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Forever Alone: 8 Possible Reasons You’re Still Single

Have you found yourself “forever alone”? Do you wonder why you haven't been in a relationship for a long time? We may have your answer! Check out eight possible reasons you're still single:

1. You're Too Picky

Having a type is acceptable. Having certain standards is reasonable. However, if your type resembles a Hollywood movie star, it's not likely you're going to meet someone who fits in that category. If your standards are unachievable, you'll never meet someone. If you are too picky and set your expectations too high, you're going to be single a long time.

2. You're Not Putting In The Effort

Finding the right person requires some effort. You need to work on yourself before you can expect anyone to want to be with you. if you're walking around like a slob, people will see that you just don't care to put in the effort. Take pride in yourself and clean yourself up. Otherwise, don't be surprised when you're still single a long time from now.

3. You're Holding On To Anger

If you want to be in a healthy relationship, you need to let go of any anger you hold against old flames. If you're still upset over previous relationships, it will be impossible to find love with someone new. If you're bitter over someone who wronged you, it could be the reason you're still single.

4. You Don't Treat Other People Well

Let's face it: Maybe you're just a jerk. The reason you're still single might be the way you treat people. If you don't treat the people in your life well, you can't expect anyone to want to be around you. Try to take a step back and see if you are treating your friends and family with respect and compassion.

5. You Aren't Putting Yourself Out There

If you never leave the house, it could be the reason you're still single. You need to put yourself out there if you want to find someone. Find some hobbies or things to do that might help you meet someone. If you only hang out at home, you're going to remain single.

6. You Give Too Much

Dating and relationships require balance. If you are over-zealous in a relationship, it might be why you're still single. If you call someone constantly or want to spend every second with them, you're going to drive them crazy. No one wants to be with someone who is super clingy.

7. You Give Too Little

Like we said, dating and relationships require balance. You don't want to do too much, but you also don't want to do too little. If you act like you don't care, people will believe that you don't care. You need to show someone you are interested, but not so much that you scare them away.

8. You're Not Confident

This might be the biggest reason you're still single. If you have low self-esteem, that will be obvious to the people around you. Confidence is attractive, The more confident you are, the more people will want to be around you. Be sure of who you are and have confidence.


What A Guy Wants: 6 Dating Tips For Women From Men

Sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to relationships. There's no definitive way to know what's right or wrong when it comes to dating. With that said, a good way to get some insight is to find out what others think is okay and what is an absolute deal breaker. Women often struggle to figure out what men want, and the best way to find out is to ask men! To help you ladies out, we've got some dating tips for women from men.

1. Play It Simple

This is one of the easiest dating tips for women, because it requires doing less work. Guys like when you keep things simple. You don't have to go all-out for a date. You can keep things totally casual. Men actually prefer a casual date over a fancy date in an expensive restaurant.

2. Don't Assume You're Exclusive

When you've only been dating someone for a short time, never assume that you're exclusive. If you want to be exclusive, it needs to be explicitly said. Never assume that you and a new guy are on the same page unless you have a conversation about it. If you never say that you want to be exclusive, it's only going to lead to hurtful misunderstandings.

3. Keep Contact To A Minimum

One of the most important dating tips for women is to not overload someone with contact. Don't call him all the time. Don't text him constantly. Give him some space. If he wants to talk, he'll contact you. If you're incessantly calling, you're only going to annoy him and drive him far, far away.

4. Don't Hookup On the First Date

There's some debate surrounding this tip. Obviously most guys will want to hook up with you on the first date…but you still shouldn't do it. A lot of guys still have old-school ideas about girls that have sex on the first date. For these guys, a girl who does this is not girlfriend material. So, if you want to have a second date, it's better to just not hookup on the first one.

5. Recognize That All Men Are Different

A major tip is to remember that all men are different. If you've been burned by a guy in the past, don't hold it against any guys you date in the future. Don't expect your new beau to make the same mistakes your last one did. If you judge your new guy by how awful your old guy was, it's never going to work.

6. Be Yourself

Most importantly, always be yourself. Don't waste your energy trying to be someone you are not. If a guy doesn't like the person you are, then he's not the right guy for you. If you present yourself honestly and authentically, things will work out better for you in the long run.

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What Women Want: 5 Foolproof Ways To Impress A Woman

What do women want? How can you impress a woman? These are questions that have plagued men for years. Try as they might, they can't seem to figure it out. It turns out that what women want is very simple. There are a few easy things you can do to impress a woman and have her falling at your feet. Check out five ways to impress a woman:

1. Have A Sense of Humor

Women love a man with a sense of humor. If you can make her laugh, you're going to win her heart. So if you really want to impress a woman, you need to work on being funny! Now, there's a disclaimer with this one: don't tell any offensive jokes. You have to know the difference between being funny and being rude. If you offend her, she'll want nothing to do with you.

2. Be Kind to Strangers

If you want to impress a woman, show her that you are kind and compassionate. No one likes a rude person. So make sure that you are kind to everyone around you, especially to strangers. This means being nice to servers at restaurants and being kind to your Uber driver. It'll definitely make you look better when you take a woman out.

3. Don't Brag

If you want to impress a woman, do not brag. Do not be a narcissist. Do not talk excessively about your accomplishments. Do not talk about how much money you make. Being humble will go a long way. Women do not want to be with a man who is full of himself. Rather, show her how great you are through your actions, not bragging up things you've done.

4. Clean Up Your Act

No woman wants to be with a slob! If you want a woman to like you, you'll have to clean up your act. This doesn't mean you have to be physically handsome. We're not expecting you to be Brad Pitt. All you need to do is be well put-together and have good hygiene. Don't take her out wearing stained clothes. Do wear some nice cologne. Make yourself presentable and she'll be impressed.

5. Have Confidence

The absolute best way to impress a woman is to be confident. Don't be insecure. Don't act desperate. Have confidence in yourself and be sure of who you are. Your high self-esteem will show and she will really be impressed with you.

Impress A Woman

Moving Forward: 4 Signs You’re Ready For A New Relationship

We all know that breakups can be rough. Some breakups are so bad that they make you want to ward off relationships forever. We think it's important for you to take time after a breakup and make sure you're ready for a new relationship. During this time, you might feel down and out, wondering when you'll ever love again. It turns out there are certain signs that show you're finally done mourning your failed romance. Check out these four signs that show you're ready for a new relationship:

1. You Have No Bad Blood With Your Exes

A huge sign that you're ready for a new relationship is if you are at peace with your old relationships. You cannot move forward if you still harbor hate or resentment for an ex. These feelings will only permeate into any new relationships and destroy them. So, you know that you're ready for a new relationship if you have forgiven your exes for any wrongdoing and you have no bad blood between you.

2. You Can Picture Yourself With Other People

You'll know that you're ready for a new relationship when you can imagine yourself in a new relationship. If you can picture yourself with a new person, it's a sign that you have moved on from your previous relationship. It also shows that you're excited by the prospect of starting something new with someone else.

3. You're Fully Confident

If your previous relationship ended badly, it might have left your confidence shattered. You need to rebuild your self-esteem before you can even think about starting a new relationship. If you are fully confident with yourself and your self-esteem is peak, it's a sign that you're ready for a new relationship.

4. You Have Mastered Independence

One of the biggest signs that you're ready for a new relationship is if you have mastered independence. There are many people who jump from relationship to relationship without taking time to see how they function on their own. Being independent for some time will show you who you want to be and how you want to live. Once you have spent time on your own and figured these things out, you will know you're ready for a new relationship.

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Doomed From The Start: 5 First Date Dealbreakers

First dates can be stressful and nerve-wracking, but every great relationship starts with a first date. The first date determines whether or not you want to pursue a relationship with someone. If the date goes well, you may have found your match. On the other hand, if the date goes horribly, this person will want nothing to do with you. So how do you make sure the date goes well? What should you do to make it a great first date? Well, we know what you shouldn't do! We've got five first date dealbreakers that you will want to avoid:

1. Talking About An Ex

Nothing will send a new beau running faster that talking about your ex. Keep any and all conversations about exes to a bare minimum. You should only mention exes if you are directly asked about them, and even then keep it to a minimum. Talking about your ex will only make your date think that you are still hung up on an old flame.

2. Constantly Being On The Phone

Using your phone too much is one of the worst first date dealbreakers. It's okay to use your phone in an emergency, but it's downright rude to keep checking your texts or taking phone calls when you are out with someone. This just shows your date that you are not interested in them at all and it is incredibly disrespectful.

3. Complaining Too Much

No one likes a negative person. If you complain too much on your first date, it will give them a glimpse into what a relationship with you would be like: a nightmare. It's one thing to voice your concern over something you don't like, but if you're picking everything apart, it will just show that you are a negative person who is difficult to please.

4. Being Rude to Waiters/Servers

One of the worst first date dealbreakers is being rude to wait staff. Being rude to your waiter or waitress shows your date that you have no respect for other people. This includes not leaving your server a tip. Not leaving a tip for a server, or leaving a miniscule tip, is insulting. Your date will not appreciate your disrespect or insensitivity towards other people.

5. Canceling At The Last Minute

The worst of all the first date dealbreakers is not having a date at all. It's understandable if there is a genuine emergency. Your date will likely understand that. But if you cancel at the last minute because you forgot, or because you've made other plans, you are not being respectful of your date's time. This will show your date that you are flakey and cannot be counted on. It also shows that meeting them was not worth your time.

First Dates

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?: 5 Ways To Tell Your New Relationship Is A Good One

Figuring out a new relationship can be tricky. You want to give someone a chance, but you also don't want to waste your time. If there any way to tell if a relationship has staying power? Obviously there's no foolproof way to know if a relationship will last forever, unless you have some kind of magical crystal ball. (Which, in that case, can we borrow it?) With that said, there are some signs that your new relationship may be the one you'll be in permanently. Check out five of those signs below:

1. Your friends and family like them.

You don't have to listen to your friends or family when it comes to a relationship, but their opinion is definitely useful. If your friends and family love your new partner, this is a good sign. After all, who knows you better than they do? If they think you've found your match, you may have in fact found your match.

2. You have the same ideas for the future.

A relationship isn't going to last long if you have totally different goals and ideas for the future. So if your new relationship has you discussing the same future plans, you're probably in a good one. This means both of you will be working towards the same outcome, and you're less likely to encounter any forks in the road.

3. They show genuine interest in your life.

In any new relationship, you want the other person to show interest in your life. If your new partner could care less about where you work or how you're feeling, then they don't care about you. You want a partner who asks how your day went and genuinely cares about what the answer is. With that said, you also need to show interest in their life. If you're bored with everything about them, they're probably not the right match for you.

4. They enjoy the same things.

They do say opposites attract, but this is only to an extent. If you and your new partner have not one single thing in common, odds are you're not going to last. You want to enjoy doing the same things and have some similar interests. If you have nothing in common, you're going to constantly butt heads.

5. You feel better than ever.

The best way to tell if your new relationship is a good one is if you feel better than ever. If you feel happy and hopeful about your relationship, things are probably going well. A good relationship will make you feel good! There is a lot to be said about intuition, and if you just feel like the relationship is right, then it's probably right. And, on the contrary, if you just feel like it's wrong, then it's probably wrong. Trust your gut!

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Social Media Sabotage: 4 Ways Facebook Ruins Relationships

Are you hooked on social media? Unfortunately, most of us are addicted to our social media. We're especially glued to that pesky Facebook devil. We feel the incessant need to check our Facebook throughout the day. Did someone leave me a comment? How many people “liked” my post? What's everyone posting on the newsfeed? While using Facebook can be an innocent pastime, it can also lead to unnecessary issues. Facebook is especially troublesome when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship. You probably don't realize it, but social media can lead to the downfall of an otherwise good couple. We've got four ways Facebook ruins relationships:

1. It makes you compare your relationship to others.

The most insidious thing about social media is that it encourages us to compare our lives to other people's. Even if you don't realize you're doing it, you likely are. Facebook ruins relationships in this way because it gives you insight into what other couples are like. You see their pictures or their posts about one another, and before you know it, you're comparing your relationship to theirs. This is never ever healthy, and it's also not realistic. Before you compare your relationship to what you see online, remember that not everything is as it seems. Many couples portray themselves in a better light online than they actually are in reality.

2. You expect your partner to “like” everything you post.

As social media has become more and more popular, we've put more value on it in our lives. We've started to use social media to evaluate our self-worth, and this is highly problematic. It's extra problematic in relationships. You may find yourself hurt when your partner doesn't acknowledge you on Facebook. Maybe they don't post a lot of pictures of you. Maybe they don't “like” everything you post. Suddenly you're questioning your entire relationship because your partner isn't paying attention to you online. When this happens, you have to remember that Facebook is not reality. You need to focus on how your partner actually treats you in person, not how they treat you on Facebook.

3. You share too much of your relationship with the public.

A huge issue with Facebook is that people use it to air their dirty laundry. They have full-blown arguments on it. They post cryptic comments directed at their partner. They change their relationship status back and forth, letting the world know that their on the rocks. This does nothing but harm to the relationship. It gives your friends, family and co-workers a front-row seat to your drama. Couples need to realize that social media is not the place to hash out your relationship issues.

4. It encourages jealousy and paranoia.

Perhaps the most prevalent way that Facebook ruins relationships is by creating jealousy and paranoia. You see your partner “like” someone else's photo and the next thing you know, you're searching through their phone and scouring their emails. You used to trust them, but now you think they're cheating on you. Maybe you see them comment on a co-worker's post and you're suddenly filled with paranoia. Your mind starts creating scenarios that most likely don't exist. Thinking too much into your partner's activity on Facebook is certainly a way to destroy your relationship.

Facebook Ruins Relationships

Safe Topics: 5 Things That Are Okay To Talk About On A First Date

First dates can be terribly stressful. You freak out over what you're going to wear, how you're going to do your hair, where you're going to go, and more. Perhaps the most stressful thing is figuring out what to talk about on a first date. Most people know to never bring up politics or religion, as these things almost always lead to arguments or discomfort. So if you can't ask them who they voted for last election, what can you ask them about? It turns out there are a handful of topics that are almost always totally safe (Note: We said almost always. We make no guarantees!) What are these magical safe topics, you may ask? Read on to find out five things that are okay to talk about on a first date:

1. Movies, Music and Television

Pop culture and entertainment are generally safe topics to talk about on a first date. Ask them what their favorite movies are or what kind of music they like to listen to. Find out what show they recently binge-watched. These subjects make for easy conversations, and they give you some insight into the kinds of things your date likes.

2. Food

Unless your date is a hardcore foodie, conversations about food are pretty neutral. You can talk about what restaurants you like, what foods you love, what foods you hate. You can ask them about foods they always wanted to try but haven't yet. If you happen to be at a restaurant for your first date, you can talk about what's on the menu. It seems like a trivial subject, but it can help fill awkward silent time.

3. Traveling

Traveling is always an interesting thing to talk about on a first date. Asking your date about where they've traveled to can give you some good insight into the places they like and the things they like to do. If your date hasn't had the chance to travel much, you can still ask them about where they'd like to travel to. This lets you see what they hope to do in the future.

4. Hobbies and Pastimes

Hobbies and pastimes make for safe small talk (unless you're a vegan who is on a date with an avid hunter). Ask your date what they enjoy doing in their free time. Tell them a little bit about what you like doing in your free time. You can tell them about a hobby you'd like to try out, or ask them if there's anything they always wanted to try. For the most apart, you should be able to talk about hobbies without things getting awkward.

5. The Basics

The basics are the best thing to talk about on a first date. The basics are things like: Where are you from? Do you have any siblings? Where did you go to school? etc. These things are nearly impossible to argue about. If you and your date can manage to get in an argument over where you're from, you're definitely not compatible.

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What A Girl Wants: 7 Ways to Impress A Woman

Women can be difficult to figure out. What do they like? What do they hate? Even when they make it explicitly clear what they're looking for, somehow the message still gets mixed up. Men often struggle to figure out what women want. For this reason, many guys just resolve to stay single instead of trying to impress women. It turns out, things don't need to be this hard. There are certain things nearly all women find attractive, and we're about to share those things with you! Here are seven foolproof ways to impress a woman:

1. Be Kind to Strangers

Yes, we specifically said to be kind to strangers. Be nice to people who have nothing to do with you, so there is no motive for your kindness. When you're kind to those who can do nothing for you, it shows that you are just a caring and compassionate person. This will certainly impress a woman.

2. Have Goals and Ambitions

Women hate men who are lazy and have no ambition. Show her that you're passionate about things and that you have goals you want to achieve. If she thinks you just sit around playing video games all day, she definitely won't be interested. She needs to see you have drive!

3. Have A Sense of Humor

One of the best ways to impress a woman is by having a sense of humor. Women love funny guys. If you can make fun of yourself and have a sense of humor, it will make you ten times more attractive. No one wants to date a guy who is serious and boring all the time.

4. Show Confidence

Insecurity is a huge turn-off to women. If she thinks you're insecure, she'll probably want nothing to do with you. You need to show her that you're confident in yourself. This includes being confident in your looks, intelligence, personality, and other life aspects. If you're not fully secure about certain things, try working those issues out before you begin dating someone.

5. Open Up About Yourself

Men tend to keep their feelings bottled up and this drives women crazy! If you can be in touch with your emotions, it will seriously impress a woman. Show her that you're not afraid to be vulnerable, scared or upset. Be open with her about your feelings or concerns, and she'll definitely be impressed.

6. Show Interest In Her Life

Few things will impress a woman more than showing a solid interest in her life. Actually listen to what she says. Remember what she likes and doesn't like. Ask her about her job or her family. She'll be seriously impressed that you're a guy who is showing interest in her life, because very few guys actually do.

7. Be Adventurous

Women like men who are bold and adventurous. This doesn't mean you need to take her bungee jumping on the first date. It just means that you can't be afraid to try new things. Being adventurous can be as simple as trying a food you never thought you'd eat, or going for a spontaneous road-trip to a place you've never been.

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