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What Men Want: The 4 Contradictions of Being A “Cool Girl”

It's a tale as old as time: guy falls for the “cool girl” and all of his dreams come true. She's the perfect woman. She's the one he's always wanted. She's exactly what he's been looking for. The only problem is…she doesn't exist. Movies and televisions have consistently promoted the trope of the “cool girl” and have created an unrealistic idea of what a woman should be like in a relationship. (See also “manic pixie dreamgirl”). The “cool girl” conveniently ha every characteristic a guy dreams of without any of the reality that comes with those characteristics. We're breaking down four of the contradictions that come with the “cool girl” fantasy that many men have.

1. She Wants Sex Constantly…But Never Sleeps With Anyone

This is perhaps the biggest contradiction of being the “cool girl” that guys dream of. Guys want a girl who desires sex constantly…but has had sex with no one. They want a woman who is highly sexual and constantly initiating sex, but who hasn't had sex with many people in her life, if any. This really makes no sense. They want a woman with a high sex drive, but they won't accept the fact that she actually has sex with people.

2. She Eats A Lot…But Never Gains Weight

Guys always say that they love it when “a girl can eat”…as if eating is something that most girls don't do or as if it is not something required for living. They love to see a woman devour a gigantic cheeseburger…but only if she is skinny. If a larger girl eats a lot, they'll most likely call her a pig. In the “cool girl” fantasy, their girl can eat all day and stay in perfect shape. While this may be the reality for some women, it's not realistic for most.

3. She Looks Flawless…But Doesn't Wear Makeup

Every guy wants a beautiful woman. They want a woman that they find supermodel-level gorgeous. …but they also want this women to be “all-natural.” If she wears too much makeup, she gets called “high maintenance.” If she's had plastic surgery, she gets called fake. They want a woman who looks perfect but doesn't actually put in any effort to do so.

4. She's A “Quirky Mess”…But She Has Her Life Together

A common aspect of the “cool girl” trope is that she's kind of a mess. She's flighty, flaky and just hasn't figured her life out yet. This makes the guy feel like he needs to help her or “save” her. Yet at the same time, if she actually has real problems, they call her dramatic. They want a girl who only appears to be a mess, but actually has her life completely together so that they don't really have to help her.

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