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Solving A Holiday Dilemma: 3 Great Gift Ideas For The Guy or Girl You Just Started Dating

The holidays are right around the corner, which is an exciting thing! We all love the holidays. The decorations, the food, the time with family – it's all great. A huge part of the holidays is getting gifts for friends and family, but some of us have to face an awkward dilemma when it comes to gift-giving. What do we get for the person we just started dating? If you've gotten into a relationship with someone shortly before the holidays, what is considered an appropriate gift? You don't want to go too small and be considered a careless. (Like an empty holiday card, for example.) You also don't want to go too big and be considered clingy. (No brand new sports cars. No high-end jewelry with your names inscribed on it.) There is a fine line you need to walk when getting a gift for a new partner, which can be super tricky. Luckily, we're here to help! We've got three great gift ideas that are totally suitable for a new partner during the holidays!

1. Fun, Thoughtful Home Decor

A totally acceptable gift for a new partner could be a cute and quirky piece of home decor. Nothing too big or expensive – you don't want to go overboard. Get something small and personal. Since it's still early on in the relationship, you don't know your new partner too well yet. But if you've been on spent some substantial time together, you must know something about them. For example, if your new girlfriend has four cats, odds are she likes cats. A great gift could be a cute wall print with a cat on it. This is a gift that's personal, but not so personal that it's creepy this early in the relationship.

2. An Accessory That Matches Their Style

Accessories are great gifts for a new partner. We mean accessories, not clothing items. Buying clothing for a new boyfriend or girlfriend is huge no-no. Early in the relationship, you probably don't know what size they wear. Guessing what size they wear can only go one of two ways: you either flatter them or you offend them. Do you really want to take that chance? A totally safe thing to get is an accessory item. This includes scarves, gloves, hats, etc. Try to take notice of their style and what colors they like, and get something that looks like it'd match. Again, don't get anything too expensive. Getting a pair of Ralph Lauren gloves is always nice, but it may be too much for a new relationship.

3. A Gift Card to A Store They Like

Giving a gift card is sometimes a controversial thing, but in the case of a new relationship, they make great gifts. If you've been together two years, you might want to think twice about giving you partner a gift card. They'll think you're inconsiderate and don't want to be bothered with getting a gift. On the other hand, in a new relationship, a gift card are great gift ideas. You don't need to know someone very long to figure out what stores they like or shop at. Pay attention to what stores they mention often and get them a gift card. It's a nice touch if you package the gift card in a cute or fun way.

Now that we've let you in on these great gift ideas for a new girlfriend or boyfriend, you've got nothing to worry about during the holidays! Okay, except maybe awkward dinner conversations with relatives, but we can't really help you in that department…

How The Fear Of Losing a Woman Can Keep You From Loving Her

One of the main reasons that some men struggle in their relationships is fear. It is fear that is keeping them away from truly feeling connected and being intimate with their girlfriends or wives. It is fear that is preventing men from letting go of the negative energy in themselves and creating the relationship they desire. Regardless of whether you are in a committed relationship or marriage, if you feel that you have lost a sense of respect, trust or connection, it is because of fear. Unless you get rid of it, fear will also make you feel frustrated, anxious and uncertain. This fear exists because you are afraid of losing her.

If you are always worried and afraid of losing your girlfriend, you will fail to create a meaningful, emotional connection with her and earn her respect and trust. Fear of losing her will make you feel ashamed of your actions and will ruin your self-respect. You will always be sad and pathetic, and ultimately, you will lose your girlfriend, your wife, and your relationship. You aren’t alone in this fear. There are plenty of guys who feel this way and are on the brink of destroying their marriage or relationship.

What makes you afraid of losing her?

Most men said that they are scared of being alone, feeling rejected and replaced, feeling inadequate, never being loved or feeling loved by someone again, feeling like a failure, or what their family and friends will think of them. Some men say they are afraid they will lose their kids respect or lose their identity as a boyfriend, husband or father. It’s common to see men struggling with these fears day and night. If you want your life to get back to normal, you must work to face those fears and face them rationally. You need to stop being fearful of these issues if you are adamant in making changes to help your relationship.

You can overcome your fear by getting your mojo back.

Men usually have a feeling of security and confidence when they have their mojo. Now that it’s no longer there, for whatever reason, they feel afraid. If you want your life and your relationship back on track, you need to restore your mojo. A man who has mojo feels calm, meticulous and pleased with himself. He feels clear, confident, bold and strong. He knows what he’s looking for, what he wants, what he’s creating, and what he values and respects. He doesn’t need a woman beside him or standing in front of him to make all these decisions.

Is it okay for a man to feel fear?

Absolutely! It’s fine for a man to sometimes feel vulnerable in their relationships and other aspects of their life. Fear and vulnerability are healthy. It is necessary and at certain times, feels sexy to most women. Brene Brown says in her book, Daring Greatly that vulnerability is comparable to truth and feels like courage. Sure, truth and courage don't always feel comfortable, but they can never be weaknesses. But, if fear and vulnerability prevent a man from taking affirmative action in his relationship, not only will he jeopardize his relationship, but everything else in his life.

21 Qualities to Make You the Perfect Boyfriend

We all want to be a perfect boyfriend, right? But most of us have no idea what traits a partner might be looking for. Of course, this makes sense. It's okay if we don't all know what it takes to have the perfect relationship. After all most of the ideas of a perfect partner have come from fictional books, magazines, movies, and TV shows we watch. So all we know about being the “perfect boyfriend” are the depictions we've seen in entertainment.

It's hard to know what women actually look for in a partner. If we set aside what we see on television and ask actual women, we might get different answers. Some women are looking for someone handsome while others are looking for someone intelligent. Some women look for a sense of humor, while others may look for strong career ambitions. Everyone is looking for something different?

So, guys, what qualities do you need to have to be considered the “perfect” boyfriend? What traits do you need that will appeal to all different women? Here are 21 qualities that women universally agreed they look for in the perfect partner:

  1. Kindness and patience – Be gentle with her. Be caring and attentive to her needs.
  2. Honesty, loyalty and faithfulness – Be trustworthy. Don't make her feel skeptical about you.
  3. Pride – Don't be embarrassed to show her off to the world.
  4. Security – Be there for her when she needs you.
  5. Intelligence – This should be self-explanatory.
  6. Handsome – Everyone wants to be attracted to their partner physically.
  7. Sincerity – She should know that your words and actions are genuine.
  8. Family Values – Women love men who are close with their family.
  9. Faith – Many women are looking for men of faith, who have a strong connection to their spirituality.
  10. Emotionally Available – Don't put up emotional walls.
  11. Sense of Humor – Women love men who can make them laugh!
  12. Wise Choices – Make good choices in life. She wants to be with someone stable.
  13. Unique – Stand out from the crowd. She doesn't want a guy who's a dime-a-dozen.
  14. Sharing – Share things with her. Don't be greedy!
  15. Optimistic – Make her smile. Don't make her life harder.
  16. Accepting – Accept her flaws. Don't try to change her.
  17. Considerate – Show that you care about others. Women love men who are considerate.
  18. Empowering – Build her up and encourage her.
  19. Passionate – Women love when a man lusts after them.
  20. Good Listener – Really listen to her. Hear her out when she tells you how she feels.
  21. Challenging – Challenge her a little. Expose her to new things or ideas.

So there you have it, guys. If you are looking to be the perfect boyfriend, these are the qualities you need!

3 Signs That Your Partner Has A Personality Disorder

It can be difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who has a personality disorder. These relationships can inflict you with long-lasting emotional trauma. They can seriously destroy your self-esteem and even affect your physical health. In the worst case scenarios, you could be dragged into addictions and violence. People who have personality disorders often are rigid in their thinking. Their behaviors tend to be selfish, manipulative and power-hungry. They lack empathy and live according to their own version of the world. All of these traits really disrupt the communication and intimacy, the key components in a healthy relationship.

So how can you tell that the woman you are dating has personality issues? Below are some of the signs:

1. You feel like you are walking on thin ice; it could crack at any moment.
At the start of the relationship, you notice odd and intense reactions to things that most people would see as trivial. These reactions can get explosive, angry or jealous. Sometimes you will find that she won’t talk with you for a long period. She will make you feel guilty and take charge of the relationship. Your attempts to calm the situation appear futile and instead make matters worse. You see yourself apologizing for no reason just to resolve conflict and restore harmony. Over time you run out of strategies to resolve future conflicts and just give in to the whims and moods of your girlfriend. You become anxious about her attitude. You eventually lose yourself and your identity.

2. You begin to doubt yourself.
Men and women with personality disorders are often very convincing. They have such strong conviction about their own views that you are easily convinced by them and have second thoughts about your own perspective. It increases your sense of guilt and makes you highly apologetic after every argument or disagreement. You lose your confidence and courage to express your own views and become co-dependent.

3. You feel isolated and hopeless.
You want this relationship to survive. After all why wouldn’t you? You have already invested a lot of time and are emotionally attached despite all the warnings and advice from family and friends. Moreover, you assume that some of the problems in your relationship have been inflicted by them. You are desperate to fix your life and the relationship so you can prove them wrong. Therefore, you begin to avoid people and stop attending social gatherings. You might give up your hobbies, interests or goals. You have created an image of a perfect relationship which is nothing but a fantasy. You keep lying about it to your close friends, family, and even your co-workers. All of these things will bring nothing positive to your life except isolation and resentment. Hopelessness overwhelms you. You feel lost, stuck and you lack the strength to leave the relationship.

The negativity we talked about being in a relationship with a partner with personality disorder take a mental and physical toll on you. Anxiety, headaches, digestive problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, eating the wrong foods, drinking too much, or using drugs are some of them. So get out from this kind of relationships fast ASAP.

Top 10 Cheap Gifts for a New Girlfriend

Whether it is for Christmas, her birthday, or an anniversary, the pressure is always on to find the right gift for your girlfriend. Sure, they always say “it’s the thought that counts,” but all girls really want a fantastic gift (mostly so they can brag to their friends about it). If you are looking for a gift for a new girlfriend, then the gift is really going to set the stage for the rest of your relationship – are you the thoughtful type who puts effort into your relationship, or do you just get her the first gift you can afford? Continue reading