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Internet Nightmares: 5 Awful People You Encounter In Online Dating

Online dating is a minefield. You really have to play it safe when you are looking to meet someone on things like Tinder or Bumble. You're likely to encounter some real jerks or even some people who aren't even real! If you're just getting started with online dating, we want to warn you. These are five awful people you encounter in online dating:

1. The Guy Who Thinks He's A God

We've all encountered this guy. His dating profile is full of well-manicured selfies and a laundry list of his assets/accomplishments. If you end up talking with him, he immediately starts bragging about himself, how great he is and all the reasons you should date him. He's completely delusional and full of himself. Let's put it this way: if you have to go online and try to convince people of what a catch you are, you probably aren't a catch.

2. The Guy Who Is Only Looking For Sex

We'll give this guy props for his honesty. This type of person usually lets you know what they're looking for from the get-go, but that doesn't mean it's not awful. Sex is the only thing on his mind. He'll probably ask you to “send nudes” the first time you talk, and just be an overall creep. Avoid these people at all costs!

3. The Guy Who Can't Take Rejection

This is easily one of the worst people that you can encounter in online dating. He comes off as totally cool and nice at first, and then turns on you in a split second. Maybe you told him you're not interested, or that you're too busy to hang out sometime soon, and he starts hurling insults at you. This guy cannot accept “no” for an answer and you need to run far, far away from him.

4. The Guy Who's Playing The Field

There's nothing wrong with playing the field with online dating. In fact, most people are talking to multiple people at once on apps like Tinder and Bumble. What makes it awful is when you are careless about it. This is the guy who calls a girl by the wrong name or very obviously copies a message that he sent to ten other girls. This guy doesn't care about getting to know you. He's just seeing who the easiest option is.

5. The Guy Who Isn't Even Real

Of all the awful people you encounter in online dating, this is the worst one: the catfish. This is when you're talking to someone and they're pretending to be someone else. They use pictures that are not them. They tell you information about their lives that isn't true. They basically make up an entirely fake persona to get you to like them, and then you eventually find out who they really are. This is the biggest let-down you can face with online dating.

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