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Just A Friend: 5 Great Tips For Escaping the Friend Zone

It's a common phenomenon that many men have experienced: being in the friend zone. The “friend zone” refers to a girl thinking of you only as a friend when you actually want to be in a relationship with her. For some guys there is no hope of ever getting out of the friend zone. Women have no obligation to be more than your friend and honestly, you should be glad to have them as a friend! However, for others, there may be a chance for a potential romance with a girl who once thought of you as “just a friend”. In these instances, you'll have to put some work in. Check out five great tips for escaping the friend zone:

1. Acknowledge That You Have Been Friend Zoned

The first step to escaping the friend zone is acknowledging that you're in the friend zone. It may be hard to do this, since many men tend to be in denial about it. You need to recognize that you have, in fact, been put in the friend zone and you need to be okay with this. Yes, you need to be okay with this. You don't want to force a woman to be with you. You want her to actually want to be with you. So you need to realize that at this point in time, she doesn't want to be with you. From there, you can move forward.

2. Work On Self-Improvement

The next step in escaping the friend zone is to start working on yourself. There are obviously some reasons this girl does not want to be with you. They may be physical, like your haircut or your physique. They may be personality traits that turn her off. Either way, you need to work on improving yourself so that you have a better chance with her.

3. Be A Good Friend To Her

Now, we shouldn't have to tell you to be a good friend to someone. This girl is your friend, and you should already be a good friend to her whether it's going to end in romance or not. Now, with that said, being a great friend does improve your chances of this friendship turning into romance. Show her that you can be loyal and compassionate as a friend, and she might realize that you can be loyal and compassionate as a boyfriend.

4. Hang Out With Your Other Friends

Another step for escaping the friend zone is by spending time with your other friends. Don't obsess over this girl or smother her. That will only ruin your chances of ever having a relationship with her. Show her that you have a life other than her and that you do enjoy spending time with other people. This also gives her the space to spend time with her other friends.

5. Improve Your Flirting Techniques

Sometimes a guy gets friend zoned due to poor communication and bad flirting skills. This means the girl honestly doesn't know that he wants to be more than friends! If she doesn't know that you like her, it's unlikely you'll ever progress to more than a friendship. You have to be more obvious when flirting with her so that she knows you're interested in something more.

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5 Things That Will Land You In The Friend Zone

Being friends with a woman who you feel attracted to is tricky. Sometimes you can’t tell whether you're just a friend or something more. You try to play it cool when you go on a date with her. You don't want to overstep any boundaries or have her thinking you're clingy.

You start off by highlighting your common interests. You find that you both like baseball or football. You both like art fairs and are both food fanatics. You don’t steer away from those familiar topics because they are safe, fun and easy to talk about. When the date ends, you go “Dutch,” hug each other and say goodbye. You feel like you had a great time and a nice date, not as a potential girlfriend, but as a friend. It sucks! Where is the attraction? Where is the romance? Did your wooing fail you? Well, it might be that she has pushed you into the friend zone! It’s sad and frustrating.

So, how do you do better? Below are some of the mistakes guys make while dating that will land them in the friend zone:

1. You went “Dutch.”

Before going on a date, ask yourself whether you are seeking a business partner, a friend, a colleague, or a relationship partner. If you are paying for the dinner, she will assume that you are looking for a relationship. If you decide to go “dutch” and split the cost of the date, you send the immediate signal that you're not interested in a romantic relationship.

2. You keep the conversation fun.

Obviously you want to have fun on the date, but you want her to see that you're not just looking for a good time. If you are thinking about having passionate sex with her, then you need to make an extra effort by being yourself and who you really are as a person. You need to get real and raw. That’s the only way you can stand out and establish a genuine emotional connection with her.

3. You don’t flirt!

Flirting is the first thing you should master or at least know a thing or two about before looking for a date. But, you don’t have to flirt on a grand scale to woo your woman. Good flirting is all about the little things. It’s the secret smiles, the side glances, the gentle touches, and the flirtatious yet sexy, mischievous comments or compliments that have the best results.

4. You think you are sarcastic, but in fact, you are acting like a jerk.

There is nothing wrong with being witty and showing your sense of humor. In fact, when it comes to flirting, it can be incredibly sexy and attractive. But there is a difference between being sarcastic and being a jerk, and most guys get confused about it. So, beware of comments that are just plain rude, not funny.

5. You act like a friend.

She’s your date, not a friend. If you are too easygoing, take her to a sports bars, don’t compliment her looks, and go Dutch, she will think that you are treating her like a friend. People do these things when they are friends with each other. It is okay to share the same interests with your date, but you need to keep in mind that you are looking for a girlfriend, not a drinking buddy.