park. Spending time with you as a friend will remind your ex of all the things  they loved about you. After you've established a good friendship, you will be comfortable to approach the idea of reuniting with your ex.

3 Ways to Cope With Romantic Rejection

The word rejection is synonymous with dating. You know you got rejected if your online messages aren’t answered, or the person you went on the first date with hasn’t returned your calls. Regardless of the various ways of getting rejected, most rejections have one thing in common. They all make us feel upset, depressed, and angry. What’s worse about rejection is that we can’t find answers to what went wrong, which might keep us wondering. All this self-inflicted punishment makes us feel miserable and can make us lose our self-esteem, confidence, and leave us feeling emotionally weak.

There is a way to rebound from rejection, though. We can get back our happiness, move on and return to the dating scene. Here’s how:

1. Stop criticizing yourself.

It's perfectly fine to be critical of yourself after a rejection, but there is little benefit in that. Many rejections have nothing to do with the personal flaws or shortcomings of a person. It’s more about the chemistry and compatibility of the two individuals. You might think the other person is interested or feels attracted to you, but in reality he or she isn’t interested enough to take it to the next level. If they feel compatible with you, there is a high chance that you too have felt it at some point. Therefore, stop with the self-blaming and bashing, and clear your mind of negative thoughts that you may feel after being rejected.

2. Restore your self-esteem.

Now that you’ve freed yourself of self-criticism, take steps to revive your self-esteem. The best approach for you here is to remind yourself over and over again about all the great qualities you possess, that make you, YOU! Prepare a list of attributes that you have and believe are invaluable for dating and establishing a long-lasting relationship. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you’re a caring, lovable, loyal, compassionate, good listener, amazing kisser, etc. Now, focus on any one of those attributes and write a short essay on it.

Explain to yourself why it’s important to have this in dating and relationships, how this has helped you with your past dates, and why your future boyfriend or girlfriend will find this indispensable, and so forth. Try to write one or two brief paragraphs, or stop only when you start to feel better about yourself. We promise this activity will have a positive impact on your self-esteem.

3. Reclaim your sense of belonging.

Rejections are painful; we won’t disagree with that. But, the main reason why rejection inflicts such emotional pain is that we start to lose our sense of belonging. Humans are naturally inclined to be “wanted,” “loved” and “need to belong” to someone else. It’s this sense of belonging that has made us very susceptible and sensitive to rejection. It’s advised that if you’ve been a victim of rejection, you reach out to your friends and family for support and to regain your sense of belonging.

When you’re looking for a date, be prepared for rejection. It will be painful, and some of you will suffer from it. Following these three steps will make your healing process faster and easier, and make you more confident for your future dates.

Are You Afraid To Date Because You’ll Get Hurt Again?

It’s very common to see someone scared of dating or trusting a man again because they got seriously hurt in their last relationship. No matter how positive they think, they find it very hard to date men and trust again. They feel like all men are just the same. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being afraid to fall in love again after your previous relationship ended badly. We all feel that way sometimes. It’s not the fear that’s the issue. After all, it’s just a feeling and it doesn’t hurt. The fear becomes a huge problem when you allow the fear to restrict your ability to move forward.

Most recently single women say that their previous relationships almost destroyed them. They believe they won’t find love again or trust a man again. Their think their lives will be over. …But, they’re still hanging on. We know that you’re extremely wounded and vulnerable, but you’re still alive. Most men and women treat the end of their relationships as some life threatening accident that will kill or maim them. Sure, after your relationship ends you’ll feel very depressed. It makes you feel appalling and sad indeed. Sometimes the emotional pain can get intense, and but we still manage to get through it.

Usually we don’t want to experience it again and that’s fine. But you have to know that without taking any risks, you can’t gain anything. When you fall in love with someone or enter into a relationship, you don’t know what will happen to you in the future. You can be happy, or you run the risk of getting hurt. You can’t get around it. So, what are you going to do about it? Well, we suggest you start small. Spare yourself a few minutes, and allow yourself to feel whatever is happening to you both physically and emotionally. Allow yourself to feel the compassion for your nervousness, and feel it without judging or self-deprecating yourself. Train yourself to be comfortable and relax in times of discomfort. Figure out ways to entertain yourself and allow yourself to enjoy the frustration and the boredom without the distraction that follows after a breakup or failing to meet the right man or woman to start a new relationship.

If you’re meeting someone new, someone you’re interested in, don’t shy away from feeling the fear or anxiety. Take a minute and feel what you are feeling at the moment, and remind yourself that even though the feeling isn’t exactly nice, it won’t kill you. You know this very well, as you’ve been through this before. This isn’t easy, but at the same time, it can be tremendously fruitful. On a side note, if you happen to be a parent, it’s best not to disappoint your children. Also, don’t introduce your new boyfriend or girlfriend to your kids until you’re entirely sure that he or she wants to be in a committed relationship with you. It’s up to you when you think it's the right time for your kids to meet your new love interest. Nonetheless, if your future life partner proves that he or she is worthy of your trust, congrats! And if they disappoint you, forgive yourself. Getting heartbroken is a part of life as well.

If you’re looking for a date after a breakup, it’s natural to feel afraid to get back in the dating scene again. But, it’s a part of life and the best approach in moving forward.

5 Ways to Stop Obsessing Over a Guy For Good

We all have been obsessive about something in our lives. One of the worst obsessions out there is yearning for someone who got away and who was never meant to be your partner. When it comes to dating and relationships, obsessive thoughts are rife in women. We have seen many single and successful women like doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc., talking about the men they are dating. They keep talking about how they are still waiting for his text message before going to bed, waiting for the call from their boyfriends, etc. They become anxious and get stressed out by over-thinking about what will happen if this guy asks them out for the weekend. These women could have gotten any man they wanted, and yet they are obsessing over a guy who is making them wait for hours just for a call. Why is that?

Women are attracted to men who might like them, instead of men who already are interested. However, women feel like if a man is keeping them on pins and needles, then there is some interest in the guy. This means the guy is providing them some attention to fuel their obsession.

If you discover yourself in this situation, here are a few tips to help you stop obsessing over guys like this:

1. Face Your Fears

We all have our fears and insecurities. We need to get them out so that we can confront them. Writing down or talking about these fears will help you get it out of your head.

2. Limit Your Obsessions

Fix a day and a specific amount of time (say 10 minutes) to permit yourself to be obsessive. When the obsessive thoughts come to your mind, and it comes at the day and time outside of your schedule, tell yourself it is not time. Only reserve those thoughts for the time you allowed previously.

3. Ask For Help From Friends

Friends are there to help and support you during the sad times. Friends can help you differentiate between facts and fiction. If you’re sure that your boyfriend is hanging out with someone else and there is no evidence, your close friend can tell you that you shouldn’t think like this unless you have substantial evidence.

4. Keep Yourself Distracted

When you start to obsess, immediately direct your feelings and thoughts to a different thought or action. For instance, when you begin obsessing over something, tell yourself you will do twenty push-ups or listen to your favorite podcasts. Immediately, you will either see yourself thinking of something else rather than obsessing over him.

5. Shut Off All Communication

If you’re anxious that he won't call and you make yourself unavailable, this will keep your ego intact. You can tell yourself either he called, or he didn't, but you were unavailable. This tactic will give all the control back to you. There are plenty of examples where people obsessing over their ex got terribly out of control. The obsession may fuel the affection, but it will distract you from being YOU. Don’t let your obsessive thoughts control your life.

Therefore, if you’re dating someone, and you find yourself in this situation, these steps might help you to alleviate your obsessions.

5 Psychological Ways to Get Your Ex Back That Nobody Knows About!

The end of a relationship is painful. We're often left wondering what went wrong or how we could have done things differently. While many people move on after a breakup, some people are left longing for their ex. There is good news for these individuals: not all breakups are meant to be permanent. There are many couples who have broken up only to reunite later on and live happily ever after.

Read on to find out if you want to get back with your ex and five ways to ensure they'll want to get back with you.

Do you want your ex back?

The first thing to consider when revisiting an old relationship is if you truly want to get back with your ex. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you start imagining your reunion.

Was I happy? This is the most important thing to consider. After a breakup, you might find yourself remembering all of the good times with your ex while ignoring the bad. You may want to sit down and make a list of the good times vs. the bad times. If you were happy for a majority of the relationship, then it might be worth getting back together.

Was it healthy? It is crucial to think of whether or not your relationship was healthy. Were the two of you goo for one another? Did you bring out the best or the worst in one another? If your relationship was constant drama and fighting, it wasn't healthy and probably not worth getting back together.

Why do I want my ex back? This one may be difficult to answer. You need to figure out why you want to reunite with your ex. Is it because you're lonely? Is it because you don't want them to be with someone else? Is it because you truly love them and believe that another try could work? If it is anything but the last question, you probably shouldn't get back together.

Five Psychological Tricks for Getting Your Ex Back

Once you've figured out if you truly want to get back together with your ex, it's time to see if they feel the same way. Everyone deals with a breakup differently and your ex may be moving forward in a complete different direction that you. The following are five ways of making sure that you and your ex are on the same page.

No Contact

You'll be tempted to contact your ex and talk things over after you break up. Don't. It's one thing if you need to contact them for something important (No, “I left that shirt I wore one time 4 years ago at your place.” is not important.), but to contact them constantly is not okay. This behavior will only push them away and decrease the likelihood that they'll want to get back together.

If you want your ex to want you back, you need to keep the contact to a bare minimum…if any at all. Not hearing from you will make them miss you and wonder what you're up to. This will make them more likely to initiate conversation with you and lead to reuniting.

Reverse Psychology

You need to use reverse psychology to encourage your ex to want you back. Make them think that you don't want them, and they'll want you. It might sound crazy, but reverse psychology has been proven to work in countless scenarios time after time.

While you're probably still hurt from your breakup, don't let it show. Whether you're mad, sad, or just straight-up confused, never let on on to any of that. You want your ex to see that you are mature and moving forward with life. You want to show that the breakup has had no effect on your life. This will only make you more desirable to them.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Your ex probably thinks that you're hiding out at home, eating a pint of ice cream and crying over old photographs. Never let them think this…even if that's exactly what you're doing. You need to present a confident, carefree and happy image to the world.

Upload pictures of yourself having fun to your social media. Plan a vacation with friends and talk about it publicly. Let you ex see how happy and lighthearted you can be. This will only make them want to be back in your life more than ever.

Change Up Your Look

Remember in Grease when Sandy ditches her preppy dresses and opts for a wild hairstyle and leather pants? That's exactly what we're talking about here. You need to make a dramatic change to your appearance.

Whether it be a new hairstyle or a change of clothes, a different look will definitely get your ex's attention. They'll see how great you look now and wonder why they ever dumped you.

Build A Friendship

After a period of no-contact and once your ex has initiated conversation, work on building a good friendship with them. Don't jump right into getting back together. Don't argue over why the breakup happened. Keep it light and free of drama. Focus on what you really like about your ex and let them see what they really like about you. Invite them to do something the two of you used to enjoy and it will remind them of all the good times you had together. Once you can be together as friends, you can start working towards a better relationship.

While not every couple is destined to get back together, some couples just need some time apart to realize how much they mean to one another. You and your ex may be a couple that can bounce back from a breakup and be better than ever. Now you have all the info you need to see if you and your ex are destined for a reunion.

4 Big Mistakes Guys Make In Relationships

When it comes to romantic relationships, there are so many ways you can mess it up. Even the best couples make mistakes in their relationships. Some of these mistakes, if continued for a long time, can ruin a relationship. So, it is important to know the biggest mistakes most men make in their relationships. Staying away from these mistakes will not only help to get your girlfriend and keep her, but will also make your love life a lot more fulfilling in the long run.

Below are the four big mistakes men make in relationships:

1. You don't feel her presence.

We all have qualities that make us feel good. We feel great when we know who we are and what we want. You feel like you are at the top of your game when you mean what you say and get what you want. Well, it’s similar for women, too. Ladies who navigate by feminine energy and love desire this more than men. It’s sexy, and when you make women feel good about themselves, they will literally swoon over you. The reason is that it makes them feel safe and secure. She trusts that you will be by her side no matter what. So every time you act fearful, uncertain or indecisive, it breaks that connection, and she feels less attracted, less trustful and sometimes even repulsed by you. So, guys, take note of this one. It’s important.

2. You don’t understand women.

Women are emotional. They navigate the world with their feminine energy, and that is emotion. So, one moment you will find your girlfriend all over the place, happy one minute, angry the next hour. Yes, us men think that this makes no sense, and women are “crazy”. You would do the same if you had her body chemistry. When you realize that her emotions aren’t interrupting your boring status quo, instead it is making your world alive, fun exciting and spontaneous, and is a welcoming diversion, you will see that she is actually making your world better every single day.

3. You made something else more important than her.

A woman responds to adoration and praise. You girlfriend craves for your presence and attention. A conscious focus and a sweet, heartfelt commitment will make her light up and glow in her beautiful feminine radiance. So, if you ignore her, overlook her, don’t make her feel special, take her for granted, and made something else more important than her, then prepare for some serious trouble in your relationship. Never be oblivious to her feelings, be too self-absorbed, break her trust or make her feel unsafe.

4. You are intimidated by her.

This one is more common than you think, but it is true nonetheless. In dating and relationships, guys want to be in control, but the reality is that feminine energy is all about flow. It doesn’t matter what you do, you can't really hold back the flow, and feminine energy can’t be controlled. Even men tougher than you have tried it, only to fail in the end. A smart man, instead of controlling it, channels that energy. They respect it, ride it out, and they know that it is a part of life.