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Making the Transition: 5 Reasons To Choose Online Dating

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard endless things about online dating. Actually, you've probably heard about online dating even if you're living under a rock. It's become the most popular way to meet people and it seems like everyone is choosing to use online dating rather than the old standby. If you're still hesitant about entering the online dating scene, we've got five great reasons to choose online dating. Check them out here:

1. Everyone Is Doing It

We know what your mom told you. “If everyone jumped off a bridge, does that mean you would jump off one too?” We want to reassure you that online dating is nothing like jumping off a bridge. Everyone is using online dating and so should you. It's insanely popular and there are literally billions of people interacting through online dating sites. It has become a staple of our modern society, and by opting out of it you're just staying stuck in the past.

2. It's Affordable

One of the best reasons to choose online dating is because it's affordable. You don't have to spend money going out to clubs or events. While sites like eHarmony and Match.com cost money to sign up, many dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are completely free. You can browse and meet people online at little to no cost, whereas real-life dating gets expensive!

3. It's Convenient

The biggest perk of online dating is that it's convenient. You don't have to get all dolled-up and go mingle with strangers in crowded places. You can browse potential partners from the comfort of their own home. You can also narrow your selection down to exactly who you are interested in and completely bypass being annoyed by unwanted suitors.

4. It's Efficient

Another perk to online dating is that it's efficient. You can do it whenever you have time. You can browse only people in your immediate area. You can narrow your selection down to people in your desired age range. You can basically choose your perfect partner in no time, whereas it would take you forever (if ever at all) to find your perfect partner in person.

5. There Are Endless Options

Like we said earlier, everyone is using online dating! That means there are endless options. If you can't find someone you like one night, you can literally go back on the next day and browse a whole new selection of potential partners. You can meet 100 people online in no time, when it would take you forever to do that in person!

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Coping Mechanisms: 4 Ways To Deal With Depression In A Relationship

Depression is a serious condition that affects millions of people and makes everyday life hard to navigate. Depression can make things like relationships especially difficult, because it puts excess strain on both people involved. Whether you are suffering from depression or your partner is suffering from depression, your relationship needs special care and attention. The following are four ways to deal with depression in a relationship:

1. Take Care Of Yourself

When struggling with any condition – mental or physical – the most important thing is to take care of yourself. You need to take the best care of yourself that you can. This will help you to feel your best and will give your relationship the best chance to succeed. This means being in tune with yourself and knowing when you need to rest or take time to yourself. If you're going through an especially rough time, you need to make your self-care a priority.

2. Be Honest and Open With Your Partner

One of the most effective ways to deal with depression in a relationship is to always be honest and open with your partner. Tell your partner how you are feeling and make sure that you express yourself freely. If you keep your emotions bottled up, it will only hurt you both in the long run. You need to let your partner know when you are having a hard time. You also need to let your partner know if they are doing something that is damaging to your emotional well-being.

3. Have A Constructive Hobby

Dealing with depression in a relationship can be extremely stressful and tiring. It may get to a point where you want to take your frustrations out on your partner or vice versa. It is helpful if you both have separate, constructive hobbies to re-focus your energies. Putting your time and energy into a hobby will help you to not react so strongly and emotionally when having difficulties in your relationship.

4. Seek Help If Needed

It is important that people with depression seek professional help when needed. Depression can be unpredictable and unmanageable at times. When it feels like things are too much to handle, you need to seek help from a professional. It is also important that your partner seek help if they are having difficulty in the relationship. You may want to go to couple's counseling, if you feel that you would both benefit from professional help.

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Just A Friend: 5 Great Tips For Escaping the Friend Zone

It's a common phenomenon that many men have experienced: being in the friend zone. The “friend zone” refers to a girl thinking of you only as a friend when you actually want to be in a relationship with her. For some guys there is no hope of ever getting out of the friend zone. Women have no obligation to be more than your friend and honestly, you should be glad to have them as a friend! However, for others, there may be a chance for a potential romance with a girl who once thought of you as “just a friend”. In these instances, you'll have to put some work in. Check out five great tips for escaping the friend zone:

1. Acknowledge That You Have Been Friend Zoned

The first step to escaping the friend zone is acknowledging that you're in the friend zone. It may be hard to do this, since many men tend to be in denial about it. You need to recognize that you have, in fact, been put in the friend zone and you need to be okay with this. Yes, you need to be okay with this. You don't want to force a woman to be with you. You want her to actually want to be with you. So you need to realize that at this point in time, she doesn't want to be with you. From there, you can move forward.

2. Work On Self-Improvement

The next step in escaping the friend zone is to start working on yourself. There are obviously some reasons this girl does not want to be with you. They may be physical, like your haircut or your physique. They may be personality traits that turn her off. Either way, you need to work on improving yourself so that you have a better chance with her.

3. Be A Good Friend To Her

Now, we shouldn't have to tell you to be a good friend to someone. This girl is your friend, and you should already be a good friend to her whether it's going to end in romance or not. Now, with that said, being a great friend does improve your chances of this friendship turning into romance. Show her that you can be loyal and compassionate as a friend, and she might realize that you can be loyal and compassionate as a boyfriend.

4. Hang Out With Your Other Friends

Another step for escaping the friend zone is by spending time with your other friends. Don't obsess over this girl or smother her. That will only ruin your chances of ever having a relationship with her. Show her that you have a life other than her and that you do enjoy spending time with other people. This also gives her the space to spend time with her other friends.

5. Improve Your Flirting Techniques

Sometimes a guy gets friend zoned due to poor communication and bad flirting skills. This means the girl honestly doesn't know that he wants to be more than friends! If she doesn't know that you like her, it's unlikely you'll ever progress to more than a friendship. You have to be more obvious when flirting with her so that she knows you're interested in something more.

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What He Really Wants: 25 Things Men Secretly Love

Do you know what your boyfriend or husband really wants? Men aren't as expressive or open with their needs as women are. They don't often say what they really want or tell you the things they enjoy. We've put together 25 things that men secretly love, but will probably never tell you about. Check them out below!

  1. Romantic, sappy gestures like love notes and anniversary gifts
  2. When you tell them exactly what you think, feel or want
  3. Watching cheesy rom-coms with you
  4. When you tease and make fun of them (just a little)
  5. When you watch sports with him even though you don't want to
  6. Changes in routine that shake things up a little
  7. When you surprise him by cooking his favorite meal
  8. Giving him a nice massage after work
  9. Having breakfast and coffee ready for him when he wakes up
  10. When you at least offer to pay for dinner
  11. Pampering you and making you feel like a princess
  12. Binge-watching your favorite show with you
  13. Binge-watching his favorite show with you
  14. When you let him have time with his friends
  15. When you go out for the night with your girlfriends
  16. Hearing all about your day at work, school, etc.
  17. When you let him in on secrets you've never told anyone
  18. When you initiate sex
  19. When you let him get out of hanging out with your family
  20. …But also when you include him in important family events
  21. Bragging about you to his friends or family
  22. When you brag about him to your friends and family
  23. When you text or call him (but not too much)
  24. Letting him play video games for hours
  25. Spending the day doing absolutely nothing with you

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Mr. Egocentric: 6 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

Are you dating a total jerk? Does your boyfriend talk incessantly about himself and shows little interest in you? It's possible you're dating a narcissist! It can be hard to tell if your boyfriend is just a little misguided or is he's a complete narcissist, so check out these six sings that show your boyfriend's ego is way too big:

1. He Gets Jealous Easily

If he gets jealous really easily, you may be dating a narcissist. A narcissist is overly concerned with what they consider to be “theirs”, so they'll get very pre-occupied with the idea of somebody coming for their territory. So if you find that he gets jealous when there's really no reason to be, he may have a huge ego.

2. He Talks About Himself Constantly

This one goes without saying, but we'll say it anyways: if he talks about himself non-stop, he may be a narcissist. Normal conversations usually cover both people's lives, opinions and interests. If everything is about him, he's totally full of himself.

3. He Doesn't Listen To Anyone

Narcissists think they know it all. For this reason, it's nearly impossible to find them listening to other people. If your boyfriend thinks that only he knows best and he refuses to take advice from anyone, you may be dating a narcissist.

4. He Compares Himself To Others

A narcissist is obsessed with how other people see them. For this reason, they'll often compare themselves to other people. They'll constantly say that they are better than others and act like other people are beneath them to create the appearance of superiority.

5. He Criticizes You

If he picks apart everything you do and constantly criticizes you, he may be a narcissist. Narcissists think that they know everything and that they are superior to everyone, so you'll often find them critiquing other people.

6. He Puts Himself Before You

Narcissists only think of themselves. If he always puts himself before you, he's probably a narcissist. If he's only concerned with his needs and never with yours, he's got a huge ego and only cares about himself.

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What A Guy Wants: 7 Traits Men Look For In A Partner

It's often been said that women are hard to read. You may have heard that it's impossible to figure out what a woman wants or what she's looking for in a relationship. Well, we'd like to argue that men are just as difficult to decipher! What do they want in a partner? Is it all about beauty? What do they value in their romantic partners? We did some digging and found some universal traits that most men look for in a partner and we're about to share them with you! Read on to see seven traits men look for in a partner:

1. Reliability

No one wants to be with someone they can't count on. This means that reliability was one of the most common traits men look for in a partner. They want someone that they know will be there for them. They want to trust that they can depend on the person they're with.

2. Honesty

Who wants to be with a liar? Nobody does! Men value honesty just as much as women do. Men look for partners that they can trust, not ones who are going to deceive them at every turn. They have to know that they're partner is being truthful with them.

3. Intelligence

You may have been told that men value beauty over brains, but that is so not true. Men appreciate intelligence in a partner. They enjoy conversations with their partner about political or societal issues. What? Did you think men didn't care about those things?

4. Kindness

Kindness goes a long way with both men and women. No one wants to be with someone who is nasty and inconsiderate. You need to show that you can be kind and caring, especially to those who are most in need. That's how you'll win his heart.

5. Stability

Movies and television may lead you to believe that there is something intriguing about instability…but there isn't. Men are not looking for someone whose life is a mess. They want someone who can keep it together and stay on the up-and-up.

6. Perseverance

There's something wildly attractive about a woman who is hard-working and determined. For this reason, men look for partners with perseverance. They want to see someone who powers through hardships and never stops fighting.

7. Creativity

Creativity is one of the major traits men look for in a partner. They don't want someone who is bland and boring. They want someone who thinks outside the box and isn't afraid to challenge the status quo. They put great value on creativity and independent thinking.

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Tech Etiquette: 5 Rules To Follow When Texting Your Partner

Texting is a huge part of our lives. It is the most popular form of modern communication. Now, we all love to text, but are we doing it correctly? There are certain rules to follow when texting, especially when texting your partner. For help in that department, check out our five rules to follow when texting your partner:

1. Don't Argue

Arguments should never take place over text messages. Arguments should be reserved for in-person conversations or phone calls if necessary. This is because it's hard to read someone's emotions and tone through a text message. Arguments can easily escalate and be more than they should be all because someone misinterpreted the tone of a text.

2. Keep It Short and Simple

One of the biggest rules for texting your partner is to keep it short and simple. Don't send them entire paragraphs with unnecessary details. Texts should be to-the-point. Say exactly what you need to say and keep it at that. Texting wasn't meant for long-winded discussions, but rather short reminders or “hello's”.

3. Timing Is Key

It's important to consider the time you're texting your partner. You shouldn't be texting them when they're in the middle of an important meeting or when they're having dinner with a family member. Be considerate of what you may be interrupting and then only text them if it is an emergency. (Actually, if it's an emergency, you might want to pick up the phone and call…)

4. Don't Text Too Often

Listen to us on this one: never text your partner too often. You will drive them insane. If you're texting your partner over and over again, not even giving them time to respond, you're texting them too much. Give them some space and time to read your text and then text you back

5. Know When To Make A Call

The most important rule about texting is to know when you shouldn't text at all. Some conversations should be reserved for phone calls (or ideally in person). This includes anything private, emergencies, disputes, or really just anything serious. These conversations are too heavy for texting and therefore shouldn't be texted.

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Man’s Best Friend: 4 Ways Having A Dog Can Help Your Dating Game

Is your dating game awful? Are you having trouble attracting women? We hate to tell you, but you might need something a little more than your good looks and charm to entice a lady. They say that women flock to men with babies, but women also flock to men with pets! Now, we don't mean just any pet. Walking around with a snake may not attract a lot of women. What we're talking about is dogs! Not only are dogs “man's best friend” – they're also total “chick magnets”. Check out four ways having a dog can improve your dating game:

1. It shows you're compassionate.

Someone who shares their life with an animal is automatically a compassionate person. Animals aren't always easy to deal with. They require a lot of time and patience. Having a dog shows that you can care about something other than yourself. This is especially true if your dog is a rescue dog. It shows that you care about animal welfare and that you wanted to give an animal a good life.

2. It shows you're responsible.

Caring for an animal isn't easy, so having a dog shows that you're a responsible person. This helps your dating game because it shows that you can take care of something and have major responsibilities.

3. It could be common ground.

Having a dog helps your dating game because it creates common ground for you and potential partners. Other dog people will have a reason to approach you and a subject to talk about. It also gives you more places to go to meet people, like dog parks or pet stores.

4. Women just love pets.

This is just a fact. Women love pets and are automatically more attracted to men who have pets. Having a dog with you makes you ten times more attractive and will draw women straight to you like a magnet.

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Psycho Magnet: 5 Traits That Attract Crazy People To You

Do you find that you're attracting all the wrong people? Do you always wind up in relationships with people who, for lack of a better word, are totally insane? It could be that you have the worst luck in the world, or it could be that you have one of the five traits that attract crazy people. Check them out here:

1. Excessive Empathy

While empathy is definitely a positive trait, being too empathetic can put you in a vulnerable situation. Having excessive empathy can make you feel like your partner's inappropriate behavior may be justified. You may even feel like you deserve however they are treating you. This is being far too understanding and empathetic.

2. Codependency

People who are codependent are far more likely to end up in relationships with crazy people. This is because codependent people tend to be more anxious to be in a relationship, so they will accept whichever partner shows them a lot of attention. This often means settling for someone who behaves inappropriately.

3. Extroversion

Extroverts are fun, outgoing and lively. Everyone loves to be around an extrovert, and for this reason, they can attract the wrong people. Most extroverts will talk to anyone and everyone, which means they are likely to get tangled up with someone who is bad for them. It's totally okay to be an extrovert; you just need to be cautious of who you engage with.

4. Introversion

While extroversion is one of the traits that attract crazy people, so I introversion. This is because introverts often appear to be easy targets. They like to keep to themselves, which the wrong people will try to use to their advantage.

5. Insecurity

People who appear insecure or give off an aura of insecurity will often attract crazy people into their lives. Being insecure conveys weakness and being easy to manipulate. The wrong people will pick up on these feelings and know that they can take advantage of this person.

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