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We’ve Got 6 Amazing Secrets From Kate Middleton’s Beauty Routine!

It's no secret that Kate Middleton is absolutely gorgeous. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her beautiful smile, flawless skin and enviable hair. Are her good looks the product of great genes? (Her sister, Pippa, is gorgeous also…so there must be something in the genes!) It turns out Kate has a few exclusive beauty secrets that help her to look her best. They weren't easy to uncover – everything about the royal family is on constant lockdown! We had to do some deep digging but we managed to find six of the best secrets from Kate Middleton's beauty routine. Check them out below!

1. Facial oil is always on hand.

One of the most important parts of Kate Middleton's beauty routine is taking good care of her skin. Kate prefers to use all-natural skincare products and one of her favorites is rosehip oil. She loves it so much that she always keeps a bottle of it on hand! Sources say that Kate's go-to choice is Trilogy's Rosehip Oil to make her skin velvety soft and smooth. Um…where can we get a bottle?!

celebrity skincare

2. Big announcements are accompanied by new haircuts.

We know this sounds silly, but it's totally true! If you consult the great internet archive known as “Google”, you'll find that Kate Middleton always looks different when something big is happening in her life. This is because every time Kate has a big announcement (such as a pregnancy), she gets a new haircut. We can't really argue with her – it totally makes sense! The media attention surrounding her is immense, and of course you want to look your best when you're about to be on the cover of every magazine!

3. Shampoo-conditioner combos? She's a fan!

While it's a convenient idea in theory, it's a well-known fact that shampoo-conditioner combos aren't exactly the best beauty products on the market. For many women, they result in a knotted mess of hair that's not actually shampooed or conditioned. So most women stick with the standard of separate shampoo and conditioner. Now, if you're a fan of Kate's luscious locks, you may want to reconsider those 2-in-1 haircare combos! According to Kate's hairstylist, Richard Ward, she uses a shampoo-conditioner combo called Cleanse and Condition. The product uses all-natural botanical ingredients to gently cleanse hair and moisturize it!

celebrity beauty secrets

4. A hairnet keeps her up-dos in perfect place.

Ever wonder how Kate keeps her hair looking so perfectly structured during those royal events? Even at outdoor occasions, the Duchess never has a single hair out of place! Well, it turns out she uses a very simple trick to keep intricate hairstyles looking perfect all day. The top-secret solution? It's a hairnet. Sure, hairnets may bring back memories of school lunch ladies, but it turns out they're great beauty tools! Who knew?

5. She teases her roots to add volume to her hair.

So many of us struggle with limp and lifeless hair, but it seems like Kate Middleton never does! Her hair is always thick and full of volume. Is it genetics or just really great mousse? It's neither. Her secret to great volume is teasing her hair at the roots. Kate uses a comb to tease her hair at the crown, giving it a slight lift and then smoothes her top layer of hair over it. The technique has been around since the 60's and apparently it still works!

voluminous hair

6. Nude nail polish is the standard.

This part of Kate Middleton's beauty routine exists for two reasons. The first reason is that Kate is just a fan of nude colors! We often see her wearing clothing in shades of beige, white, brown and grey. She likes to keep it simple and chic when it comes to colors. The second reason is that it is a “royal rule.” Royal order does not allow women in the family to wear bright nail polish out in public. Why? We're not totally sure. We just know that if Kate stepped out with red fingertips, she'd be in deep trouble with the Queen!

Kylie Minogue Reveals Anti Aging Skincare Cream Line and Her Sponsors Are Furious About THIS Product…

Can you believe Kylie Minogue turns 50 this year? Neither could we! The Australian superstar looks better than ever, and it has us wondering what here secret is…

While there have been endless rumors about plastic surgery and Botox injections, Kylie has passionately denied those. So how does she maintain her youthful appearance? Either Kylie has really great genetics, or she's discovered the Fountain of Youth. There's just no way a woman her age could look so young! We decided to do some research to see what Kylie uses to look so good and what we found shocked us!

What Is the Kylie Minogue Anti Aging Cream and Where Can You Get it?

Kylie Minogue Beauty

After endless digging, our research department discovered Kylie's secret: her very own anti aging cream called . The gorgeous star has been developing for years and has plans to release it to the public soon. She's been using the all-natural anti aging product herself for a while and the results are pretty astounding! Kylie is evidence of how can diminish wrinkles and fine lines, firm sagging skin and fade dark age spots.

“I can't wait to see the rest of the world enjoying the benefits of . This is truly a miracle product. I believe it's going to change the way we see skincare. It's helped me to look and feel my best, and every woman deserves that feeling.” – Kylie Minogue

One of our readers filmed a clip of herself applying Kylie Minogue's Anti Aging Cream:

It turns out, celebrity dermatologists have kept this beauty trick secret from the public for years. They've only shared it with wealthy customers and well-known actresses, but finally, it's been revealed!

“Advances in recent technology have led to a new formula for skin regeneration. is the most efficient and least expensive alternative to Botox or getting a face-lift!” – Hollywood Dermatologist

Dozens of celebrities admit to using to avoid getting Botox. They all look almost two decades younger!

2 Essential Components of the Facial Rejuvenation Serum

  1. Proprietary Bisophere
  2. QuSome

These ingredients are all-natural and combine together to fade lines, regenerate wrinkled skin, and create new skin tissue at the cellular level under the skin. Building new skin tissue beneath the skin leads to plumper, fresher-looking skin.

Proprietary Bisophere is the Most Important Skin Care Discovery in the Last Century

The first ingredient in the anti-aging face cream that dermatologists discussed at a recent convention was Proprietary Bisophere.

“Proprietary Bisophere is the fountain of youth for your skin.” –Prestigious Dermatologists

When massaged into the face, proprietary bisophere delves deep into maturing skin tissue, releasing active collagen. Collagen is the protein that makes your skin stronger. Skin care doctors and beauty enthusiasts are going crazy over the effects of proprietary bisophere after a recent clinical trial found that women above the age of 28 saw an 80% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Ivy League scientists have concluded that proprietary bisophere is what sets apart from other skin care products. It is the sole beauty line that contains the most pure concentration of proprietary bisophere and in the correct consistency.


These esteemed doctors revealed that the second ingredient in this anti aging serum is QuSome. When combined with the proper quantity of proprietary bisophere, QuSome pushes the newly formed skin cells to the outermost layer of your skin resulting in skin that looks two decades younger in addition to having a radiant appearance.

Discovering QuSome was groundbreaking since it instinctively binds to moisture. QuSome molecules can hold 1000 times their weight in water, so when is absorbed by the skin, it puffs up regions of the face that are inclined to get wrinkles. After regenerating damaged skin, QuSome rejuvenates troubled areas like the forehead, neck, and around the eyes. These renowned doctors told their audience that is the only product for sale that contains the perfect ratio of QuSome and PB.

“PB and QuSome combine with your face's natural oils to repair decaying skin and replace it with newer skin tissue. This anti aging serum instantly turns back the clock, diminishing fine lines, decreasing wrinkles and taking 10 to 20 years from your appearance in a matter of weeks. Studies show that contains the purest extracts of proprietary bisophere and QuSome. This is precisely why Kylie Minogue uses in her daily skin routine and why we recommend it to all of our esteemed clients.” – Hollywood Dermatologists

This wrinkle reducer was one of Hollywood's biggest secrets until Julia, a 62-year old from New York, appeared on The Talk. Julia's story shocked skin care companies and she soon became the spokeswoman for how resourcefulness and quick-wits can save ladies hundreds of bucks and help avoid Botox or plastic surgery.

With barely enough money to pay her rent, Julia could not afford to spend money on any old anti aging cream that claims to be some kind of “miracle serum.” She certainly couldn't afford to visit a pricey plastic surgeon either.

Julia's 14-day anti-aging metamorphosis using


DAY 1:

The moment I began using , I was shocked by how velvety my skin felt. My pores and my skin felt like it was being pulled by a vacuum cleaner. It felt much tighter.

There is no better way to explain it. I felt a tingling feeling on the spots where I rubbed the product in- my forehead, my smile lines and around my eyes. I could tell that my face was a little pink, too. This was from the blood rising to the surface to renew the skin.

Once the serum was fully absorbed into my skin, my face appeared more firm and even had a gorgeous glow.

DAY 5:

I was amazed after only five days of applying . I had some significant changes!

The lines around my eyes, wrinkles and dark spots had noticeably decreased in size.

I was floored by these results and looked 10 years younger. It was like I was seeing the fine lines and wrinkles just vanish from my face!

DAY 14:

After two weeks of using , any skepticism or doubts I had were gone. So were my wrinkles!

My crow's feet, prominent lines on my forehead, saggy skin on my neck and deep age spots on my cheeks had all disappeared. I've never used an anti aging serum that had this type of result on my skin. Even expensive products my friends gave me never gave me these results.

After the two weeks, the skin on my face and neck had tightened and stayed smooth. It really improved my skin health and it was as gorgeous and radiant as it was two decades ago. Everyone I knew was totally shocked. They couldn't believe the changes in my skin and thought I had Botox!

Will be effective for you? Our Opinion:

With , almost 99.5% of Julia's wrinkles vanished. It firmed the sagging skin on her face and neck, diminished signs of aged skin and removed fine lines.

Multitudes of skin care products are offered to women, but many of them are gimmicks. The most effective options are usually too costly for most women to purchase. With so many products available, it's expected to be skeptical of them. The last thing we want is to encourage our followers to try a new serum that we would not use on ourselves. Instead, we encourage you to try a product that doctors recommend to their friends and family.

IMPORTANT: *The clinical trials were conducted with both Step 1 and Step 2, so it is important to use both products simultaneously for the best results.