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Friend-Approved: Should You Care If Your Friends Don’t Like Your Partner?

A common problem in many relationships is having your friends not like your partner. While this happens to a lot of people, very few know how to handle it. What do you do when your friends hate your boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you even care? We're discussing this topic below!

First of all, what should you do if your friends don't like your partner? The first thing you should do if you find that your friends don't approve of who you're dating is ask them why! These are your friends and you should be able to talk to them honestly and openly. If you've noticed that they're giving your boyfriend or girlfriend the cold shoulder, ask them about it in private. Invite them over for coffee or go out to lunch without your partner there. This will let them feel comfortable to discuss whatever issue it is that they have with your partner. Having a private conversation with them will help you to understand why they dislike the person you're dating and then you can move on to the next question…

Should you care? So your friends don't like the person you're with. Is this really that big of a deal? The answer to this question depends on why they don't like your partner. What did they say when you discussed it? If they explained that they feel like your partner is mistreating you or doesn't have good intentions for you. then you should take their distaste into consideration. This may not be the right person for you and your friends have picked up on it before you did. However, if your friends had a trivial reason for not liking your partner, then you shouldn't care! For instance, if they don't like your partner because he/she doesn't have a good job or he/she isn't in your league, then they are being juvenile. In cases like this, don't worry what they say and maybe consider getting new friends!

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