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Who’s More Likely To Want a Divorce: Men or Women?

Over half of all marriages will end in divorce. It's a sobering statistic, but it's the reality. We know that most marriages just don't work out, but in spite of all the relationship experts and marriage counselors in the world, the reasons that couples choose to get divorced is still poorly understood. While it's hard to determine exactly why so many marriages are ending, a major trend has appeared when it comes to who initiates the divorce and why they've made that decision…

Who is more likely to want a divorce, the husband or the wife? As it turns out, women are ones to ask for a divorce more than 80% of the time. Now that's a pretty hefty statistic! So why is it that women are more likely to make that final call and end their marriage? Are men more willing to fight for the relationship? The answer to that second question is “no.” Sure, there are plenty of men who fight to save their marriages, but that's not the reason so many divorces are initiated by women.

There are several reasons wives are typically the ones to ask for a divorce. The first reason is that men are more likely to screw up the relationship. Sorry guys, but you know it's true. Obviously women are capable of doing everything wrong in a relationship. Women can be unfaithful. Women can be abusive. Women can be neglectful. With that said, it's far more common for men to behave in these toxic ways. Men have been found to commit infidelity far more often than women. Men have also been found to be physically and emotionally abusive to their partners more often than women are. So when a guy cheats on his wife or abuses her, it only makes sense for her to want out of the relationship.

Another reason that women are more likely to want a divorce is directly correlated to a female's emotional needs. Most women have a natural urge to be supported, appreciated, and acknowledged. Men have these needs too, but they are rarely put in a position where they go without them, as women typically show their husbands all of these things without provocation. Men, on the other hand, can often be very dismissive of their wives. They have difficulty showing their appreciation to their wife or showing her how much she means to them. Many women can only tolerate this for so long and eventually decide to leave the marriage so that they can find emotional fulfillment elsewhere.

Obviously these generalized statements do not apply to every single man and woman on Earth. However, the statistics do speak for themselves. More women are asking for divorces than men are, and it seems to be that the reasoning is pretty clear. If you feel that your marriage is headed for divorce, take the time to speak to your partner and see if any of these issues are behind your marital trouble.

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Helping Them Start Over: 5 Tips For Dating Someone Who Just Got Divorced

Dating is difficult even in the best of circumstances. One predicament that many people encounter when dating is getting involved with someone who is going through a divorce. This can be a particularly hard situation to navigate, so we're going to share five tips for dating someone who just got divorced. Check them out here:

1. Don't Force Them To Talk About It

The most important tip for dating someone who just got divorced is to not force them to talk about it. Don't bombard them with questions about what went wrong in their marriage. Of course you are going to be curious, but it may be a touchy subject for them. You need to let them bring it up when they're ready.

2. Understand That They May Be Nervous

When you're dealing with someone who just got divorced, you need to realize that it may have been a while since they've dated. They might have been married for a long time, and with their ex for years before marriage. They may feel nervous about re-entering the dating scene after such a long time, so you need to be understanding of their feelings.

3. Accept That They're Going To Be Emotional

Someone who is going through a divorce or recently divorced is likely to be in the healing process for a while. It is not often that people are happy after a divorce. Be gentle with this person, as they still have an open wound that needs to heal and this could take some time, depending on why their marriage ended.

4. Beware of Being A Rebound

An important tip for dating someone who just got divorced is to make such you are not a rebound. Many people who are recently divorced enter into new relationships too soon because it masks the pain thy are feeling from their failed marriage. You want to make sure that they are not just using you to get over their ex-spouse.

5. Be Prepared To Deal With the Ex and Children

Many people who are divorced still have to deal with their ex on a regular basis because they have kids together. If this is going to be a problem for you, get out of the relationship before either of you develops significant feelings. You need to figure out early on if you can handle their ex-spouse being involved in the both of your lives.

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She’s Over It: 8 Reasons Women Fall Out Of Love

There are many reasons that people fall out of love, but for women there are certain things that will almost always lead to the end of a relationship. If you see that your wife or girlfriend is pulling away from you, it might be that she is fall out of love. You may be stressing out trying to figure out why she's over the relationship and we'd like to help you out. Here are eight common reasons women fall out of love:

1. She's not appreciated.

If a woman doesn't feel appreciated, it's only a matter of time before she'll want out of a relationship. She may feel like she does a lot for you and feels no gratitude in return. If this is the case, you need to start showing her that you appreciate everything she does.

2. There's no intimacy in the relationship.

Intimacy issues are a common cause for the demise of many relationships. If there is a lack of intimacy between the two of you, she's not going to feel the same connection to you that she once felt. Eventually, she'll give up on you altogether.

3. She's not getting any attention.

This is one of the biggest reasons women fall out of love. If she feels like you pay more attention to everything else in the world, like work or your friends, she's going to look for attention elsewhere. This will lead to infidelity and ultimately the end of your relationship.

4. She doesn't feel protected.

Many women want to feel protected and defended. You need to let your partner know that you are on her side and that you'll defend her no matter what comes your way. If you're not willing to go to bat for the woman you're with, maybe you shouldn't be with her.

5. She has no support.

If a woman doesn't feel supported, she's going to fall out of love with you. You need to show the woman you're with that you're going to support her no matter what comes your way. Otherwise, she'll feel no security in your relationship.

6. She misses her independence.

After being in a relationship for a long time, some women find that they miss their independence. This may be because you're not giving her any space. If you make her feel smothered, she might start to miss being single.

7. There is no fun in the relationship.

If the relationship has reached a rut and she's not having fun anymore, she might start to fall out of love. You need to keep the fun and passion alive in the relationship so that she doesn't get bored with you and want to leave.

8. She's being emotionally/mentally abused.

This is a surefire way to make a woman fall out of love with you.. She may have been head over heels when you first met, but if you start abusing her emotionally. mentally or physically, she will definitely fall out of love and she has every reason to leave you.

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Calling It Quits: 4 Behaviors That Lead To Divorce

It's an unfortunate statistic, but half of all marriages end in divorce. This is a number that is likely to grow as the years go on. Why is that? What is leading so many marriages to fall apart? Many marriages end due to infidelity, but what leads to rest of divorces? It turns out there are many reasons a marriage can end in divorce. Some of the reasons are patterns of behavior that break down the relationship. The following are four behaviors that lead to divorce:

1. Resenting Your Partner

Having resentment for your partner is a surefire way to end your marriage. If you feel like your partner is ruining your life, this will come through in your behavior. Maybe you feel like your marriage has robbed you of things you wanted to pursue when you were younger. Feeling this way is going to make you resent your partner, and your resentment will cause arguments and animosity. This will ultimately lead to divorce.

2. Criticizing Your Partner Constantly

It's one thing to tell your partner when they've done something to upset you. It's another thing to constantly criticize your partner for things they cannot change. Consistently nagging your partner over things they do or say is one of the main behaviors that lead to divorce. The constant criticism will eventually break your partner down and make them want to leave the relationship.

3. Always Being On The Defense

If you're always on the defensive in your marriage, something is wrong. This behavior indicates that either you're doing something you shouldn't be, or your partner is just accusing you of doing something you shouldn't be. Either way, this is not good for your marriage. Constantly having to defend yourself is never a sign of a healthy relationship.

4. Ignoring Your Partner

Ignoring your partner is one of the surefire behaviors that lead to divorce. If your partner needs your attention or affection and you're not giving it, they might seek it elsewhere. Leading studies have shown that many cases of infidelity were caused by emotional neglect. If you ignore your partner long enough, they will eventually choose to be with someone else.


Dating After Divorce: A Comprehensive Guide

After a divorce, your self esteem can be completely shattered and you may feel like you are doomed to a life of lonely solitude. You are not alone – and you are certainly not doomed to be alone forever. Consider the fact that about 30% of all marriages involve people who are remarrying. In fact, nearly half of divorced people will remarry within 5 years of divorce! To get to that point, these divorced people needed to start dating again. Continue reading