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Showing You Care: 50 Romantic Gestures To Express Your Love

While we all want a perfect relationship, things don't always work out that way. No matter how good the relationship is, we often get caught up with work or other things and begin neglecting our partner. We stop doing the little, romantic gestures that show our partners we care. To help you get back on track, we've got fifty romantic gestures that will help you express your love for your partner.

  1. Send them a sweet text or email unexpectedly.
  2. Plan a spontaneous date night at their favorite restaurant.
  3. Leave a little love note in their purse or briefcase.
  4. Surprise them with a gift they had said they wanted.
  5. Do chores around the house that they would normally do.
  6. Fill up the fridge with all of their favorite food.
  7. Surprise them at work and bring them lunch from a place they love.
  8. Take a drive to somewhere you've never been before and explore a new place together.
  9. Give them a foot rub or back massage.
  10. Fill up the gas tank in their car without them knowing.
  11. Make them breakfast in bed.
  12. Let them pick out the movie for once!
  13. Take a romantic walk together in a scenic place.
  14. Start a new hobby together.
  15. Recreate your first date and take a trip down memory lane.
  16. Make a creative coupon book that they can use in exchange for massages, tasks, etc.
  17. Write them an old-school love letter and place it in the mailbox for them to find.
  18. Scatter rose petals on the bed and around the bedroom.
  19. Declare a certain day of the month “your day” and always spend that day doing something special together.
  20. Take them out for a nice picnic.
  21. Walk them to their car when they leave for work in the morning.
  22. Surprise them with a subscription to a magazine about something they're interested in.
  23. Pack them a special lunch to take to work.
  24. Work out together.
  25. Get a nice frame and set up a framed picture of the two of you somewhere in your home for them to later find.
  26. Brag about them to your family and friends.
  27. Take a trip to the beach together.
  28. Grab them and kiss them when they least expect it.
  29. Let them tell you all about something they're passionate about.
  30. Have them teach you a new skill that they're really good at.
  31. Baby them when they are not feeling well.
  32. Go stargazing with them and bring a bottle of their favorite champagne.
  33. Take a bath or shower together.
  34. Drive somewhere nice and watch the sunrise/sunset together.
  35. Shamelessly flirt with them like you just met.
  36. Pack on the PDA when you're out somewhere.
  37. Make a savings jar and start saving for a trip to somewhere they always wanted to visit.
  38. Leave a romantic note on their pillow.
  39. Always make sure to kiss them goodbye before going to work.
  40. Make a scrapbook that contains all of your important memories together.
  41. Take them to an art gallery or a museum.
  42. Ask questions about their work, family, etc.
  43. Buy them a “gag gift” to make them laugh.
  44. Make time for sex, even if you're tired.
  45. Plan a surprise party for them and invite their friends and family.
  46. Buy a calendar and mark all the dates that are important to your relationships like anniversaries and birthdays.
  47. If they're working late, surprise them at work with their favorite dinner.
  48. Buy them their favorite perfume or cologne.
  49. Tell them about all the things you dream of doing with them in the future.
  50. Always tell them you love them and kiss them goodnight.

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What To Get?: 4 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For A New Partner

Valentines Day is right around the corner so it's time to start looking for the perfect Valentines gift! Gift-giving is tricky in any relationship, but it's especially tricky if you're in a relatively new relationship. If the relationship has just started, you don't want to get your new partner something too personal. It could be seen as coming on too strong. You also don't want to get them something too expensive, like a nice piece of jewelry. This could intimidate them so early on in the relationship. To help you out, we've got four Valentines Day gift ideas for a new partner”

1. Something Cute and Quirky

Cute, quirky gifts are always a great idea for a new partner. Something cute and funny shows your personality and will likely put a smile on your new partner's face. It can be a quirky piece of home décor or a funny t-shirt. These gifts are okay in a new relationship because they aren't terribly personal or too expensive.

2. A Book, Game, Some Kind of Activity

A great Valentines Day gift idea can be a good book, a board game or some kind of activity the two of you can do together. Maybe you can give them a book that you really liked or recommended to them. You can get a game to play together and then turn it into a date. These are totally reasonable gifts for a new partner because they aren't personal or expensive. At the same time, they show that you put some effort in and that you want to spend more time with your new partner.

3. Gift Cards

Gift cards make perfectly fine Valentines Day gift ideas when you're in a new relationship. Now, we would never recommend giving a gift card to someone you've been with for a while. When you know someone very well, a gift card can come off as careless. With that said, it's okay to get a new partner a gift card. You can make it a little more personal by making sure it's for a store they'll like. A new partner understands that you still don't know them very well, and they'll appreciate the fact that you put some effort in.

4. The “Standards”

The standards are always good Valentines Day gift ideas. This includes flowers and chocolates. You can't really go wrong with these. They're Valentines Day staples and most people are glad to receive them. They are perfect for a new partner because they're not too personal or expensive, but they still show that you care and put the effort in.

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Let It All Out: 3 Ways to Open Up More In Your Relationship

Communication is vital for a healthy, happy relationship. If you cannot open up and speak candidly with your partner, your relationship will never last. For a relationship to work, both people need to feel comfortable to share their feelings, expectations, and their past shortcomings. Communicating fully and openly is usually easier said than done. Many people struggle to practice good communication. To help you improve the communication in your relationship, we've got three great ways to open up more in your relationship. Check them out below:

1. Address Issues Right Away

A major way to open up more to your partner is to always be upfront with them. Many people have a tendency to keep their emotions bottled up, letting issues build until they eventually burst. This only leads to huge fights and makes problems way worse than they need to be. If you want to be completely open with your partner, you need to address issues as they arise. Don't procrastinate and wait for the “right time” to bring something up. If something is upsetting you or concerning you address it with your partner right away. This will improve your relationship because it will allow both of you to feel comfortable talking about things that trouble you.

2. Don't Be Ashamed of Past Mistakes

If you want to open up more in your relationship, you need to let go of any hang ups you have about your past. We all have a past and we have all made mistakes. Keeping your history a secret from your partner will only lead you to feel repressed and stressed out. If your partner loves you, they will understand your history. Allowing yourself to feel ashamed or embarrassed of things you have done or decisions you have made will only prevent you from being fully open in your relationship. If you want to have a happy, healthy relationship, you need to disclose the things in your past that you are not comfortable with.

3. Ask More Questions

Communication is a two-way street, so if you want to open up more to your partner, you need to encourage them to be open as well. If you're an open book but your partner keeps everything to themselves, this is not a healthy relationship. You want to establish a relationship that feels safe and comfortable for the both of you. Ask your partner questions about themselves, their history, their family, etc. If your partner feels comfortable to open up to you, it will help you to feel comfortable as well. This will lead to healthy communication and make the both of you less likely to be secretive.

Open Communication

Calling It Quits: 4 Behaviors That Lead To Divorce

It's an unfortunate statistic, but half of all marriages end in divorce. This is a number that is likely to grow as the years go on. Why is that? What is leading so many marriages to fall apart? Many marriages end due to infidelity, but what leads to rest of divorces? It turns out there are many reasons a marriage can end in divorce. Some of the reasons are patterns of behavior that break down the relationship. The following are four behaviors that lead to divorce:

1. Resenting Your Partner

Having resentment for your partner is a surefire way to end your marriage. If you feel like your partner is ruining your life, this will come through in your behavior. Maybe you feel like your marriage has robbed you of things you wanted to pursue when you were younger. Feeling this way is going to make you resent your partner, and your resentment will cause arguments and animosity. This will ultimately lead to divorce.

2. Criticizing Your Partner Constantly

It's one thing to tell your partner when they've done something to upset you. It's another thing to constantly criticize your partner for things they cannot change. Consistently nagging your partner over things they do or say is one of the main behaviors that lead to divorce. The constant criticism will eventually break your partner down and make them want to leave the relationship.

3. Always Being On The Defense

If you're always on the defensive in your marriage, something is wrong. This behavior indicates that either you're doing something you shouldn't be, or your partner is just accusing you of doing something you shouldn't be. Either way, this is not good for your marriage. Constantly having to defend yourself is never a sign of a healthy relationship.

4. Ignoring Your Partner

Ignoring your partner is one of the surefire behaviors that lead to divorce. If your partner needs your attention or affection and you're not giving it, they might seek it elsewhere. Leading studies have shown that many cases of infidelity were caused by emotional neglect. If you ignore your partner long enough, they will eventually choose to be with someone else.


Should I Stay Or Should I Go?: 5 Ways To Tell Your New Relationship Is A Good One

Figuring out a new relationship can be tricky. You want to give someone a chance, but you also don't want to waste your time. If there any way to tell if a relationship has staying power? Obviously there's no foolproof way to know if a relationship will last forever, unless you have some kind of magical crystal ball. (Which, in that case, can we borrow it?) With that said, there are some signs that your new relationship may be the one you'll be in permanently. Check out five of those signs below:

1. Your friends and family like them.

You don't have to listen to your friends or family when it comes to a relationship, but their opinion is definitely useful. If your friends and family love your new partner, this is a good sign. After all, who knows you better than they do? If they think you've found your match, you may have in fact found your match.

2. You have the same ideas for the future.

A relationship isn't going to last long if you have totally different goals and ideas for the future. So if your new relationship has you discussing the same future plans, you're probably in a good one. This means both of you will be working towards the same outcome, and you're less likely to encounter any forks in the road.

3. They show genuine interest in your life.

In any new relationship, you want the other person to show interest in your life. If your new partner could care less about where you work or how you're feeling, then they don't care about you. You want a partner who asks how your day went and genuinely cares about what the answer is. With that said, you also need to show interest in their life. If you're bored with everything about them, they're probably not the right match for you.

4. They enjoy the same things.

They do say opposites attract, but this is only to an extent. If you and your new partner have not one single thing in common, odds are you're not going to last. You want to enjoy doing the same things and have some similar interests. If you have nothing in common, you're going to constantly butt heads.

5. You feel better than ever.

The best way to tell if your new relationship is a good one is if you feel better than ever. If you feel happy and hopeful about your relationship, things are probably going well. A good relationship will make you feel good! There is a lot to be said about intuition, and if you just feel like the relationship is right, then it's probably right. And, on the contrary, if you just feel like it's wrong, then it's probably wrong. Trust your gut!

Good Relationships

4 Pieces of Marriage Advice From Married Men to Their Single Friends

Getting married is a huge life decision. For this reason, many men are scared to get married. They're afraid of the commitment, or of their marriage possibly failing. The best way for single men, or soon-to-be married men, to get some insight into marriage is to speak to married people. We've got four pieces of marriage advice from married men to their single or engaged friends:

1. It's okay to be vulnerable.

You've probably heard that your partner should be like your best friend, and this is basically true. You should be able to completely open up to your partner. Men are often taught to hide their emotions and never show vulnerability. This isn't going to work in a marriage. You need to be able to let your guard down and show your partner how you really feel. Keeping your emotions bottled up will never lead to a healthy marriage.

2. It's not all passion and excitement.

Before getting married, understand that your relationship won't be exciting all the time. There won't always be the passion that was there in the beginning of your relationship. This isn't a bad thing! It's a normal part of any relationship. The longer you've been together, the more things will settle into a low-key, comfortable routine. Your Friday nights won't be going out to parties anymore. Instead, they'll be watching movies and ordering takeout. If you're with the right person, you won't really mind this. You should feel okay just having downtime with your partner.

3. Always be honest.

A marriage built on lies is never going to succeed. So one of the biggest pieces of marriage advice is to always be honest with your partner. If you can't be honest with your partner, what are you even doing with them? Lying to your partner, even if it's about small things, will never work out. If you want to build a healthy, happy marriage, you need to be able to talk to your partner about anything and always be truthful with them.

4. You have to put in the work.

This is a piece of marriage advice that cannot be glossed over: you need to put the work in. Marriage is hard work. Even the best marriages are not easy. There will be days where you're angry at your partner. There will be moments where you may want to call it quits. You need to be able to work through these times if you want your marriage to last. The happiest couples will tell you that they had to work really hard to get over hurdles in their marriage. As you've probably heard many times, the best things in life don't come easy.

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On Good Terms: 4 Solid Reasons to Stay Friends With An Ex

After a breakup, most people will tell you to cut off all contact with your ex and erase them from your memory. This, however, is not always the best idea. If you've seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you know that Jim Carrey ultimately regretted erasing Kate Winslet from his memory after their breakup. The better option is to be on good terms with your ex, as it can actually lead to a fulfilling friendship. We've all seen how happy Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber look hanging out after their tumultuous breakup! There's no reason you can't do the same with your own ex. The following are four great reasons to stay friends with an ex:

1. It's better for future relationships.

We know what you're wondering: how could staying friends with an ex be good for any future relationships? Being on good terms with an ex is a sign of maturity. It shows that you know how to handle your relationships and walk away from them peacefully. If you still have resentment and drama with all of your exes, what does that say about you? It doesn't make you look very good to potential new partners. On the other hand, staying friendly with your ex shows your new partner that you are a stable and mature individual.

2. It makes it easier on mutual friends.

Staying friends with an ex is highly beneficial for any mutual friends you may have. After a rough breakup, mutual friends usually feel like they have to choose which partner to stay friends with. Or they feel that they need to split their time between the two of you and go out of their way to make sure your paths don't cross. If you and your ex remain on good terms, your friends can feel comfortable maintaining friendships with the both of you.

3. It eliminates any bad blood.

Holding onto hatred, resentment and anger can do terrible things to a person. You've heard the saying, “Hate is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Feeling hatred and anger towards an ex does nothing to them. It only makes you feel upset and miserable. If you remain friends with an ex, it can help to resolve these feelings. You may begin to see them as a good friend and not as the person who broke your heart. This will only enrich your life, rather than fill you with negativity.

4. You invested a lot of time in them.

The final good reason you should stay friends with an ex is the fact that you invested your time in them. Obviously you saw something in this person; that's why you dated them. At one point you loved them and made memories with them that cannot be erased. There's nothing wrong with keeping someone in your life who you have a rich history with. The two of you can establish a friendly relationship where you can reflect on your time together and see how you have grown from it.

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Baby Makes Three: 5 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby

So you're having a baby! This is the most exciting time of your life. You are bringing a little human into the world who is half you, half your partner. The two of you are going to love it, raise it and care for it. While this is a wonderful thing and will bring you endless joy, it's also going to bring some scary changes to your relationship. Don't be alarmed; consider this your heads up. We've got five way your relationship is definitely going to change after having a baby.

1. The concept of privacy is gone.

Once couples welcome a baby into the world, they throw privacy to the wayside. You might find that the chaos of taking care of a new baby makes you forget all about privacy. Maybe you never ever left the door open when using the bathroom, and now you're freely going while your partner is in the room changing the baby's diaper. I mean, your partner did just witness a baby coming out of your body so there's not much left for them to see.

2. Sleep. What is that?

You used to stay up all hours of the night having fun. As a couple, you were the life of the party. After having a baby, this is so not the case. Between changing diapers, feedings, baths and more, you're absolutely exhausted. You and your partner now have a designated bedtime and it's earlier than you ever imagined. You go to bed at 9PM, and then you find yourselves up again at midnight…and 2AM…and 5AM. The baby is crying constantly because it's hungry or needs to be changed, and it's definitely made sleep a foreign concept.

3. Sex? What is that?

After having a baby, you'll probably see a significant decline in your sex life. There's just not much time for sex because you're constantly caring for the baby. Besides, you probably won't feel very sexy anyways. Your clothes are full of spit-up and you look like you've just walked out of the aftermath of a tornado. Your new idea of dirty talk is discussing your baby's bowel movements. Sex is definitely the last thing on your mind.

4. You seriously hate your partner sometimes.

The stress of caring for a new baby is really going to take a toll on your mood, so don't be surprised if you lash out at your partner. You may find that you're annoyed by little things they do – things that never annoyed you before. You may end up in screaming matches over whose turn it is to do the laundry or comfort the baby when it's crying. There will be moments you could literally rip your partners head off.

5. …but you also appreciate them more than ever.

While you may hate your partners guts sometimes, you'll come to appreciate them in a way you never thought possible. You're caring for a newborn together. This is the most important thing either one of you has ever done. The stress of it all may drive you to the brink of insanity, but you're in this together. Having a baby makes you see your partner in a whole new light. They're your shoulder to lean on in the midst of newborn-baby-chaos.

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Impending Doom: 6 Signs Your Relationship is About to End

When a relationship ends, many of us wonder what happened or where we went wrong. We look back and try to think of exactly when the relationship started on its downward spiral. It turns out there are certain signs of a relationship nearing its end. To give you a heads up, we've got six signs that show your relationship is about to end. Read on to check them out:

1. You're flirting with/thinking of other people.

If you or your significant other have started focusing your attention on other people, the end is near. Maybe you've found yourself daydreaming about your cute co-worker. Maybe they've found themselves flirting with the barista at Starbucks. If either one of you is flirting with or picturing yourself with other people, consider your relationship on shaky ground.

2. You don't apologize to one another.

If you and your partner have stopped caring about one another's feelings, your relationship is nearing the end. If you're getting in fights and neither one of you is apologizing afterwards, it shows that you've both lost your empathy for one another. Neither one of you is concerned about how the other one feels, which is not a good sign for your relationship.

3. You've stopped talking about the future.

Did the two of you always discuss your future or make plans for your relationship? Do you find that those conversations are no longer happening? When you both stop discussing the future, it's a sign that there probably isn't a future. Either you or your partner is no longer picturing a future together, which means the love affair is over.

4. The conversation is awful.

If the conversation between you and your partner has become terrible, this is not a good sign for your relationship. When you first got together, you loved talking to one another. You could stay up all night talking and telling stories without ever getting bored. Now you dread having a conversation with them and agonize over what to even talk about. This is a surefire sign that things are winding down.

5. You're both being selfish.

When you both start being selfish, look at it as a bad sign. Maybe your partner used to do special little things for you like bringing home your favorite snack after work. Now they come straight home from work with their favorite coffee, bringing nothing back for you at all. When you're looking for something to watch, maybe you only consider what you want to watch and don't ask for their input. If you're no longer thinking of one another, consider your relationship over.

6. You don't try to spend time together.

Spending time together is the most important part of a healthy relationship. When the two of you no longer make an effort to spend time together, it's a sign your relationship will soon be over. Maybe you're choosing to spend your free time alone or with friends. Either way, you're actively choosing to not spend it with your partner. Consider this the beginning of the end.

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Asking Too Much: 5 Signs You Expect Too Much From Your Partner

Relationships are complicated things and we often wonder how we can improve them. One way to improve a relationship is to take a look at your expectations. Are you asking too much of your partner? Do you expect too much from them in the relationship? It's one thing to expect your partner to meet a certain standard. It's another thing to expect them to meet an unattainable standard. We've got five signs that you're asking too much from your partner. Check them out here:

1. You expect gifts and attention all the time.

If you expect your partner to shower you with gifts and attention all the time, you expect too much from them. You're also spoiled, but that's another topic for another time. You cannot expect your partner to spend all of their free time with you, or to spend all of their money catering to your every whim and wish. That is not a relationship.

2. You compare your relationship to other people's.

If you are always comparing your relationship to other people's relationships, you're probably expecting too much. You can't constantly compare your partner to other people. Every person is different and every relationship is different. It's also important to remember that other people's relationships are not perfect. You may see their relationship as being ideal, but you have no idea what goes on in private. You may be comparing your partner to someone who is actually a terrible person in their own relationship.

3. You compare your relationship to fictional ones.

If you're not comparing your relationship to other people's, you might be comparing it to fictional relationships. This is definitely a sign you expect too much from your partner. Relationships on television shows and in movies are not real. They are portrayed as perfect and idealistic. They very rarely meet realistic standards. You may think that the husband or boyfriend on your favorite TV show is perfect, but you have to realize that he is not real. It is unfair to compare your own partner to a fictional one.

4. Your partner has vastly different expectations in the relationship.

Another sign that you expect too much from your partner is if their expectations are vastly different from yours. Your partner may be perfectly happy with your relationship and only expect small things from you, whereas you expect grand gestures. For example, if your partner expects you to cook dinner twice weekly, while you expect them to buy you expensive jewelry once monthly, your expectations are vastly different.

5. You expect your partner to change who they are.

The biggest sign that you expect too much from your partner is if you expect them to change who they are. Wanting someone to change the person they are is a death sentence for a relationship. People can only change so much, and asking a person to change is cruel and unnecessary. If you expect this from your partner, then they should not be your partner. This is an unfair and unrealistic expectation.

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