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Tech Etiquette: 5 Rules To Follow When Texting Your Partner

Texting is a huge part of our lives. It is the most popular form of modern communication. Now, we all love to text, but are we doing it correctly? There are certain rules to follow when texting, especially when texting your partner. For help in that department, check out our five rules to follow when texting your partner:

1. Don't Argue

Arguments should never take place over text messages. Arguments should be reserved for in-person conversations or phone calls if necessary. This is because it's hard to read someone's emotions and tone through a text message. Arguments can easily escalate and be more than they should be all because someone misinterpreted the tone of a text.

2. Keep It Short and Simple

One of the biggest rules for texting your partner is to keep it short and simple. Don't send them entire paragraphs with unnecessary details. Texts should be to-the-point. Say exactly what you need to say and keep it at that. Texting wasn't meant for long-winded discussions, but rather short reminders or “hello's”.

3. Timing Is Key

It's important to consider the time you're texting your partner. You shouldn't be texting them when they're in the middle of an important meeting or when they're having dinner with a family member. Be considerate of what you may be interrupting and then only text them if it is an emergency. (Actually, if it's an emergency, you might want to pick up the phone and call…)

4. Don't Text Too Often

Listen to us on this one: never text your partner too often. You will drive them insane. If you're texting your partner over and over again, not even giving them time to respond, you're texting them too much. Give them some space and time to read your text and then text you back

5. Know When To Make A Call

The most important rule about texting is to know when you shouldn't text at all. Some conversations should be reserved for phone calls (or ideally in person). This includes anything private, emergencies, disputes, or really just anything serious. These conversations are too heavy for texting and therefore shouldn't be texted.

Texting in Relationships

Let It All Out: 3 Ways to Open Up More In Your Relationship

Communication is vital for a healthy, happy relationship. If you cannot open up and speak candidly with your partner, your relationship will never last. For a relationship to work, both people need to feel comfortable to share their feelings, expectations, and their past shortcomings. Communicating fully and openly is usually easier said than done. Many people struggle to practice good communication. To help you improve the communication in your relationship, we've got three great ways to open up more in your relationship. Check them out below:

1. Address Issues Right Away

A major way to open up more to your partner is to always be upfront with them. Many people have a tendency to keep their emotions bottled up, letting issues build until they eventually burst. This only leads to huge fights and makes problems way worse than they need to be. If you want to be completely open with your partner, you need to address issues as they arise. Don't procrastinate and wait for the “right time” to bring something up. If something is upsetting you or concerning you address it with your partner right away. This will improve your relationship because it will allow both of you to feel comfortable talking about things that trouble you.

2. Don't Be Ashamed of Past Mistakes

If you want to open up more in your relationship, you need to let go of any hang ups you have about your past. We all have a past and we have all made mistakes. Keeping your history a secret from your partner will only lead you to feel repressed and stressed out. If your partner loves you, they will understand your history. Allowing yourself to feel ashamed or embarrassed of things you have done or decisions you have made will only prevent you from being fully open in your relationship. If you want to have a happy, healthy relationship, you need to disclose the things in your past that you are not comfortable with.

3. Ask More Questions

Communication is a two-way street, so if you want to open up more to your partner, you need to encourage them to be open as well. If you're an open book but your partner keeps everything to themselves, this is not a healthy relationship. You want to establish a relationship that feels safe and comfortable for the both of you. Ask your partner questions about themselves, their history, their family, etc. If your partner feels comfortable to open up to you, it will help you to feel comfortable as well. This will lead to healthy communication and make the both of you less likely to be secretive.

Open Communication

4 Taboo Conversations to Have in Your New Relationship

If you are looking for true love, there are some conversations that you need to have early in the relationship. A heads up: some of these topics are taboo. So what are the types of conversations that you need to be having at the start of your relationship? Some of these topics are uncomfortable, but to ensure a successful relationship, you need to get them out of the way early on.

Here are the crucial conversations that you must have with your new partner if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship:

1. Exes

This is an important thing to bring up early in the relationship. You need to present it in a way that will highlight three specific things about yourself: who you were when you were with your ex, what went wrong, and what you want moving forward. The thing is you need to talk about your ex in a way that appears confident, but also vulnerable. You should not look sad, wistful, or angry while talking about your ex. You don't want to just trash-talk your ex, because that will seem like you are juvenile and have not moved on. Talk about your ex with a positive vibe, but emphasizing why your relationship did not work. Be mature when disclosing your previous relationship details. Explain why it ended and what you're now looking for in a future partner.

2. Politics

If political beliefs and preferences are essential to you, you need to address them right away. You might have certain beliefs that you are adamant about and a partner who does not share those same beliefs may be a deal-breaker. If you cannot be with someone who has drastically different political views, you need to get your beliefs out on the table as soon as possible so that neither of you wastes their time.

3. Future

Do you want to be in a relationship just to have fun? Are you looking for something serious? You date according to your preferences. If you are looking for a genuine, long-term relationship, you need to reveal that to your date. By telling your date that you are ready to be in a real relationship that could lead to marriage and kids, you should make this known early on. Conversations about the future are important because they let both partners know what the other's expectations are. If those expectations don't match. both partners can walk away from the relationship before it gets serious.

4. “What are we?”

Usually, guys dread asking this question. Imagine you have been dating a woman for several weeks or months. You have met her family and friends, made love to her, and you start to refer to hear as your girlfriend. Meanwhile, your so-called “girlfriend” has no clue and she’s still dating other guys. This doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a player or unfaithful; it’s because you didn't have the “What are we?” talk with her. Communication creates clarity in relationships. Don't assume that you and your partner are exclusive until you have this conversation.

5 Questions to Ask Your Partner for Better Communication

When it comes to relationships, we all try our best to communicate well with our partners. We know that good communication is crucial to maintaining a happy and long-lasting relationship. We also know that having a positive outlook reduces conflicts that couples experience in a relationship. While we all want to have better communication with our partner, we don't always commit to it. We often have trouble figuring out how to improve our communication. The following are five questions you can start asking your loved one to improve your communication:

1. “How are you doing?”
There is some etiquette required when you ask this question. Take a few moments before asking and look directly into your partner’s eyes. If you think there's something that they really need to talk to you about, touch their arm or should to let them know you support them and will be there for them.

2. “I want to help. Is there anything I can do?”
This is the question you should ask your partner when you find that they're busy, stressed or frustrated. Asking this question will let them know that you acknowledge what they're going through and want to help. It helps to make eye contact or physical contact when asking this, to reinforce your commitment.

3. “What is important to you?”
This is the question you should ask your partner when they're trying to make an important decision. Asking this question will also let you know what kind of decision they're trying to make. If you want to have a happy, healthy relationship, it’s important for you to understand your partner’s thinking. It's important to know their heartfelt answer to this question. Asking this will make them think about what they value the most in their life and share it with you.

4. “What would you like to do?”
If you are planning a date, trip, or just want to figure out what your partner's goals are, then this is a question you ask during free time. Finding honest answers to this question will let you know your partner's wants, desires, and future aspirations.

5. “Do you feel happy with where our relationship is heading?”
Yes, this question isn’t something you should be asking your significant other on a daily basis, but it is an important question. All couples should have a conversation about this every so often. Asking this question will make you and your partner know how things have been going between the two of you. It will also make  both of you to become aware of any issues in the relationship or marriage that need to be fixed so that your relationship stays healthy.